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Researcher: Burgess, J (Dr John Burgess)

Fields of Research

Population, Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics

Research Objectives

Fisheries - Aquaculture
Endocrine Organs and Diseases (excl. Diabetes)
Inherited Diseases (incl. Gene Therapy)
Cancer and Related Disorders

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Efficacy on Aquacite on the Growth of Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L; Aquafin CRC Conference
Genetic testing in familial isolated hyperparathyroidism: unexpected results and their implications; Journal of Medical Genetics
Iodine Deficiency in Tasmania: Lessons from its Recurrence; Trends in Clinical Biochemistry & laboratory Medicine
Mild Iodine Deficiency During Pregnancy is Associated with Reduced Educational Outcomes in the Offspring: 9-Year Follow-up of the Gestational Iodine Cohort; Prenatal and Childhood Nutrition: Evaluating the Neurocognitive Connections
Tasmanian women remain at risk of iodine deficiency during pregnancy
The use of N-acetyl-L-cysteine as an in-feed retardant of AGD infection in salmonids; Aquafin CRC Conference

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision