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Researcher: He, B (Associate Professor Baogang He)

Fields of Research

Political Science
Comparative Government and Politics
Political Theory and Political Philosophy
International Relations
Basic Pharmacology
Studies in Human Society
Social Change
Public Policy
Australian Government and Politics
Wildlife and Habitat Management

Research Objectives

Government and Politics
Political Systems
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
International Relations
Electoral Systems
Citizenship and National Identity
Civics and Citizenship
Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis

Career Best Publications

Balancing Democracy and Authority: An Empirical Study of Village Election in Zhejiang; Central China Normal Univeristy Press
East Asian ideas of regionalism: a normative critique; Australian Journal of International Affairs
Nationalism, National Identity and Democratization in China; Ashgate
Referenda as a Solution to the National-Identity/Boundary Question: An Empirical Critique of the Theoretical Literature; Alternatives
Transnational Civil Society and the National Identity Question in East Asia; Global Governance

Research Publications

An Empirical Study of Village Election: Four Questions; Zhejiang Social Science
Are Village Elections Competitive? The Case of Zhejiang; China's Challenges in the Twenty-first Century
Asian Ethnicity; Asian Ethnicity
Balancing Democracy and Authority: An Empirical Study of Village Election in Zhejiang; Central China Normal Univeristy Press
Can Democracy Provide an Answer to the National Identity Question? A Historical Approach; China's Post-Jiang Leadership Succession: Problems and Perspectives
Can Kymlicka's Liberal Theory of Minority Rights be Applied in East Asia?; New Developments in Asian Studies: An Introduction
China; Political Party Systems and Democratic Development in East and Southeast Asia Volume II: East Asia
China's First Direct Election of the Township Head: A Case Study of Buyun; Japanese Journal of Political Science
China's national identity: A source of conflict between democracy and state nationalism; Nationalism, Democracy and National Integration in China
Chinese Intellectuals Facing the Challenges of the New Century; Chinese Intellectuals Between State and Market
Chinese Political Opposition in Exile; Political Opposition in Industrialising Asia
Citizenship and Cultural Equality; Challenging Citizenship: Group Membership and Cultural Identity in a Global Age
Civil Society and Democracy; Democratic Theory Today: Challenges for the 21st Century
Confucianism Versus Liberalism Over Minority Rights: A Critical Response to Will Kymlicka; Journal of Chinese Philosophy
Cosmopolitan democracy and the national identity question in Europe and East Asia; International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
Defending Proceduralism: A Liberal Critique of Carl Schmitt's Theory of Exception; Zhe Jiang Academic Journal
Deliberative Polling: Participatory Budgeting In Zeguo, Wenling
Democracy in the Developing World; Australian Journal of Political Science
Democracy, Transnational problems and the Boundary Question: Challenges for China; Social Alternatives
Democratic versus Nationalist Management of Taiwan Straits Conflicts; Uncertain Future: Taiwan - Hong Kong - China relations after Hong Kong's return to Chinese sovereignty
Democratization and the National Identity Question in East Asia; New Challenges for Development and Modernization: Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific Region in the New Millennium
Designing Democratic Institutions and the Problem of Evil - a Liberal Chinese Perspective; Social Philosophy and Policy
Dilemmas of pluralist development and democratization in China; Democratization
East Asian ideas of regionalism: a normative critique; Australian Journal of International Affairs
In Defending a Moderate Concept of Cultural Equality; Australasian Political Studies Association
Introduction; Multiculturalism in Asia
Kinship, Village Elections and Structural Conditions in Zhejiang; Damage Control: The Chinese Communist Party in the Jiang Zemin Era
Knavery and Virtue in Humean Institutional Design; The Journal of Value Inquiry
Legitimation and democratization in a transitional China; Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics
Minority Rights with Chinese Characteristics; Multiculturalism in Asia
Minority Rights: A Confucian Critique of Kymlicka's Theory of Nonassimilation; The Moral Circle and the Self: Chinese and Western Approaches
Multiculturalism in Asia; Oxford University Press
National Integrity, Elites and Democracy: Russia and China Compared; The Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics
Nationalism, National Identity and Democratization in China; Ashgate
New Moral Foundations of Chinese Democratic Institutional Design; China and Democracy: The Prospect for a Democratic China
Of People and Republics; Free China Review
On Village Elections in China ; Twenty First Century
Participatory and Deliberative Institutions in China; Journal of Zhejiang University: Humanities and Social Sciences
Perspectives from Village Democracy in China; New Political Economy
Political Competition in Village Elections in Zhejiang; Studies on Chinese Communism Monthly
Power, responsibility and sovereignty: China's policy towards Taiwan's bid for a UN seat; Power and Responsibility in Chinese Foreign Policy
Referenda as a Solution to the National-Identity/Boundary Question: An Empirical Critique of the Theoretical Literature; Alternatives
Reimagining the Chinese Nation: The 'Zeng Guofan Phenomenon'; Modern China
Review of The Making of a New Chinese Mind: Intellectuality and the Future of China; The China Quarterly
SARS and Freedom of the Press: Has the Chinese Government Learnt a Lesson?; The SARS Epidemic: Challenges to China's Crisis Management
Special Issue Editors' Introduction: Four Approaches to the Aceh Question; Asian Ethnicity
The Democratic Implications of Civil Society in China; Macmillan Press
The Democratization of China; Routledge
The Ideas of Civil Society in both Mainland China and Taiwan; Issues & Studies: an international quarterly on China, Taiwan, and East Asian affairs
The Impact of Village Elections on Village Power Structure and its Operation; Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences
The Making of a Nascent Civil Society in China; Civil Society in Asia
The model of cosmopolitan democracy; Politics of Civil Society: A Global Perspective on Democratisation
The National Identity Problem and Democratization: Rustow's Theory of Sequence; Government and Opposition
The Question of Sovereignty in the Taiwan Strait? Re-examining Peking's policy of opposition to Taiwan's bid for UN membership; China Perspectives
The Role of Civil Society in Defining the Boundary of a Political Community: The Cases of South Korea and Taiwan; Asian Studies Review
The Theory and Practice of Chinese Grassroots Governance: Five Models; Japanese Journal of Political Science
Three Ideas of Global Justice: Local Critics of Theories of International Justice; Global Justice and Civilizational Dialogue
Transnational Civil Society and the National Identity Question in East Asia; Global Governance
Village Assembly and Representative Village Meeting in Zhejiang; Political Studies
Village Citizenship in China: A Case Study of Zhejiang; Citizenship Studies
Village Elections, Village Power Structure, and Rural Governance in Zhejiang; The American Asian Review
Why does Beijing Reject the Dalai Lama Autonomy Proposal? Chinese Theories and Practice of Autonomy; Review of Asian and Pacific Studies
Why is Establishing Democracy So Difficult in China? The Challenge of China's National Identity Question; Contemporary Chinese Thought
World citizenship and transnational activism; Transnational Activism in Asia: Problems of power and democracy

