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Researcher: Haines, PW (Dr Peter Haines)

Fields of Research

Structural geology and tectonics
Stratigraphy (incl. biostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy and basin analysis)
Palaeontology (incl. palynology)
Magnetism and palaeomagnetism
Igneous and metamorphic petrology

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Other environmental management
Tourism services
Other mineral resources (excl. energy resources)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

40Ar-39Ar dating of detrital muscovite in provenance investigations: a case study from the Adelaide Rift Complex, South Australia; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Cainozoic multiple impact event in South Australia and its inferred signature within terminal Eocene stratigraphy of the St Vincent Basin; 15th Australian Geological Convention
Chronological constraints on a rift sequence underlying the southwest Amadeus Basin, Central Australia; 15th Australian Geological Convention
Flood deposits penecontemporaneous with ~ 0.8 Ma tektite fall in NE Thailand: impact-induced environmental effects?; Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Matt Wilson structure: record of an impact event of possible Early Mesoproterozoic age, Northern Territory; Australian Journal of Earth Sciences
New species of Banksieaeformis and a Banksia 'cone' (Proteaceae) from the tertiary of central Australia; Australian Systematic Botany
Palaeozoic synorogenic sedimentation in central and northern Australia: a review of distribution and timing with implications for the evolution of intracontinental orogens; Australian Journal of Earth Sciences
Pleistocene glass in the Australian desert: The case for an impact origin; Geology
Shoemaker impact structure, Western Australia; Australian Journal of Earth Sciences
Stratigraphy of the Kanmantoo Group: a critical element of the Adelaide Fold Belt and the Palaeo-Pacific plate margin, Eastern Gondwana; Australian Journal of Earth Sciences
The Foelsche structure, Northern Territory, Australia: An impact crater of probable Neoproterozoic age; Meteoritics and Planetary Science
Turbidite deposition in the Cambrian Kanmantoo Group, South Australia; Australian Journal of Earth Sciences

Research Projects

Cainozoic Low-angle Multiple Impact Event and Probable Impact Tsunami Deposit, South Australia; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Linking Environmental Catastrophe to Extraterrestrial Impact, Southeast Asia; National Geographic Society (NGS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Cometary impact events and associated effects in SE Asia, mainland Australia and Tasmania
Geological effects of oblique impact cratering, South Australia
Modern and Recent Seafloor Environments (Sedimentary, Foraminiferal & Ostracode) of the Pitt Water Estuary, South-East Tasmania
Origin of Darwin Glass
Petroleum Source Rocks, Maturation and Thermal History, Onshore Tasmania