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Researcher: Williamson, JC (Professor John Williamson)

Fields of Research

Other education
Higher education
Teacher education and professional development of educators
Education systems
Educational administration, management and leadership
Specialist studies in education
Learning sciences
Sociology of education
Curriculum and pedagogy
Primary education
Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogy
Education assessment and evaluation
Comparative and cross-cultural education
Social psychology
Urban sociology and community studies
Urban geography
Secondary education
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
English and literacy curriculum and pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Technical, further and workplace education
Accounting, auditing and accountability
Education policy
Health services and systems
Human resources management
Occupational and workplace health and safety
Environmental education and extension
Medical biochemistry - lipids
Farm management, rural management and agribusiness
Commercial services
Other agricultural, veterinary and food sciences

Research Objectives

Other education and training
Policies and development
Expanding knowledge in human society
Teacher and instructor development
Management, resources and leadership
Learner and learning
Other culture and society
Other economic framework
Teaching and curriculum
Workforce transition and employment
Productivity (excl. public sector)
Employment patterns and change
Schools and learning environments
Equity and access to education
Other health
Teaching and instruction technologies
Children's services and childcare
Expanding knowledge in psychology
Professions and professionalisation
Other environmental management
Environmentally sustainable animal production
Industrial relations
Environmentally sustainable plant production

Career Best Publications

Managing Change through VET. The role of vocational education and training in regional Australia
New Realities of Secondary Teachers' Work Lives; Symposium Books
Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region - A Comparative Study; Falmer Press
Workloads of Government school teachers and allied educators in Tasmania: A report commissioned by the Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch

