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Researcher: Harvest, TMA (Dr Tammy Harvest)

Fields of Research

Plant Cell and Molecular Biology
Computer Software
Evolutionary Biology
Forestry Management and Environment
Plant Physiology

Research Objectives

Application Tools and System Utilities
Native Forests
Environmentally Sustainable Plant Production
Forest and Woodlands Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity
Horticultural Crops
Plant Production and Plant Primary Products

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A footprint of tree-genetics on the biota of the forest floor; Oikos
An Integrated Research Output Repository; 12th Annual ARMS Conference 2010
Data Transformed not Transferred; Australian Research Management Society Conference 2013
Is decline in high altitude eucalypt forests related to rainforest understorey development and altered soil bacteria following the long absence of fire?; Austral Ecology
Laticifers and latex in Papaver somniferum L.; capacity, development and translocation
Laticifers and latex yield in opium poppy; ComBio 2005
The latex capacity of opium poppy capsules is fixed early in capsule development and is not a major determinant in morphine yield; Annals of Applied Biology

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision