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Researcher: Crowther, PC (Mr Paul Crowther)

Fields of Research

Artificial life and complex adaptive systems
Image processing
Photogrammetry and remote sensing
Educational technology and computing
Knowledge representation and reasoning
Information systems
Data management and data science
Curriculum and pedagogy
Agriculture, land and farm management
Horticultural production

Research Objectives

Other information and communication services
Other plant production and plant primary products
Other education and training
Energy transformation
Horticultural crops
Field grown vegetable crops
Control of pests, diseases and exotic species in terrestrial environments
Information systems, technologies and services
Social impacts of climate change and variability
Other environmental management
Oceanic processes (excl. in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Flexible Tool to Extract Algorithmic Knowledge From Image Interpretation Experts; 3rd International Conference on GeoComputation
A Practical Interim Standard for Spatial Meta Data; International Conference of Modeling Geographical and Environmental Systems with Geographical Informational Systems
A Visual Geographic Knowledge Classification and Its Relationship to the KADS Model; 12th Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence AI'99
A Visual Tool for Capturing the Knowledge of Expert Image Interpreters: A Picture is Worth More Than a Thousand Words; 1997 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Agricultural Crop Identification using Spot and Landsat Images in Tasmania; International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
An Image Analysis Development System with Artificial Intelligence Capabilities, Designed for Antarctic Glaciological Applications; 8th Australisian Remote Sensing Conference
Applications of a Technique, Based on Local Image Homogeneity, to Delineate Spatial Objects in Satellite Images; 1998 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium Proceedings
Automatic Detection of Agricultural Field Boundaries Using High-Resolution Visible Light Satellite Images; AURISA 99
Design and Development of an Operational Sea Ice Mapping System for Meteorological Applications in the Antarctic; 1997 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Developing quality training data for a statistical decision tree classifier in a spatial environment; 4th International Conference on GeoComputation '99
Eliciting Knowledge with Visualization - Instant Gratification for the Expert Image Classifier Who Wants to Show Rather than Tell; The second annual conference Geocomputation'97
Handling Spatial Objects in a GIS Database-Relational v Object Oriented Approaches; GeoComputation 2001
Knowledge Acquisition for Expert Systems used with Geographic Expert Systems; Australasian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (AURISA 96)
Knowledge Acquisition from Satellite Images for Geographic Expert Systems - Show or Tell?; International Conference on Modeling Geographical and Environmental Systems with Geographical Informational Systems
Remote Sensing as an aid to Tasmanian Horticultural Crop Recording and Husbandry; IEEE 2001 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
Teaching Internet Technologies Using An Interactive Self Paced Approach; 7th National Health Informatics Conference '99
Teaching Repertory Grid Concepts for Knowledge acquisition in Expert Systems: An Interactive Approach; Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education - ASCILITE '95
The evolution and online customized modularization of an introductory information systems unit; Australian Society for Computers in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE '96)
The Problem With Lines - Spatial Reasoning With One Dimensional Features in a Two Dimensional Representation of Three Dimensional Space; Third Joint European Conference and Exhibition on Geographical Information
Three Spatial Analysis Techniques Which Incorporate Expert Knowledge Applied to the Selection of the Best Site for a Forestry Plantation; Third Joint European Conference and Exhibition on Geographical Information
Using Repertory Grids for Knowledge Acquisition for Spatial Expert Systems; Australian New Zealand Conference on Intelligent Information Systems 96

Research Projects

A Knowledge-based Technique for the Automated Analysis of Multi-Source Satellite Images Depicting the Antarctic Environment; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Analysis of Remotely Sensed Sea-Ice Images using an Expert System; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Use of a spatial expert system to develop automated techniques for the detection and classification of sea ice in AVHRR imagery; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Validation and implementation of a Semi-Automated Sea Ice Mapping System; Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)

Research Candidate Supervision

Critical sample size and satellite image selection for the recognition of poppy and pyrethrum crops in north west Tasmania