Research Publications

'Birds of a Feather Flock Together!': Rural Teacher Recruitment Policy and Retention in and for Hard-to-Staff Ugandan Schools; Teacher Education in Globalised Times: Local Responses in Action
'Getting the pieces together': negotiating the transition from pre-service to in-service teacher; Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
'Hewers and Drawers?': The Work Lives of Teachers; Australian Association for Research in Education, 1995 Conference
'I Felt Like A Teacher Today': Beginning Teachers and Professional Identity; Australian Teacher Education Association Conference
'I'm not very good at solving problems': An exploration of students' problem solving behaviours; Journal of Mathematical Behavior
'I'm tentatively teaching': crossing the border from student of teaching to teacher of students; Australian Teacher Education Association Conference
'It's all about experience.' The challenge of becoming a teacher in fragmented employment contexts; Quality in Teacher Education: Considering different perspectives and agendas
'Learning about the risks': Teachers' and students' reported experiences of piloting an innovative curriculum about gambling; Quality in Teacher Education: Considering different perspectives and agendas
'TEACHING ... IT JUST FEELS RIGHT': Contemporary Perspectives of Career-Change Teachers and Their Motivations for Teaching; Opportunities and Challenges in Teacher Recruitment and Retention: Teachers’ Voices Across the Pipeline
'Teaching...I can see myself not doing that forever': The beginning teacher experience - a study of the changing career expectations and required competencies of beginning teachers; 2011 Australian Teacher Education Association Conference (ATEA 2011)
A critical lens on learning communities: An international comparative study of higher education practice; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference (AARE 2011 Conference)
A cross-cultural study of learning communities in academic and business contexts; The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
A Recipe for Success? Localized Implementation of a (Flexible) National Curriculum; Curriculum Journal
Accounting Education in the Pacific Century; 22nd National Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference
An Evaluation of the What's the Read Deal? Teaching Kit (Draft) for Tasmanian High Schools
An Overview of the OECD Science, Maths and Technology Education Project; Australian Association for Research in Education, 1995 Conference
Approaches to problem solving: Developing an understanding of naïve, routine and sophisticated problem solving behaviours; The Psychology of Problem Solving: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Australian teachers, principals, and pre-service teachers – Expectations and realities: Australian reports in an international context; 94th Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA 2013)
Back to the Future: Education Reform, and the Impact on Teaching and Teacher Education in Australia; Transformative Leadership and Educational Excellence
Beyond the black stump: dilemmas and tensions facing new principals in remote NSW; Australian Teacher Education Association National Conference
Beyond the ivory tower: Police and academics in a collaborative research project; 'Partnerships that Work?' Asia-Pacific Regional Social Services Conference 1995
Building a School Culture; The Primary School in Changing Times: The Australian Experienc
Cambridge Journal of Education; Cambridge Journal of Education
Can the Blind Lead the Blind?; ATEA Annual Conference
Case Studies About Implementing Profiles; Curriculum Perspectives
Chapter 1 Introduction; Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region - A Comparative Study
Chapter 12: Conclusion/Discussion; Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Comparative Analysis
Chapter 2 Australia; Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region - A Comparative Study
Choosing our best: innovation in teacher education selection
Comparison of time allocation behaviour of pre-secondary school teachers using time-use diary data: Evidence from Tasmania (Australia) and United States of America (USA); AERA 2013 Annual Meeting
Creating Educative Work Environments for Individual and Organisational Growth: Possibilities for Work in the 21st Century; Education for the 21st Century in the Asia-Pacific Region
Early School Leavers in Rural Australia: Are they all 'at risk'?; Rural Society
Educational Change and the New Realities of Teachers' Work Lives; Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
Educational Pathways: Or tracks that lead nowhere?
Evaluation of Teaching: Hidden Assumptions About Conception of Teaching; 2nd International Conference of Teaching and Learning
Factors influencing an individual's decision to donate to a state university: A case study of two universities; The Future of Educational Research
Farmer Participation in Training; Rural Society
From policy to practice: The forgotton interstices; ATEA Annual Conference
Great Expectations, Hard Times: School-to-work transitions in a context of turbulent change in regional Australia; Fifth UNESCO-ACEID International Conference on
Having a life outside teaching: The nature and amount of teachers' out-of-hours work; Australian Teacher Education Association Conference
Identifying the characteristics of rural learning communities: implications for rural development; SPERA 19th National Conference
Improving policy processes; advancing the development of the teacher feedback loop; AARE Sydney 2000 Conference
Introduction: the comparative background to educational change; New Realilties of Secondary Teachers' Work Lives
Leading the Quality of Teaching within Schools; What is Next in Educational Research?
Learning to teach is a messy affair: Framing and reframing teacher education using student feedback from WebCT; Teachers as Leaders: Teacher Education for a Global Profession
Listening to Mentor Teachers' Voices in Uncertain Times; Teacher Education In and For Uncertain Times
Managing Change through VET. The role of vocational education and training in regional Australia
Managing People and Organisations in a Turbulent Policy Context; ANZAM '99
New Realities of Secondary Teachers' Work Lives; Symposium Books
OECD Report on Science, Mathematics and Technology in Education (SMTE) Project
OECD Report on Science, Mathematics and Technology in Education (SMTE) Project
Part A: Tasmania; Discovering Democracy in Civics & Citizenship Education
Part B: Tasmania; Discovering Democracy in Civics & Citizenship Education
Philanthropic fundraising of higher education institutions: a review of the Malaysian and Australian perspectives; Sustainability
