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Researcher: McCormack, T (Professor Tim McCormack)

Fields of Research

Human Rights Law
International Relations
International Law (excl. International Trade Law)
British History
European History (excl. British, Classical Greek and Roman)

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in Law and Legal Studies
Justice and the Law
International Relations
Criminal Justice
Understanding Europe's Past

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Australia's War Crimes Trials 1945-1951; Brilll Nijhoff
Australian Red Cross leadership in the promotion of international humanitarian law; International Review of the Red Cross
Australiaís Unresolved War Crimes Challenge; So You Want to be a Leader?: Influential People Reveal How to Succeed in Public Life
Challenges in Applying Article 8 of the Rome Statute; For the Sake of Present and Future Generations: Essays on International Law, Crime and Justice in Honour of Roger S. Clark
Chemical weapons and other atrocities: contrasting responses to the Syrian crisis; International Law Studies
Conflict characterisation; Routledge Handbook of the Law of Armed Conflict
Emerging technologies of warfare; Routledge Handbook of the Law of Armed Conflict
Jurisdiction of the Australian Military Courts 1945-51; Australia's War Crime Trials 1945-1951
Law in the Virtual Battlespace: The Tallin Manual and the Jus in Bello; Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 2012
Mind the Gap: Can Developers of Autonomous Weapons Systems be Liable for War Crimes?; International Law Studies
Regulating the use of unmanned combat vehicles: Are general principles of International Humanitarian Law sufficient?; Journal of Law and Information Science
The Australian War Crimes Trials 1945-1951; Australia's War Crime Trials 1945-1951
The Public Commission to Examine the Maritime Incident of 31 May 2010: The Turkel Commission Second Report, Israelís Mechanisms for Examining and Investigating Complaints and Claims of Violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict According to International Law: Australian Law and Practice Relevant to Investigation and Prosecution of LOAC Violations
Were the Australian Trials Fair?; Australia's War Crime Trials 1945-1951
Who's afraid of the International Criminal Court; Who's afraid of international law?

Research Projects

An erosion of humanity? Attempts to constrain war in the modern period; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

Forced Marriage as a Crime Against Humanity- Its Genesis, Viability and Future
Vaulting Ambition- The Case Against Universal Criminal Jurisdiction