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Researcher: Shaw, K (Dr Kelly Shaw)

Fields of Research

Rheumatology and arthritis
Preventative health care
Primary health care
Nutrition and dietetics
Cardiology (incl. cardiovascular diseases)
Nutritional science
Health and community services
Community child health
Family care
Health services and systems
Occupational and workplace health and safety
Aged health care

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Preventive medicine
Neonatal and child health
Disease distribution and transmission (incl. surveillance and response)
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Behaviour and health
Other health
Health related to ageing
Evaluation of health and support services
Palliative care
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Rural and remote area health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessing physical activity in general practice: a disconnect between clinical practice and public health?; British Journal of General Practice
Calcium supplementation for improving bone mineral density in children; Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Cardiometabolic Risk in Younger and Older Adults Across an Index of Ambulatory Activity ; American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Children want hot food on cold days; how to investigate what influences children's food choice; Population Health Congress 2015
Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry body composition and aging in a population-based older cohort; International Journal of Obesity
Effects of calcium supplementation on bone density in healthy children:meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials; British Medical Journal
Effects of vitamin D supplementation on bone density in healthy children: systematic review and meta-analysis; British Medical Journal
Making healthy food desirable to children; a theoretical model; Public Health Prevention Conference
Musculoskeletal conditions - what's new from Cochrane and how might this affect your practice?; Australia Family Physician
Plan your pandemic - A guide for GPs; Australian Familty Physician
Public health policies and management strategies for genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection; Risk Management and Healthcare Policy
Role of the general practitioner in testing for genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection: An analysis of enhanced surveillance data; Sexual Health
Targeted programs for skin cancer prevention: An Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute
The GP's response to pandemic influenza: a qualitative study; Family Practice
Vitamin D supplementation for improving bone mineral density in children; Evidence-Based Child Health
Vitamin D supplementation for improving bone mineral density in children ; Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Vitamin D supplementation for improving bone mineral density in children (Intervention Review); Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

Research Projects

Accelerometers for Measurement of Physical Activity; National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
Improving prevention and early intervention for type 2 diabetes in Tasmania; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

How Does Relevant Theory Inform a Public Alcohol Policy Model?
Implementation of AUSDRISK Screening for Type 2 Diabetes
Making Healthy Choices Easy Choices - taking Students on their own Food Journey
The Epidemiology and Enhanced Surveillance of Infectious Diseases in Tasmania