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Researcher: White, CA (Ms Camille White)

Fields of Research

Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Community ecology (excl. invasive species ecology)
Wildlife and habitat management
Natural resource management
Aquaculture and fisheries stock assessment
Infectious agents
Environmental management
Fisheries sciences
Fisheries management
Pollution and contamination
Separation science
Horticultural crop growth and development
Traditional, complementary and integrative medicine
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics

Research Objectives

Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Aquaculture fin fish (excl. tuna)
Fisheries - aquaculture
Coastal or estuarine biodiversity
Biodiversity in Antarctic and Southern Ocean environments
Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
Other environmental management
Coastal and estuarine systems and management
Marine biodiversity
Fisheries - wild caught
Human pharmaceutical products
Nutraceuticals and functional foods
Fisheries - recreational freshwater
Wild caught fin fish (excl. tuna)
Wine grapes
Preventive medicine

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A microalga is better than a commercial lipid emulsion at enhancing live feeds for an ornamental marine fish larva; Aquaculture
Aquaculture-derived trophic subsidy boosts populations of an ecosystem engineer; Aquaculture Environment Interactions
Bringing Back the Bay: Marine Habitats and Water Quality in Georges Bay
Bringing back the Bay: Marine Habitats and Water Quality in Georges Bay
Consumption of aquaculture waste affects the fatty acid metabolism of a benthic invertebrate; Science of The Total Environment
Developing and implementing a framework for assessment of estuarine health in small Tasmanian estuaries; Coast to Coast: Collaborations, Crossing Boundaries
Dispersal and assimilation of an aquaculture waste subsidy in a low productivity coastal environment; Marine Pollution Bulletin
Environmental Flows in the Little Swanport Estuary
Establishment of an Integrated Water Quality Monitoring Framework for Georges Bay
Evidence for the continued existence of Abraxas Lake, Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica during the Last Glacial Maximum; Antarctic Science
Future aquafeeds may compromise reproductive fitness in a marine invertebrate; Marine Environmental Research
Large-scale salmon farming in Norway impacts the epiphytic community of Laminaria hyperborea; Aquaculture Environment Interactions
Monitoring and assessing offshore/high energy production structures. A report from the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre
Terrestrial fatty acids as tracers of finfish aquaculture waste in the marine environment; Reviews in Aquaculture
The Storm Bay Observing System: Preliminary review of the sampling parameters and design for assessing the performance of salmon aquaculture

Research Projects

BE Biofouling Challenges and Possible Solutions; Blue Economy CRC Co (BECRC)
Bringing Back the Bay - an Integrated Management Regime for Georges Bay; Natural Heritage Trust (NHT)
Fisheries biology of short-spined sea urchins (Heliocidaris erythrogramma) in Tasmania: supporting a profitable harvest and appropriate management; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
Monitoring and assessing offshore production structures; Blue Economy CRC Co (BECRC)
Storm Bay Observing System: Assessing the Performance of Aquaculture Development; Fisheries Research & Development Corporation (FRDC)
Uptake of aquaculture waste by keystone reef species; Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales (RZSNSW)
Derwent Estuary Program Reef Monitoring
Environment: Emerging Issues

Research Candidate Supervision