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Researcher: Bell, EJ (Associate Professor Erica Bell)

Fields of Research

Health Policy
Health and Community Services
Primary Health Care
Medicine, Nursing and Health Curriculum and Pedagogy
Public Health and Health Services
Community Child Health
Residential Client Care
Educational Administration, Management and Leadership
Education Assessment and Evaluation
Rural Sociology
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Health Promotion
Medical and Health Sciences
Aged Health Care
Secondary Education
Education Systems
Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Preventive Medicine
Aged Care Nursing
Health Information Systems (incl. Surveillance)
History and Philosophy of Education
Australian Literature (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Literature)
Mental Health
Health Care Administration
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
English and Literacy Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)
Comparative and Cross-Cultural Education
Higher Education
Environmental Management
Geriatrics and Gerontology
Mathematics and Numeracy Curriculum and Pedagogy
Learning Sciences
Applied Sociology, Program Evaluation and Social Impact Assessment
Creative Writing (incl. Playwriting)
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Family Care
Counselling, Welfare and Community Services
Care for Disabled
Specialist Studies in Education
Nutrition and Dietetics
Clinical Nursing: Primary (Preventative)
Social and Community Psychology
Family and Household Studies
Health Counselling
Environment Policy
Social Policy
Sociology of Education
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Social Change
Public Policy
Human Resources Management
Urban and Regional Studies (excl. Planning)

Research Objectives

Health Policy Evaluation
Education and Training Systems
Rural Health
Environmental Health
Child Health
Evaluation of Health Outcomes
Dental Health
Climate Change Adaptation Measures
Health Education and Promotion
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Allied Health Therapies (excl. Mental Health Services)
Oro-Dental Disorders
Neurodegenerative Disorders Related to Ageing
Substance Abuse
Health Related to Ageing
Public Health (excl. Specific Population Health)
Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Families and Family Services
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Health Status and Outcomes
Ageing and Older People
Social Impacts of Climate Change and Variability
Education and Training
Syllabus and Curriculum Development
Children's/Youth Services and Childcare
Health Inequalities
Justice and the Law
Behaviour and Health
Moral and Social Development (incl. Affect)
Ethnicity, Multiculturalism and Migrant Development and Welfare
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Determinants of Health
Food Safety
Mental Health
Climate Variability (excl. Social Impacts)
Preventive Medicine
Women's Health
Natural Hazards
Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences
Health and Support Services
Social Structure and Health
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
Employment Patterns and Change
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Learner and Learning Processes
Occupational Health
Professions and Professionalisation
Palliative Care

Career Best Publications

'States of mind': A best practice framework for Women's Immediate Emergency Accommodation SAAP services in Tasmania working with children aged 0-5 exposed to domestic violence
'The learning tree': An evidence-based model of a residential service for youth aged 12-18 with drug issues
Climate Change: could it help develop 'adaptive expertise'?; Advances in Health Sciences Education
Climate change: is Australian rural and remote medical education and training ready for the age of consequences?; National Rural Health Conference
Readying health services for climate change: a policy framework for regional development; American Journal of Public Health
Research for Health Policy; Oxford University Press