Preliminary findings of an investigation of young repeat offender behaviour: Perceptions of reasons for high levels of crime, the criminal justice system; experiences of schooling; 32nd Annual Conference of the Australian Psychological Society
Preparing Tasmanian English teachers for curriculum implementation; The Future of Educational Research
Program Evaluation Proforma; Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia
Ready and waiting: Beginning primary teachers in NSW; ATEA Annual Conference
Reconciling the policy process: The need to include teachers; Education: The Global Challenge International Conference
Rethinking Reflection as an Agent of Change; Reflect
Review of 'Improving Teacher Quality'
Review, Reflections and Realities; New Realilties of Secondary Teachers' Work Lives
Secondary Teachers' Experience of Educational Change in Nine Countries during the 1990s; New Realilties of Secondary Teachers' Work Lives
Self-Study for Teacher Educators: crafting a pedagogy for educational change
Some effects of structured workplace learning on students' attitudes to school learning and its impact on personnel in host workplaces; International Education Research Conference
Some Effects of Structured Workplace Learning on Students' Attitudes to School Learning and its Impact on Personnell in Host Workplaces; 2001 AARE Conference
Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning Approaches for Children: A New Zealand Case Study; What is Next in Educational Research?
Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region - A Comparative Study; Falmer Press
Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Comparative Analysis; Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education & Development
Teacher involvement in Australia: 'Teachers have much to offer'; Do teachers wish to be agents of change? Will principals support them?
Teachers' Perceptions of Classroom Competencies over a Decade of Change; Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
Teachers' preferences, and their expectations of principals' support, for involvement in school-based decision making: 'If [only] time or involvement was recognised as part of my workload'; Australian Association for Research in Education Conference (AARE 2011 Conference)
Teachers' Satisfaction with Their Working Relationships; Gender and Changing Educational Management
Teachers, Teaching and Teacher Education: Some Views from Home and Abroad; Australian Teacher Education Association, 1995 Conference
Teaching Competencies in the classroom - the role of the professional learning community
Teaching competencies in the classroom: deconstructing teacher experiences; Education Research and Perspectives
Teaching…I can see myself not doing that forever”: the beginning teacher experience – A study of the changing career expectations and required competencies of beginning teachers; Australian Teacher Education Association (ATEA) Conference 2011: Valuing Teacher Education: Policy, Perspectives and Partnerships
The complexities of learning to teach:' Just what is it that I am doing'; Handbook of Teacher Education
The forgotten interstices of education policy:The good, the bad and the ugly; Curriculum Developments in Australia: Promising initiatives, impasses and dead-ends
The impact of educational change on teachers' work: A multi-site, multi-method approach; Research and Practice in Educational Administration
The loneliness of the long distance principal: the tension between satisfying student needs and government requirements; Changing Climates: Education for Sustainable Futures
The loneliness of the long distance principal:The experience of principals in isolated central schools; Quality in Teacher Education: Considering different perspectives and agendas
The outer limits of vocational education and training: Early school leavers' dilemmas; 7th Annual Internation Conference on Post-Compulsory Education and Training
The powerful influence of learning communities in academic and business contexts; Fifth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Sciences
The Quality of Teacher's Work Lives: Perspectives of Teachers and Their Principals; Leading and Managing
The Quality of Teachers' Work Lives - The Perspectives of Teachers and their Principals; Australian Association for Research in Education, 1995 Conference
The Teachers' Voice. Examining Connections: context, teaching and teachers' work lives; New Realilties of Secondary Teachers' Work Lives
The use of Information Communication Technology to strengthen practicum experiences; Technology and Teaching
The work lives of teachers in England and Tasmania: Australia. A cross-cultural study of early years and primary level teachers; The International Journal of Learning
There's many a slip 'tween cup and lip ... A case study of educational policy implementation in a changing context; AARE-NZARE Conference 1999
Time as a Resoouce and Constraint in teachers' Work Lives; American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Too much pushed by people who don't understand - The impact of educational change on Australian teachers' working lives; American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting
Traditional Attitudes and Contemporary Experiences: Teachers and Educational Change; Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education and Development
Under 'Constant Bombardment': Work Intensification and the Teachers' Role; Teaching: Professionalisation, Development and Leadership
University of Tasmania (BAVE program); The effectiveness of models of flexible provision of Higher Education
University teaching: What's at stake for Senior Administrators and Academics in Vietnam; 18th Improving Student Learning Symposium
Up-close and personal: teachers' responses to an individualised professional learning opportunity; Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
Using the voice of teen YouTube users for Web 2.0 technology-enhanced classroom teaching; E-Learning and Social Media: Education and Citizenship for the Digital 21st Century
What are the reasons which foster and inhibit farmer and farm workforce participation in training?; 3rd Annual International Conference on Post-compulsory Education and Training Barriers and Boundaries in Adult, Vocational and Post-Compulsory Education and Training
Windows on Successful Practice: Innovations in Science, Maths and Technology Education
Workloads of Government school teachers and allied educators in Tasmania: A report commissioned by the Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch
Youth and unemployment: Educational pathways or tracks that lead nowhere; Learning Communities, Regional Sustainability and the Learning Society

