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Researcher: Elliott, KJ (Dr Kate-Ellen Elliott)

Fields of Research

Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology
Aged Health Care
Health and Community Services
Public Health and Health Services
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy
Residential Client Care
Health Promotion
Aged Care Nursing
Oncology and Carcinogenesis
Health Care Administration
Family Care
Health Policy
Mental Health
Industrial and Organisational Psychology
Clinical Nursing: Primary (Preventative)
Communications Technologies
Computer-Human Interaction

Research Objectives

Health and Support Services
Health Related to Ageing
Neurodegenerative Disorders Related to Ageing
Cancer and Related Disorders
Carer Health
Health Education and Promotion
Behaviour and Health
Health Policy Evaluation
Learner and Learning Processes
Mental Health Services
Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences
Learner and Learning Achievement
Palliative Care
Occupational Health
Application Tools and System Utilities
Education and Training
Public Health (excl. Specific Population Health)
Child Health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Bringing the outside world in': Enriching social connection through health student placements in a teaching aged care facility; Health Expectations
A Measure of Occupational Communion to Inform the Design and Evaluation of Dementia Care Workforce Development Interventions; 2015 IPA International Congress – Berlin
A new standard in dementia knowledge measurement: comparative validation of the Dementia Knowledge Assessment Scale and the Alzheimer’s Disease Knowledge Scale; Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Aged care nurses’ job control influence satisfaction and mental health; Journal of Nursing Management
Alignment between informal carers and formal dementia care workers: Perspectives on community service delivery; Alzheimer's Australia 15th National Conference - The Tiles of Life
Are passionate clinical leaders enough for excellence in Teaching Aged Care Facilities?; Australian Association of Gerontology 47th National Conference
Assessment and management of chronic respiratory conditions in frail older adults
Beyond the numbers: On the road to achieving public value in community support organisations; Society for Health Administration Programs in Education (SHAPE) Symposium
Building capacity and resilience for the community based dementia care workforce; Aged Care Conference
Building capacity and resilience in the dementia care workforce: a systematic review of interventions targeting worker and organizational outcomes; International Psychogeriatrics
Can mature –age non-traditional students succeed in an online Bachelor of Dementia Care program?; International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) World Congress, San Francisco
Capacity Building and Resilience for the Community-Based Dementia Care Workforce
Carers' Care: A resource for carers of people with dementia [DVD - 90 minutes]; Epix Productions and UniPrint
Caring for the carer: a systematic review of pure technology-based cognitive behavioral therapy (TB-CBT) interventions for dementia carers; Aging and Mental Health
Community-based dementia carers want future workforce and organisational changes; Australian Association of Gerontology. Grey Expectations, Ageing in the 21st Century
Coproduction for sustainability: Seeking the perspectives of informal dementia carers’ on capacity building for community services; Journal of Community Psychology
Dementia care workforce project led by researchers at the Wicking Centre
Dementia knowledge assessment scale (DKAS): confirmatory factor analysis and comparative subscale scores among an international cohort; BMC Geriatrics
Dementia knowledge assessment scale: development and preliminary psychometric properties; American Geriatrics Society Journal
Dementia tsunami in aged care: can students improve residents' quality of life?; The 46th Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference
Dementia Tsunami in aged-care: can students improve residents' quality-of-life?; Australian Association of Gerontology. Grey Expectations, Ageing in the 21st Century
Dyadic profiles of adjustment and implications for interventions for couples coping with advanced prostate cancer; Psycho-Oncology and Nursing Meeting
Graduate Research Funding, University of Tasmania for attendance at 5th International Carers Conference, Leeds, UK
Health student clinical placements in aged care facilities improve quality of life for residents; Aged Care Services Tasmania State Conference
Helping people cope with advanced prostate cancer: Identifying and meeting their coping needs; 43rd Annual Conference of the Australian Psychological Society
Helping People Cope with Advanced Prostate Cancer: Identifying and Meeting their Unmet Coping Needs
Interdisciplinary innovation in aged care: the Wicking Teaching Aged Care Facility program; IAGG 2017
Jim Bacon Foundation Award for Treatment in Cancer [Awarded $10,000]
Leisure time activities and mental health in informal dementia caregivers; Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being
Lessons from a multi-strategic program to promote appropriate sedative use in residential aged care facilities; 14th National Conference of Emerging Researchers in Ageing
Lessons from a multi-strategic program to promote appropriate sedative use in residential aged care facilities; 14th National Conference of Emerging Researchers in Ageing
Online Learning and Aspirations in the Bachelor of Dementia Care degree; Aspirations Matter 2014
Perspectives of the community-based dementia care workforce: 'occupational communion' a key finding from the Work 4 Dementia Project; International Psychogeriatrics
Prioritising the development of paramedic students’ interpersonal skills; Journal of Paramedic Practice
Profiles of dyadic adjustment for advanced prostate cancer to inform couple-based intervention; Psychology and Health
Psychology of Ageing
Re-thinking psychological services in residential aged care settings; The 49th Australian Association of Gerontology's National Conference: Re-imagining our future: Capitalising on the ageing dividend
Residents with mild cognitive decline and family members report health students 'enhance capacity of care' and bring 'a new breath of life' in two aged care facilities in Tasmania; Health Expectations
Stress and coping of Australian community-based aged and dementia care employees; 4th International Wellbeing at Work Conference
Teaching Aged Care Facilities: Creating strong WIL opportunities and benefits; WIL 2020: Pushing the boundaries – 2016 ACEN National Conference
Teaching and Research Aged Care Services in Australia: Wicking Teaching Aged Care Facilities Program; IPA International Psychogeriatric Association International Congress
The role of the carer workforce in delivering quality care; 2nd Annual Dementia Strategy Summit
The Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre – Paving the way forward in online dementia education; Teaching Matters 2014 – Places and Spaces
Two UTAS researchers secure share of Commonwealth funding for dementia projects
We are not all coping: a cross-sectional investigation of resilience in the dementia care workforce; Health Expectations
What palliative care means for students in the Bachelor of Dementia Care; 49th APS Annual Conference: Psychology meeting society's challenges
What should we know about dementia in the 21st Century? A Delphi consensus study; BMC Geriatrics
Who Knows, Who Cares? Dementia knowledge among nurses, care workers, and family members of people living with dementia; Journal of Palliative Care
Work4Dementia: Development of an evidence-based intervention to build capacity and resilience for the Australian dementia care workforce. Rapid Fire Presentation; NNIDR Australian Dementia Forum

Research Projects

Australian aged and dementia care employees' adjustment in the face of high job demands: extending the Work4Demenita Project; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Carers CARE (Mobile App) to assist dementia carers coping resilience; Tasmanian Community Fund (TasCF)
Clinical Redesign of respiratory pathways in residential aged care; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Dementia-related presentations at the Royal Hobart Hospital - A pilot program for redesigning state-wide clinical care pathways involving Tasmanian residential aged care facilities (RACFs) and their c; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Enhancing Psychology Placements in Aged Care Project; Faculty of Health UTAS (FHUTAS)
Optimising Respiratory Care in Dementia (ORCID): an educational program for carers; Dementia Collaborative Research Centre (DCRC)
Work4Dementia: Development of an evidence-based intervention to build capacity and resilience for the Australian dementia care workforce; National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Research Candidate Supervision