Research Publications

'Breakfree' Evaluation Report 2009 (Launceston, Clarence, North West Tasmania)
'Breakfree' Interim Report
'Breakfree': a rural community based crime prevention program for young women
'Dead in the water': is rural violent crime prevention floating face-down because criminology can't handle context?; Crime Prevention and Community Safety
'Safe From The Start' Evaluation Report
'States of mind' - developing a policy framework for emerging accommodation services and children exposed to domestic violence; Rural Child Health: International Aspects
'States of mind': A best practice framework for Women's Immediate Emergency Accommodation SAAP services in Tasmania working with children aged 0-5 exposed to domestic violence
'The learning tree': An evidence-based model of a residential service for youth aged 12-18 with drug issues
'Us and Them': Does rural health education create unwilling practitioners; 9th National Rural Health Conference
A comparative analysis of policies addressing rural oral health in eight English-speaking OECD countries; Rural and Remote Health
A method for assessing community flood management knowledge for vulnerable groups: Australia's 2010–2011 floods; Community Development Journal
A new model for evaluation of unusual cases in hospital performance?: Quali-Quantitative Analysis (QQA); The 2006 Biennial Health Conference: Exploring and Debating Acute Care Provision
A new model for health research that speaks to policy-makers and practitioners?: Quali-Quantative analysis; 'Optimising Impact' 2006 General Practice & Primary Health Care Research Conference
A Tasmanian framework for benchmarking the achievement of health policy goals for chronic disease ('Connecting Care')
Aboriginal Financial Literacy: Developing a whole-of-service approach
Accounting for the humanities; Foucault Meets Dawkins: Governmentality and the Humanities
Adult literacy: 'whole-of-service' policy and practice directions
An Analysis of the Critical Friends Discussion List
An Analysis of the New Basics Discussion List
An analysis of the Trial Schools Discussion List
An evidence-based framework to measure quality of allied health care; Health Research Policy and Systems
An Interview with John Tranter; Southerly
Assessment of higher order thinking skills: A discussion of the data from the 2001 random sampling exercise and a workshop for teachers
Assumptions and Origins of Competency-based Assessment: New challenges for teachers
Best Practice in Using Evidence for Health Policy; Translational Research for Primary Healthcare
Best practice in using evidence for health policy: do we know what it is?; International Public Health Journal
Building Community capacity for 'At Risk' Children: Practice and Policy directions for South-East Tasmania
Building policy and service theory from nursing home inspection results: Qualitative Comparative Analysis; International Journal on Disability and Human Development
Certification for All: Report of the Working Party on the Certification of the Achievements of all Post-compulsory School Students, Including Students with Special Needs
Changing Populations and Changing Results: Gender Differences in Senior Studies 1987-95
Civitas: Participative research in the formation of Queensland school-based assessment 1970-1998; AARE 1998 Adelaide Conference
Climate Change and Australian Agriculture: A Review of the Threats Facing Rural Communities and the Health Policy Landscape; Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health
Climate change and health research: has it served rural communities?; Rural and Remote Health
Climate change and primary health care: towards better regional health impact and risk assessments; National Rural Health Conference
Climate change and primary healthcare: towards better health impact assessments; National Rural Health Conference
Climate Change and Rural Child Health; Nova Science Publishers Inc
Climate change health impact and risk assessment tool: a pilot implementation project
Climate change health impact and risk assessment tool: a pilot implementation project Final report - April 2012
Climate Change: could it help develop 'adaptive expertise'?; Advances in Health Sciences Education
Climate change: how can primary health care practitioners and researchers make a bigger difference?; 2010 Primary Health Care Research Conference
Climate change: How scientism has neutralised health policy effectiveness for rural communities; Journal of Rural Studies
Climate change: how will it affect family practices?; 19th WONCA World Conference of Family Doctors
Climate change: is Australian rural and remote medical education and training ready for the age of consequences?; National Rural Health Conference
Climate change: what competencies and which medical education and training approaches?; BMC Medical Education
Climate Change: what will it mean for education and training for rural and remote doctors?; Rural Medicine Australia 2010
Climate change: where to for rural and remote family practice education and training?; Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference
Communicating the Student Education Profile
Communities for Children: a rural whole-of-community capacity building project
Comparability of Assessment in Mathematics (Phase one)
Creating 'the rural pathway': Australia's University Departments of Rural Health and Rural Clinical Schools; International Journal of Child Health and Human Development
Cultural translation of a domestic violence intervention for small children: Key policy and practice directions; International Journal on Disability and Human Development