Research Projects

Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia; Australian National Training Authority (ANTA)
Research project for Australian Professional Development Council; Australian Principals Associations Professional Development Council (APAPDC)
Teaching competencies-implementation in the classroom; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Youth and Community Outcomes from Community-based Learning Programs in Rural Schools: A Measurement Framework; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
'What's the Real Deal?': An evaluation
AITSL consultancy
Evaluation of Spring Aboard
Extending Regional and Rural High School to Year 11 and 12 - a Formative Evaluation
Kiribati Education Sector Program
Knowledge, Attitudes and Experiences of 14 - 17 Year Old Tasmanians with Respect to Gambling
Research into workloads of government school teachers and allied educators in Tasmania

Research Candidate Supervision

"I Thought I Was Reasonably Good At Teaching Maths"- The Link Between Principles of Practice Teacher Actions and Supportive Classroom Reflection
"Things Are Always Changing"- Investigating Tasmanian Early Childhood Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching
'Death by a Thousand Cuts' - A History of the Tasmanian Essential Learnings Curriculum 2000-06
A Co-constructivist Approach to Learning and Teaching Writing Skills for University Students for whom English is an Additional Language- A Focus on Meta-Cognitive and Pedagogical Perspectives on Students' Perceptions
A Decade of Strategic Management Changes in New Zealand Polytechnics (1990-1999)
Affective Outcomes for Students and Hosts Participating in School-Sponsored Workplace Learning
An Analysis of the Evolution of the Hydro-electric Corporation- A Case Study in Organisational Change
An Analysis of Time-use Patterns of Primary School Teachers in Tasmania
An evaluation of accounting courses in higher education. A cross-cultural study
An evaluation of nutrition education in outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs in Victoria
An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Business Simulation Course at Payap University
An Exploration of Participatory Dynamics in a Middle-School Architectural Redevelopment Project
Any Bodies Out There? Educating the Posthuman
Beyond Leadership- Extending the Knowledge Dimension
Challenging the Challenge of Student Behaviour- The Construction of Teacher Resilience in the Primary Classroom
Community action, change and learning
Dilemmas and Challenges- The Principalship of Small Tasmanian Schools.
Education and Training, stratigic planning and organizational performance in disability based organizations
Educative leadership in chaotic conditions - lesson sfrom third world challenges and first world indigenous communities
Effect of Monounsaturated fat in the Diet on the Serum Carotenoid Levels
Effective University Leadership - Attributes, Behaviours, Challenges and Development- Key Predictors of Performance
Ethics in management
Evaluation of the new graduate diploma of midwifery at University of Tasmania
Examination of the Structure, Processes and Circumstances through which Graduate Attributes can be Developed in the Higher Education Sector
Expanding the Professional Knowledge Base of Beginning Teachers- The Influence of Differentiated Employment Experience on the Development of Competency in Teaching
Factors influencing small business training
Gifted and talented- Study of the nature of giftedness in musical performance and the perceptions of music teachers in this area
Growing the University's Funding Through Philanthropy- An Australian and a Malaysian Case Study
Health and Physical Education- Understanding and practices of Tasmanian School based personnel.
How can the Capacity for Learning in General Practice be Increased? A Mixed Methods Research Project
Human Resource Issues Associated with the Development of Call Centres
Human resource management in Indonesia
Identification of the type of training undertaken by farmers and the outcomes of that training
Identifying Links and Common Characteristics of Left Handed Boys Showing Atypically Low Literacy Skills and Developing Teaching Strategies to Facilitate Their Learning.
Improving Learning Outcomes of University Students Through Writing
Improving relief teaching effectiveness- an examination of the policies in Tasmania
Integration or transformation? A cross-national study of information and communication technology in school education
Key Factors in the Use of ICT in Primary School Classrooms
Leading Quality Teaching- An Exploratory Case Study of Two Improving Australian Schools
Learning in the workplace
Learning to teach about teaching- How mentors and colleague teachers come to understand their role as teachers of teaching
Learning-by-Making- Design-build Studios at the School of Architecture at the University of Tasmania
