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Researcher: Zhang, L (Dr Lejun Zhang)

Fields of Research

Exploration Geochemistry
Ore Deposit Petrology
Basin Analysis
Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Mineralogy and Crystallography
Cardiology (incl. Cardiovascular Diseases)
Isotope Geochemistry
Structural Geology

Research Objectives

Copper Ore Exploration
Precious (Noble) Metal Ore Exploration
Iron Ore Exploration
Expanding Knowledge in the Earth Sciences
Cardiovascular System and Diseases
Mineral Exploration
Mineral Resources (excl. Energy Resources)
Aluminium Ore Exploration
Mining and Extraction of Copper Ores

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

40Ar/39Ar and Rb-Sr ages of the Tiegelongnan Porphyry Cu-(Au) deposit in the Bangong Co-Nujiang Metallogenic Belt of Tibet, China: implication for generation of super-large deposit; Acta Geologica Sinica
Acute divergent effects of AICAR on insulin action in vivo; American Diabetes Association, 63rd Scientific Sessions
Acute glucosamine-induced insulin resistance in muscle in vivo is associated with impaired capillary recruitment; Diabetologia
Alteration and mineralization of Xinan Cu-Mo ore deposit in Zijinshan orefield, Fujian Province, and application of short wavelength infra-red technology (SWIR) to exploration; Mineral Deposits
Applying the explorers’ toolbox to discover porphyry and epithermal Cu, Au and Mo deposits
Bantug lithocap, Negros, Philippines
Bingham Canyon and Wasatch Mountains Update
Bismoclite (BiOCl) in the San Francisco de los Andes Bi–Cu–Au Deposit, Argentina. First occurrence of a bismuth oxychloride in a magmatic–hydrothermal breccia pipe and its usefulness as an indicator phase in mineral exploration; Minerals
Blind test site – Anglo American
Buckskin Lithocap, Yerington, Nevada
Buckskin Lithocap, Yerington, Nevada: what dose an upflow zone look like in a lithocap?
Calcite synthesis
Calcite synthesis
Capillary recruitment in muscle is a highly sensitive event in insulin action in vivo; American Diabetes Association, 63rd Scientific Sessions
Cathodoluminescence features, trace elements, and oxygen isotopes of quartz in unidirectional solidification textures from the Sn-mineralized Heemskirk Granite, western Tasmania; American Mineralogist
Characteristics of zunyite in the advanced argillic alteration zones of high-sulfidation epithermal deposits: implications for exploration in lithocaps; SEG 2017 Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond
Chlorite comes of age: a key tool for exploring in greenrocks
Chlorite Synthesis
CODELCO green rock blind test
Conditions of formation for magmatic-hydrothermal features in the Sn-mineralized Heemskirk Granite, Western Tasmania, SE Australia; SEG 2017 Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond
Contraction-mediated muscle capillary recruitment and metabolic responses in vivo are resistant to TNFα; 18th International Diabetes Federation Congress
Diagenetic age of the intrusions in southern part of the Lu-Zong Basin and its significance; Scientia Geologica Sinica
Enhanced geochemical targeting in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
Epidote synthesis
Epidote synthesis
Epithermal gold deposits of the circum-Pacific - characteristics, genesis and exploration; Australian Institute of Geoscientists symposium organised in conjunction with Geoscientists Symposia
Evidence for syngenetic gold mineralization overprinted by skarn at the Xinqiao Cu-S-Fe-Au deposit, Tongling Mineral District, China; Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits Conference 2015
Executive summary AMIRA project P1060: enhanced geochemical targeting in magmatic-hydrothermal systems
Factors influencing the hemodynamic and metabolic effects of insulin in muscle; Current Diabetes Reviews
Feldspar chemistry and fluorescence at Batu Hijau
Feldspar chemistry and fluorescence at Batu Hijau
Geochemical characteristics of the Shujiadian Cu deposit related intrusion in Tongling: Petrogenesis and implications for the formation of porphyry Cu systems in the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley metallogenic belt, eastern China; Lithos
Geochronological and geochemical evidence for two ore-forming events in the Northparkes district NSW; FUTORES II Conference - Future Understanding of Tectonics, Ores, Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Geochronological, geochemical and Pb isotopic compositions of Tasmanian granites (southeast Australia): controls on petrogenesis, geodynamic evolution and tin mineralisation; Gondwana Research
Geochronology and significance of volcanic rocks in the Ning-Wu Basin of China; Science China - Earth Sciences
Geochronology of the diorite porphyrites in Ning-Wu basin and their metallogenic significances; Yanshi Xuebao (Acta Petrologica Sinica)
Geochronology of the Nihe deposit and in the Lu-Zong basin and its metallogenic significances; Acta Petrologica Sinica
Geodynamic complexities in arc and post-collisional settings of the SW Pacific and China - essential ingredients for porphyry mineralisation; SEG 2017 Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond
Geological and geochemical characteristics of lithocap in the Lu-Zong Basin, Anhui, China; Acta Petrologica Sinica
