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Researcher: Ryan, WM (Dr Bill Ryan)

Fields of Research

Public policy
Policy and administration
Public administration
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Social theory
Research, science and technology policy
Organisational planning and management
Applied sociology, program evaluation and social impact assessment

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Health policy evaluation
Public services policy advice and analysis
Pacific Peoples community services
Other education and training
Multicultural services
Children's services and childcare
Professions and professionalisation
Employment patterns and change
Other culture and society
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community services
Other information and communication services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Book Reviews: Tunnel Vision: The Failure of Political Imagination, James Walter Sydney; Journal of Sociology
Care Coordinator and Service Provider Experiences of Coordinated Care: A Thematic Report
Careworks Mid-Trial Evaluation Report
Challenges and Learnings for Evaluators based on the Careworks Experience; The Australian Coordinated Care Trials: Reflections and Lessons
Client Experiences of Coordinated Care: a Thematic Report
Community Sector Skills Development Program (CSSDP): First Process Evaluation
Competitive Tendering and Service Purchasing Agreements; Changing Relationships Competition Policy Working Party Forum 'Competitive Tendering and Improving Service Purchasing Arrangements'
Contracts and Human Services; Department of Community and Health Services Workshop 'Purchasing Services'
Evaluation of the Implementation of SAAP III in Tasmania: Final Report
Evaluation of the Staying Put Program: Final Report
Final Report of the Careworks Local Evaluation
Government, the Community Sector and Service Delivery: Beyond Ideology and Text Books; Instutute of Public Administration Australia National Conference
Local Government Restructuring; Local Government Restructuring in Australia
Local Government Restructuring in Australia; The Centre for Public Management and Policy
New Tools for Evaluators: Process Evaluation, Program Logic, Intermediate Outcomes and Qualitative Research Methods
Performance Information: Not Re-inventing the Wheel; Communique
Public Sector Management IS Different from Management in the Private Sector; Communique
Qualitative Evaluation in the Tasmanian Trial; The Coordinated Care Trials: Methodological issues in trial design
Reflections on the Implementation of a Competitive Framework; Regional Heads of Government
Response of the Health and Community Services System to Coordinated Care: A Thematic Report
Review of the Local Government Peak Body in Tasmania
The DCHS Review: A Case Study in Organisational Review; Centre for Public Management and Policy
The DCHS Review: A Case Study in Organisational Review; The Centre for Public Management and Policy
The Estimates Process in Tasmania; The Estimates Process in Tasmania

Research Projects

A baseline study: public sector reform in Tasmania from Cartland to the present; Tasmanian Public Sector Managment Office (TPSMO)
An evaluation of local government restructuring in Tasmania.; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Managing Social Policy: the introduction and effects of program management in the social policy portfolios of the Australian Commonwealth Government; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Public Sector productivity in Tasmania: Indicators, Models and Evaluation; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The Production Theory of Governance: An evaluation of the theory and practice of public sector reform in Tasmania; Australian Research Council (ARC)
ITAB/Case Management-Children in SAAP Project Evaluation Proposal
Local Level Evaluation of the Southern Tasmanian Coordinated Care Trial, Careworks

Research Candidate Supervision

Accounting for the effectiveness of program delivery in the public sector
Administration-social welfare agencies
Agencies- delivery of services to marginalised groups- case study, Hobart
De-bureaucratisation proceses and trends - paradoxes in theoretical and empirical research
Evaluation of the legal primary dispute resolution process
Governments online- the diffusion of ideas which develop national policy
Health and well-being policy, planning and implementation- A comparative study of Tasmania and international processes using regional development approaches.
Independence at a price- Human service organisations in Texas and Tasmania
Information Resource Management Policy Development and Evaluation
Local government reform and regional issues
Policy responses to environmentalism - ESD in Australia
Public administration- Social policy in community welfare
Public Policy on Human Cloning
Public Sector Productivity in Tasmania- Indicators, Models and Evaluation
Reform of health care delivery and funding in Australia
State capacities & trajectory of industry policy in Japan
The Influence of Feminism on Public Policy- Abortion and Equal Pay in Australia and the Republic of Ireland