Management structures with the secondary college and staff morale and professionalism
National Training Reform Agenda- policy formulation and associated implementation
Outcomes of business education programs, expectations of sponsors and enhanced competencies of employees
Overcoming the barriers to meeting the needs of rural, mobile and dysfunctional school age children.
Perceptions and Evaluation of Teaching in Higher Education in Vietnam- A Case Study
Permaculture curriculum for young adults in regional areas
Preconceptions of classroom management in preservice teachers
Preparedness of Teachers in Identifying and Notifying Child Abuse
Principals in remote New South Wales, Australia- The work lives of central school principals in the context of devolution reforms of the New South Wales Department of Education and Training, and social and economic changes in remote Australia
Quality Assurance in Thai Private Universities- The Possible Roles of Human Resource Development Practices
Reforming Teaching Practice in Indonesia- A case Study of the Implementation of Active Learning in Primary Schools in North Maluku
Reinventing Competency Based Management Education and Training.
Salmonellius in Tasmania with special reference to patheogeminty
Self-Assessment in General Practice Vocational Training
Stakeholder Perceptions of Prisoner Learning
Study into the effects of the intensive use of laptop computers in the classroom
Task-based learning and curriculum innovation in a Thai EFL context.
Teacher education in Paua New Guinea- Policy and Practice 1946- 1996
Teachers' Work in a Time of Major Curriculum Change
Teaching Strategies used by Informal Teachers- Exploration of use and development of an explanatory model
Teaching the teachers- an examination of an inservice programmne and its effects in the classroom
The Challenge of declining laboratory facilities and increasing students cohorts-First year students perceptions of the use of online microbiology practicals to supplemnt face to face laboratory sessions
The Construction of Secondary English Literacy in the New Australian National Curriculum
The development and implementation of quality assurance policies and procedures in the higher education sector in Australia and Malaysia- Two Case Studies
The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Teaching/Learning Model in Design and Technology Education- The VALUED Model
The Effectiveness of the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) Inspection Process in England as an Accountability Mechanism and its influence upon Whole School Improvement in English Maintained Schools
The establishment, operation and subsequent closure of the Bougainville Copper Mine- A Case Study in International Management
The HR function in Australia- Supports & barriers to stategic HRM integration
The identification of factors which contribute to the success of Migrant Resource Centres, an exploratory study.
The impact of educational change on the dynamics of teachers' working lives and their dispositions toward further change
The Impact of Internet Marketing on Pooled Interdependent Australian Sporting Organisations- A Study of the Effects of Internet Marketing Practice and its Relationship with Revenue and Costs Associated with an Online Presence
The impact of Teacher Relocation on Teacher Expertise and Teaching Quality
The implications on teachers due to the introduction of team teaching
The nature of people's shared human values, their fundamental human need satisfying activities and social capital within an organisational learning and change environment.
The perceived influence of strengths-based approaches on children's learning behaviours
The place of Educational Drama in Workplace and Vocational Training
The Teaching Experience - A Comparative Study of the Career Expectations of Pre-service Teachers to the Actual Experience After One Year of Employment
To Explore the Influence of Characteristics of Social Capital in the Family Unit Upon the Literacy Learning Process of Students on the Northwest of Tasmania
To identify the characteristics of teachers working successfully with children who have extreme behavioural difficulties.
To what extent does the cultural context affect the way teachers operate in classrooms
Unlocking the Potential of Learning Communities in Academic and Business Contexts- Australian and Chinese Case Studies
What Impact Does The Implementation of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support Have on Teachers' Perception of Their Efficacy, Attribution of Problem Behaviour and Their Perceived Capacity to Influence General School Climate?
When System Demands Meet Site Realities in High-stakes Literacy Testing- A Tasmanian Education Case Study
Whither Rural Industries? Their Influence on the Education Debate