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Researcher: Philpott, CJ (Dr Carolyn Philpott)

Fields of Research

Musicology and ethnomusicology
Other Indigenous studies
Professional writing and journalism practice
Library and information studies
Impacts of tourism
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and performing arts
Stylistics and textual analysis
Other education
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history
Other creative arts and writing
Performing arts
Tourist behaviour and visitor experience
Literary studies
Fine arts
Australian literature (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander literature)
Creative writing (incl. scriptwriting)
Other language, communication and culture

Research Objectives

Other culture and society
Expanding knowledge in creative arts and writing studies
The performing arts
Socio-cultural issues in tourism
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Understanding Australia's past
Other education and training
Languages and linguistics
The creative arts

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

At the End of Night: explorations of Antarctica and Space in the sound art of Philip Samartzis; The Polar Journal
A struggle fuels music with soul
A Tasmanian Requiem is a musical reckoning, and a pathway to reconciliation
An analysis of performance practices in African American gospel music: rhythm, lyric treatment and structures in improvisation and accompaniment; Popular Music
An Australian Composer Abroad: Malcolm Williamson and the Projection of an Australian Identity
An uplifting experience
Antarctica: Sonic Reckonings Essay
Baroque program a fine end to season
Book Review of: Making the implicit explicit: Creating performance expectations for the dissertation, B. Lovitts, Stylus (2007)
Book Review: Malcolm Williamson, A Mischievous Muse
Celebrating organ's 20th
Cello performance a suite treat
Celtic triumph
Choir celebrates Pugin with sacred songs
Circular breathing: expanding musical possibilities for flute players and composers; Journal of Music Research Online
Combined forces inspire
Composing Australia: Nostalgia and National Identity in the Music of Malcolm Williamson; Lyrebird Press
Composing connections between continents: tracing the history of Australia’s engagement with Antarctica through music; Australian Historical Studies
Con candidates showcase talents
Concert hall hosts world premiere
Depths and Surfaces: Understanding the Antarctic Region through the Humanities and Social Sciences; The Polar Journal
Drums and brass beat out a treat
Energetic start to Beethoven banquet
Ensembles, soloists perform with gusto
Exploring Tasmania's History and Landscape in music for children's Performance: Don Kay’s There Is an Island (1977) ; Context
Expressive performance captures contrasts
Fine playing to the fore in session of Baroque wonder
From the outside: Helpmann, Nolan and Williamson’s Australian ballet, The Display (1964); Context: A Journal of Music Research
Gilmour's new wonder
Gospel gems engage audience
Guitarist plucks from many styles
Hard work showcased in festival's finale concert
Hush – 12 composers write for children at hospitals
Interplay provides additional highlight
Kingfishers and Co take flight
Liner notes for Williamson: The Complete Piano Concertos
Listening At the Sea Ice Edge: Compositions based on soundscape recordings made in Antarctica; Anthropocene Antarctica: Perspectives from the Humanities, Law and Social Sciences
Listening from a distance: Experiencing Antarctica in sound art
Listening to Antarctica: Cheryl E. Leonard’s eco-acoustic creative practice; Fusion Journal
Lutenist lights up Baroque performance
Making music on the march: sledging songs of the 'heroic age' of Antarctic exploration; Polar Record
Malcolm Williamson
Merry operatic romp a crowd pleaser
Mixing Ice: DJ Spooky’s Musical Portraits of the Arctic and Antarctic; Performing Ice
More than 100,000 tourists will head to Antarctica this summer. Should we worry about damage to ecosystems on the ice?
Mother lode of talent in jazz vein
Music and food delight in ballroom program
Musical journey strikes a chord
New generation appreciates TSO
Notes from the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration: Gerald S. Doorly's songs of the 'morning; Context: A Journal of Music Research
Opening showcase of Conservatorium talent
Orchestra shines with legendary works
Performing Ice; Palgrave Macmillan
Performing Ice: Histories, Theories, Contexts; Performing Ice
Peter Sculthorpe's Quartet No 14: A musical response; Context: A Journal of Music Research
Polished duo captures distinctive mood
Promoting environmental awareness through context-based composition; Organised Sound
Queen hits get royal treatment
Rare glimpse into world of Brahms
Recital highlights exceptional skill
Recital support for disaster victims
Sacrificing a Symphony: Malcolm Williamson’s protest against the Franklin Dam and the implications for the world’s first ‘transcontinental’ symphony; Social Alternatives
Scott at the opera: interpreting Das Opfer (1937); Polar Journal
Seven talented singers hit just the right note
Silent continent? Textual responses to the soundscapes of Antarctica; ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment
Singer-songwriters a band night delight
Singing the Lord's song in a strange land: An examination of the nexus between the Southern Gospel Choir and the city of Hobart, Tasmania; Made in Australia and New Zealand: Studies in Popular Music
Sledging songs, penguins and melting ice: how Antarctica has inspired Australian composers
Solo violinist shines in starlit performance
Songs of the South: a song cycle for mezzo soprano and piano based on lyrics from the heroic age of Antarctic exploration; International Journal of Contemporary Composition
Sonic explorations of the southernmost continent: four composers' responses to Antarctica and climate change in the twenty-first century; Organised Sound
Spirited quartet triumphs
Spirited singing of South African choir
Stately treat for ears and taste buds
Students benefit from live performance
Tasmanian jazz trio keeps it lively for radio
Technical mastery, musicality on show
The Glitter Gang (1973-74): A microcosm of Malcolm Williamson's views on social inclusivity and his Australian identity; Musicology Australia
The Master and the Media: Malcolm Williamson in the Press; Musical Islands: Exploring Connections between Music, Place and Research
The Polar Journal; The Polar Journal
The sounds of silence: music in the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration; The Polar Journal
Vaughan Williams and the soundscapes of Scott of the Antarctic; The Musical Quarterly
What's wrong with 'expeditioner'?; Polar Record
Williamson, Malcolm (Benjamin Graham Christopher)
Youthful orchestra embarks on a voyage of discovery

Research Projects

'Antarctic wilderness: Perspectives from history, the humanities and social sciences' hosted by the Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research (SCAR) History Expert Group and Social Science Action Gr; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Creative Antarctica: Australian Artists and Writers in the Far South; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Creative Antarctica: Exploring Models for HASS Practitioners and Researchers to Work in the Far South; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The Deeper Meaning of Embodiment for Knowledge Creation at UTAS; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Transforming Tourists' Antarctic Experience; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

A 21st Century Analytical Perspective of the 20th Century Impressionistic Piano Works of Miriam Hyde
Imitation and the use of Extended Techniques in the Solo Flute Compositions