Research Projects

Can Democracy/Democratisation Manage the National Identity Conflicts in China, Taiwan and Korea; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Deliberative Democracy and Citizenship: A Study of Deliberative Polling and Participatory Budgeting in China; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Democracy and boundaries: Western theories and east Asian practices; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Economic Development and Village Committee Election in Zhejiang; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Local Implementation of Ramsar Convention Obligations: Grassroots Governance in China and Australia; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Making Participation and Deliberation Work in China; The Ford Foundation (FF)
Political Development, Civil Society & Local Democracy in China: Developing a Theory of Democratic Functions of Civil Society through Case Study; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Political development, civil society and external influences: A case study of one district in China.; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The Chinese Transition: Democratisation and Marketisation?; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The Russian Transition: Democratisation & Marketisation; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Western Theory of Deliberative Democracy and Chinese Practice of Participatory and Deliberative Institutions; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

International Actors and the Problem of Democratic Transition in Burma
Non-governmental Organisations, Agenda-setting and the World Trade Organisation
Non-state security threats to Australia in the post Cold War world.
Political Elites' Crafting and Manipulating Village Democracy
Putting Religion in its Place. Belief, Trauma, Faith and Healing
The Art of Governing Conduct
The church & the conflict in Northern Ireland- A case for Corrymeela?
The International Dimension of Democratisation- East Asia
The politics of national identity in post-Tiananmen China