Geological characteristics of Xiaobaozhuang iron deposit in the Lu-Zong volcanic basin, the Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley Metallogenic Belt; Yanshi Xuebao/Acta Petrologica Sinica
Geological, geochemical characteristics and isotope systematics of the Longqiao iron deposit in the Lu-Zong volcano-sedimentary basin, Middle-Lower Yangtze (Changjiang) River Valley, Eastern China; Ore Geology Reviews: Journal for Comprehensive Studies of Ore Genesis and Ore Exploration
Geology and geochronology of magnetite–apatite deposits in the Ning-Wu volcanic basin, eastern China; Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
Geology, geochemistry and genesis of the Makou magnetite-apatite deposit in the Luzong volcanic basin, Middle-Lower Yangtze River Valley Metallogenic Belt, Eastern China; Ore Geology Reviews
Geology, geochronology, geochemical characteristics and origin of Baomai porphyry Cu (Mo) deposit, Yulong Belt, Tibet; Ore Geology Reviews
Glucosamine induces acute insulin resistance in muscle in vivo assocaited with impaired capillary recruitment; 41st EASD Annual Meeting
Green rock blind test - BHP Billiton
Haquira porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Peru
Haquira Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit, Peru
Haquira porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Peru: Testing the vectoring potential of quartz
Hemlo gold deposit, Canada
Hydrothermal alteration, mineralization and breccias at the Zijinshan high sulfidation Cu-Au deposit, Fujian Province, China; Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits Conference 2015
Importance and significance of the Bantug lithocap Negros, Philippines
In-situ LA-ICP-MS trace element analysis of magnetite from Mesozoic iron oxide apatite (IOA) deposits in the Luzong volcanic basin, eastern China; Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
Insulin sensitivity of muscle capillary recruitment in vivo; Diabetes
Insulin-mediated capillary recruitment: regulatory and anatomical aspects
Interleukin-6 attenuates insulin-mediated increases in endothelial cell signaling but augments skeletal muscle insulin action via differential effects on tumor necrosis factor-á expression; Diabetes
La Zanja district, Peru: active exploration site
La Zanjadistrict, Peru - active exploration site
LA-ICP MS zircon U-Pb dating for the hidden intrusions in the Lu-Zong Basin and its tectonic significance; Acta Geologica Sinica
LA-ICP-MS in situ trace elements and FE-SEM analysis of pyrite from the Xinqiao Cu-Au-S deposit in Tongling, Anhui and its constraints on the ore genesis; Yanshi Xuebao/Acta Petrologica Sinica
LA-ICP-MS titanite U-Pb dating and its signification in the Luohe iron deposit in the Lu-Zong volcanic basin; Acta Petrological Sinica
LA-ICP-MS titanite U-Pb dating and mineral chemistry of the Luohe magnetite-apatite (MA)-type deposit in the Lu-Zong volcanic basin, Eastern China; Ore Geology Reviews
Late Paleozoic to Mesozoic intrusions distribution in the north Sanjiang Orogenic Belt, Southwest China: evidence from zircon U-Pb dating and geochemistry; Acta Geologica Sinica
Lithocap blind test site - Barrick
Lithocaps Introduction: Progress and an ALERT!
Lithocaps – characteristics, origins and significance for porphyry and epithermal exploration; 14th SGA Biennial Meeting
Lithological and hydrothermal alteration mapping of epithermal, porphyry and tourmaline breccia districts in the Argentine Andes using ASTER imagery; Remote Sensing
Lithospheric architecture of the Yidun Terrane and its control on metal assemblages related to granitoid system in SE Tibet Plateau; Future Understanding of Tectonics, Ores, Resources, Environment and Sustainability
Magnetite syntheses
Magnetite: pointing the way for porphyry explorers
Mesozoic multiphase magmatism at the Xinan Cu-Mo ore deposit (Zijinshan Orefield): geodynamic setting and metallogenic implications; Ore Geology Reviews
Microvascular flow routes in muscle controlled by vasoconstrictors; Microvascular Research
Mineral Chemistry of the HemloAu District
Minerals in-situ LA-ICPMS trace elements study and the applications in ore deposit genesis and exploration
New analyses of old rocks: getting more out of the P765 - P765A - P1060 sample suites
Ore-forming fluid characteristic of Nihe iron deposit in Lu-Zong basin, Anhui Province and its significance to ore genesis; Acta Petrologica Sinica
Orientation survey: Gosowong epithermal Au-Ag and porphyry district, Indonesia
P1060 - achievements and explorers' toolbox
P1060 Field Guide - Intrusive and Magm atic-Hydrothermal Features of the Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah
P1153 Explorer’s Toolbox: Workflow for green and white rock exploration
Petrogenesis of Dongguashan skarn-porphyry Cu-Au deposit related intrusion in the Tongling district, eastern China: geochronological, mineralogical, geochemical and Hf isotopic evidence; Ore Geology Reviews
Petrogenetic-metallogenetic setting and temporal-spatial framework of the Yueshan district, Anhui Province, east-central China; International Geology Review
Petrogeochemistry and SHRIMP dating of ga'erqin pillow basalt in Duolong, Northern Tibet; Acta Geoscientica Sinica
