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Researcher: McGrath, VF (Professor Vince McGrath)

Fields of Research

Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)
Engineering Design
Urban and Regional Planning
Design Innovation
Atmospheric Sciences

Research Objectives

The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
Arts and Leisure
Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Education and Training Systems
Industrial Energy Conservation and Efficiency
Stone, Ceramics and Clay Materials

Career Best Publications

Design and Desire
Differentiate or perish: the future for regional visual and performing arts schools; ACUADS Annual Conference
The Walls of Jerusalem
White Line Fever

Research Publications

Design X 9
Hats off to Rainlover
The Academy Show
ABC Radio Interview: Surface - Beneath and Beyond
Above the street awning
Above the street awning
Afternoon Extra - Collecting toxic materials from the atomsphere
Afternoon Extra - Research Centre for Ceramics
Altered States
Anything ceramic
Anything ceramic
Anything ceramic
Below the Surface
Below the Surface (The 1947 Roswell New Mexico Incident Number One, The 1947 Roswell New Mexico Incident Number Two, The 1947 Roswell New Mexico Incident Number Three)
Beyond the Map
Bridging Divides; Cross-Sector Collaborations
Burke and Wills
Carbon Trading
Ceramics at the Academy of Arts; Ceramics TECHNICAL
ceramics: Aesthetics of Materiality
Ceramics: Aesthetics of Materiality
Clay Sculpture
Clay Sculpture
Commemorating the Bowl
Community Service - The Two Sided Coin; Framing New Perspectives
Dare to Look
Dare to Look
Deliquent Angel
Derby 1/Derby 2
Design and Desire
Differentiate or perish: the future for regional visual and performing arts schools; ACUADS Annual Conference
Divergent Views
Dust to Dust: Objects with Uncertain Futures
Dust to Dust: Objects with Uncertain Futures
Facing Nature
Facing Nature
Facing Nature
Fifty trees of Launceston
Fifty trees of Launceston
Flight 06
From the edge to the centre
Hats off to Rainlover
Histories of Work
Hungry Jack
Investing in the regional university gallery; Rhapsody 21C: A Conference on the Future of University Museums and Art Galleries in the New Century
Island to Island
Island to Island
Landscape, Land and Nature; Pottery in Australia
Life Forces
Look again Joseph Banks (13 views)
Memories of Zeehan
Message, Matter & Form
Moments from our history
Morning Show
Moving On
My Lucky Cup
Nineteen Forty Three
Off the Island; Pottery in Australia
On My Street
Our Piping Lane
Pins & Needles
Pressed into Service; My Beautiful Clamp; Untitled
Radio Interview
Red Hot
Referencing Journeys Relocating Self; Ceramics Art and Perception
Research 2
Research: The Responsibility to the Field; EDGE: IDENTITY AND CHANGE
Sculptures of Jorgen Hansen; Ceramics Technical
Still Life With Playing Cards
Summit 07
Surface - Beneath and Beyond
Tasmania Exhibition
Tasmanian Ceramics, A Survey
The 4th Cairo International Biennale for Ceramics
The ABC Morning Show
The Flower
The Flower
The Flower
The Jack in the Box and Other Matters
The Postpak Show
The Walls of Jerusalem
The Walls of Jerusalem
Then and Now
Tools of the Trade
Toques on the Track
Toying With an Idea
Travelling the roundabout
Untitled 1
Untitled 2
Untitled Ceramic
Untitled Ceramic
Untitled Ceramic
Untitled Ceramic
Vincent McGrath, Between the Spaces
Walls of Jerusalem
Walls of Jerusalem
Walls of Jerusalem
White Line Fever

Research Projects

Preparation for an 1998 ARC Collaborative application; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Preparation for an 1998 ARC Collaborative application(2); University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Adam Ve Adama - In Honour of Home and Homeland
Been, Being and Becoming- The Meaning of Change
Beneath the Patterned Veneer
Cybernetic Serendipity- Digital Technology & The Artist
Death and the Self- A First Person Perspective of Mortality
Digital images and the perception of self
Examining the changing visual language in the culture of Tuvalu and my own sense of place in response to the natural environment under threat.
Field and Game- the Development of an Agricultural Landscape for Australia.
Flowers as Symbols and Metaphors in Chinese Culture
Form and Function - The Image on the Inside of the Eggshell.
Fragments of Wilderness - Importance to humanity
Fragments- Beyond the Object
From Market Place to Superstore
Identity & Community Versus Non-place
Implement; Drawn
Industry and the visual arts
Interconnectedness with the Natural World- A Journey of Moments and Interactions
Landscape as a vessel
Last Wave. Birds, Artists, and Environmental Degradation in Tasmania
Lost or Gone- Nature's Remnants- Mysteries and Threats of Human and Native Species Interactions, Past and Present
Mandala of the Mind- An Exploration of the Buddhist Philosophy on the Interdependent Nature of Existence
Memory and oblivion
Mysticism and Mythology- Embracing the Asian Malay Tradition
Mythology in fine arts, employing new research in mixed media
Necessary fictions
Object to Object
On the Death of Character - A Metatheatrical Tragedy
Partnership or Perish? A Study of Artistic Collaborations
Perceptions of space in a post-humanist world
Production Values- Re-discovering the Hand in Making
Second Skin
Shades of Embodiment, Unravelling the Thread of Life. An Exploration of the Sacred associated with Death and Dying in a Historical and Cultural Context
Shipbuilding as Romantic Abstraction
Sonorous Theatre - Dark Voices in Revolt- Uniting the Core, Proximity and the Human Voice in Crisis
The adaptability of bioregional art and theory to translocate
The Body- The Illusion of Perfection
The Control Machine
The Entropic Landscape- Exploring the Intersection Between Digital Media, Large-Scale Drawings and Sculpture in Response to the Cultural Landscape of Zeehan, Tasmania, Australia
The Legacy
The Memory Palace- Scale, Mnemonics and the Moving Image
The Mere Real Thing and Beyond- An Alternative Perspective of Everyday Life through the Appropriation of Commonplace Things in the context of Contemporary Visual Arts Environment
The Nature of Tasmanian Residence
The Shock of the Now- Retail Space and the Road to Nowhere
Translation of Objects as Conduits for Experiences
Truth, Untruth and the space in between
Urban dreaming art and the psychology of place
What Bone Shall Speak For Me? Seeking the Language of Bones- A Photographic Investigation
What makes and artist? Formative influences in the early lives of thirty four Tasmanian visual artists
White 2
World Beyond the Horizon- Reconstructing the Complexity of the 'Normal' Experience