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Researcher: Brittlebank, K (Dr Kate Brittlebank)

Fields of Research

Asian history
Australian history
Critical heritage, museum and archive studies
Archival, repository and related studies
Fine arts
Islamic studies
Social and cultural anthropology

Research Objectives

Understanding past societies
Expanding knowledge in history, heritage and archaeology
International relations
Religion and society

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Two People-One Life': Collecting and the Marriage of Ronald M. and Catherine H. Berndt; Australian Historical Studies
Among the Unbelievers: 'Non-Muslim' Elements in Tipu Sultan's Dreams; South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
Anthropology, fine art and missionaries: the Berndt Kalighat album; Journal of the History of Collections
Asian Dreaming: An Exploration of Ronald and Catherine Berndt's Relationship with Asia; Anthropological Forum
Assertion; The Eighteenth Century in Indian History: Evolution or Revolution?
From Tadri to Basra: The Journey of Khwaja Abdul Qadir as Recounted in the Waqai-I Manazil-I Rum; South Asia Research
Ian J Barrow, Making History, Drawing Territory: British Mapping in India c. 1756-1905; Itinerario
Introduction; Tall Tales and True: India, Historiography and British Imperial Imaginings
Islamic Responses to the Fall of Srirangapattana and the Death of Tipu Sultan (1799); Islam in History and Politics: Perspectives From South Asia
N Wickramasinghe, Dressing the Colonial Body: Politics, Clothing and Identity in Colonial Sri Lanka; Contemporary South Asia
Piety and Power: A Preliminary Analysis of Tipu Sultan's Dreams; Tall Tales and True: India, Historiography and British Imperial Imaginings
Postscript: Kalighat's Missionaries; TAASA Review
Ramya Sreenivasan, The Many Lives of a Rajput Queen: Heroic Pasts in India, 1500-1900 (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2007), x + 276 pp; South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies
Review of Lisa Trivedi, Clothing Gandhi's Nation: Homespun and Modern India; Journal of Social History
Review of Peter Jackson, The Delhi Sultanate: A Political and Military History; International Journal of Hindu Studies
Srirangapatnam Revisited: History as Experience Rather Than Event; State and Diplomacy Under Tipu Sultan
Tales of Treachery: Rumour as the Source of Claims That Tipu Sultan was Betrayed; Modern Asian Studies
Tall Tales and True: India, Historiography and British Imperial Imaginings; Monash University Press
The Dreams of Kings: A Comparative Discussion of the Recorded Dreams of Tipu Sultan of Mysore and Peter the Great of Russia; Journal of Early Modern History: Contrasts, Contacts, Comparisons
The White Raja of Srirangapattana: Was Arthur Wellesley Tipu Sultan's True Successor?; South Asia
Tristram Stuart, The Bloodless Revolution: Radical Vegetarianism and the Discovery of India; Itinerario
Unexpected Connections: An Australian Kalighat Album Reunited; TAASA Review
Victoria's Regional Riches; TAASA Review: Journal of the Asian Arts Society of Australia

Research Projects

The Berndt Kalighat Album: A Study of the Kalighat Paintings in the Ronald M. and Catherine. H. Berndt Collection of Asian Art; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The Dream World of Tipu Sultan of Mysore: A Cultural and Historical Analysis of Tipu Sultan's Dreams (C.1784-1798); University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Buddhist Mandalas
New Mountain, New River, New Home? The Tasmanian Hmong
Sibling Rivalry- The India-Australia Relationship, 1858-1901