Physicochemical conditions of formation for bismuth mineralization hosted in a magmatic-hydrothermal breccia complex: an example from the Argentine Andes; Minerals
Porphyry Indicator Minerals (PIMS) and Porphyry Vectoring and Fertility Tools (PVFTS) - indicators of mineralization styles and recorders of hypogene geochemical dispersion halos; Sixth Decennial International Conference on Mineral Exploration
Precipitation mechanism, REE characteristics of anhydrite in Nihe deposit and its relation to mineralization; Acta Petrological Sinica
Prolom, Serbia – An Active Exploration Site Test
Prolom, Serbia – an active exploration site test
Pyrite Synthesis
Quartz Synthesis
Quartz: a new tool for vectoring in green rock, lithocap and white rock environments
Quartz: A tool for vectoring and fertility assessments in magmatic-hydrothermal ore deposits
San Francisco de los Andes, Argentina
San Francisco de los Andes, Argentina (Rio Blanco-Los Bronces, Chile)
Seongsan lithocap, South Korea
Sn mineralisation-related slushy textures in the Heemskirk Granite in Western Tasmania, Australia; Future Understanding of Tectonics, Ores, Resources, Environment and Sustainability.
Study site: Las Bambas porphyry Cu-(Mo-Au) and Cu-skarn, district, Peru
Synextensional emplacement of porphyry Cu-Mo and epithermal mineralization: the Zijinshan District, Southeastern China; Economic Geology and The Bulletin of The Society of Economic Geologists
Tallberg Cu-Au-Mo deposit, Sweden
Tallberg Cu-Au-Mo deposit, Sweden
Tallberg, Sweden
Tantahuatay, Peru: P1153 Vertical profile though a lithocap; P765A alunite
Tantahuatay, Peru: P1153 vertical profile through a lithocap and P765A alunite chemistry
Temporal-spatial framework of magmatic intrusions in Luzong volcanic basin in East China and their constrain to mineralizations; Yanshi Xuebao (Acta Petrologica Sinica)
Textures, trace elements, and Pb isotopes of sulfides from the Haopinggou vein deposit, southern North China Craton: implications for discrete Au and Ag-Pb-Zn mineralization; Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology
The alteration, mineralization and structural evolution of the Zijinshan high sulfidation epithermal deposit, Fujian Province, China; Society of Economic Geologists Conference 2017
The AMIRA P1153 whole rock and mineral chemistry database
The formation and trace elements of garnet in the skarn zone from the Xinqiao-Cu-S-Fe-Au deposit, Tongling ore district, Anhui Province, Eastern China; Lithos
The lithocap at Bantug Negros, Philippines
The sides of porphyry deposits: exploring in green and white rocks
TNFα and IL-6 differently affect insulin action in vivo; 18th International Diabetes Federation Congress
TNF? inhibits low physiologic but not high insulin-mediated capillary recruitment and glucose uptake in vivo; American Diabetes Association, 62nd Scientific Sessions
TNFalpha acutely inhibits vascular effects of physiological but not high insulin or contraction; American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism
Tourmaline cemented breccia: San Francisco de los Andes, Argentina Rio Blanco-Los Bronces, Chile
Tourmaline Synthesis – Tourmaline mineral chemistry: a tool for vectoring and fertility assessments in magmatic-hydrothermal environments
Tourmaline-rich features in the Heemskirk and Pieman Heads granites from western Tasmania, Australia: characteristics, origins, and implications for tin mineralization; American Mineralogist
Using pyrite to vector towards porphyry and epithermal mineralisation
Vertical profile through the Tantahuatay lithocap
Volatile exsolution in Western Tasmanian Sn granites: insights from mineral textures and stable isotopes; SEG International Exposition and 84th Annual Meeting
Whole rock geochemistry - lessons learned from exploration
Zircon U-Pb, molybdenite Re-Os geochronology and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf-O-S isotopic constraints on the genesis of Relin Cu-Mo deposit in Zhongdian, Northwest Yunnan, China; Ore Geology Reviews

Research Projects

Magmatic-hydrothermal volatile exsolution and mineralisation in Tasmanian Sn granites; Society of Economic Geologists Foundation Inc (SEGF)
SEG 2014 Conference, Colorado USA; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The geology, mineralization, alteration and fluid evolution of Zijinshan ore field, Fujian Province, China; Society of Economic Geologists Foundation Inc (SEGF)
Application of visible near infrared (vis-NIR) and short wavelength infrared (SWIR) spectral analysis in exploration for Mount Cassidy
Exploration tools and genesis of the lithocaps in Eastern China
Geochemical and mineralogical vectors to the ore at Bilihe-Hadamiao district, Inner Mongolia, China
Geological and geochemical vectors to low sulfidation epithermal gold mineralization, Cerro Negro district, Deseado Massif, Argentina
Magnetite and epidote chemistry and textures at Las Bambas Cu-Au-Fe skarn, Peru: assessing district and deposit-scale fertilityimplications for ore genesis and exploration

Research Candidate Supervision

Magmatic-Hydrothermal Volatile Exsolution and Mineralisation in Tasmanian Sn Granites
The Geology, Mineralization, Alteration and Fluid Evolution of Zijinshan Ore Field, Fujian Province