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Researcher: Raymond, CA (Dr Carolyn Raymond)

Fields of Research

Plant physiology
Terrestrial ecology
Tree improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Forestry sciences
Medical biotechnology
Fish pests and diseases
Gene mapping
Agricultural economics

Research Objectives

Environmentally sustainable plant production
Hardwood plantations
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Other plant production and plant primary products

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Pectin methylesterase genes influence solid wood properties of Eucalyptus pilularis; Plant Physiology
Effect of fertiliser on wood properties of Eucalyptus globulus; Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Eucalypt plantations, improving fibre yield and quality; CRC for Temperate Hardwood Forestry
Genetic parameters and genotype-by-environment interactions for basic density, pilodyn penetration and stem diameter in Eucalyptus globulus; Forest Genetics
Genetic parameters for diameter, basic density, cellulose content and fibre properties for Eucalyptus nitens; Forest Genetics
Incorporating wood quality and deployment traits in Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus nitens; Plantation Forest Biotechnology for the 21st Century, 2004
Non-destructive sampling for basic density in Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens; Appita
Nondestructive sampling of Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens for wood properties. 1. Basic density; Wood Science and Technology
Provenance variation, genotype by environment interactions and age-age correlations for Eucalyptus regnans on nine sites in South Eastern Australia; Forest Genetics
Where to shoot your pilodyn: within tree variation in basic density in plantation Eucalyptus globulus and E. nitens in Tasmania; New Forests
Within tree variation and genetic control of basic density, fibre length and coarseness in Eucalyptus regnans in Tasmania; Appita

Research Projects

Alternative Breeding and Deployment Objectives for Eucalyptus Globulus; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

Genetic Improvement of the Wood Properties of Eucalyptus nitens - Breeding to improve solid wood and pulp properties
Genetic Variation in the Wood Chemistry of Eucalyptus globulus