Data mining and dendograms: Some possibilities for using 21st computational linguistics to reinvent oral health research; 6th International Meeting: The Dental Biostats Conference
Delivering powerful evidence for health policy: medical practitioners can do it; Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference
Dementia tsunami in aged care: can students improve residents' quality of life?; The 46th Australian Association of Gerontology National Conference
Dental practitioner rural work movements: A systematic review; 2013 Primary Health Care Research Conference
Dental practitioners: Rural work movements
Designing curriculum, teaching and assessment for a climate-changing world; ANZAME09 Bridging Professional Islands
Developing 'policy stories' for state health system benchmarking: a small-N quali-quantitative study; International Journal on Disability and Human Development
Developing rural community health risk assessments for climate change: a Tasmanian pilot study; Rural and Remote Health
Diabetes Risk Factor Reduction Project
Do written mandatory accreditation standards for residential care positively model learning organizations? Textual and critical discourse analysis; International Journal of Nursing Studies
Domestic Violence and Small Children; International Journal of Child Health and Human Development
Dransfield and the Myth of Logical Priority; Scripsi
Elements of Effective Curriculum Evaluation: An analysis of a Queensland model of curriculum evaluation; Framing the Future
Engaging students in literacy learning in post-compulsory schooling
Ethics and Holistic Healthcare Practice; International Journal of Child Health and Human Development
Evaluating of the Parenting Practices Programs in Northern Tasmania
Evaluation of Literacy and Numeracy Study Area Specification
Evaluation of Marine and Aquatic Practices Study Area Specification
Evaluation of the Parenting Partners Programs in Clarence Tasmania
Evaluations of Study Area Specifications
Evidence in clinical reasoning: a computational linguistics analysis of 789,712 medical case summaries 1983–2012; BMC Medical Information and Decision Making
Falls prevention: Evidence into practice
Foreseeing and managing the health risks of climate change: a translational pilot project for local government; Local government in transition
Foreseeing and Planning for the Health and Community Well-Being Effects of Climate Change in Rural and Regional Local Government Areas; ACELG Local Government Researchers' Forum
Foreseeing the health effects of climate change in rural communities: A translational research approach; Climate Adaptation in Action 2012
Forseeing and Managing the Health Effects of Climate Change; Creating Healthy Sustainable Societies Conference
General Practice: Does it need a translational research model for better quality assurance?; Leadership and Practice Development in Health
General Practitioners' responses to global climate change - lessons from clinical experience and the clinical method; Asia Pacific Family Medicine
Global Hype or Hope?: Why Quali-Quantitative Analysis (QQA) could revolutionise Healthy Ageing Research, Policy, and Practice; 3rd International Conference on Healthy Ageing and Longevity
Great 21st Century debates about the usefulness of research: can they help rural research?; Rural Society
Guidelines for Assessment Quality and Equity
Health adaptation policy for climate change: Global and national deficits, local rural disadvantage; Climate adaptation in action
Health adaptation policy for climate vulnerable groups: A 'critical computational linguistics' analysis; BMC Public Health
Healthy aging: can clinical trials deliver?; Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
Human genetic databanks in Australia: indications of inconsistency and confusion; New Genetics and Society
Influencing Holistic Health Policy; TSW Holistic Health and Medicine
Innovating Community Engagement in Rural Health: A Quali-quantitative Research Method; Health and Well-Being: A Social and Cultural Perspective
Inquiry into adult dental services to identify priorities for Commonwealth funding
Issues and Practices in Deciding Competency: A discussion paper
Keynote address: What learners need for the future; Queensland State Conference of the National Association of Post-Compulsory Educators
Language and Equity: A Discussion Paper for Writers of School-Based Assessment Instruments
Latest climate science: extreme weather and the social consequences of climate change; Australian Climate Action Summit
Local Government Reform – Just re-arranging the deck chairs on the SS Federation?; ACELG Local Government Researchers' Forum
Making Subject Choices
MDG7 and the family doctor: If not us, then who?; 19th WONCA World Conference of Family Doctors
Measuring the impact of local government research; ACELG Local Government Researchers' Forum
Methods for Benchmarking: comparing standards in different contexts
Multiple Regression Analysis: OPs and Levels of Achievement
New Researchers in the Humanities; Meanjin
Non clinical rural and remote competencies: Can they be defined?; Focus on Health Professional Education
Nursing identity and patient-centredness in scholarly health services research: a computational text analysis of PubMed abstracts 1986–2013; BMC Health Services Research
Oral health in Tasmania
Oral Health Policy and Rural Disadvantage: An International comparative Study; IADR-APR 2013
Oral health policy: International implications for Australia. Final Report
Oral health policy: What does it do for rural and remote communities?; 'Totally Wild'
Oral health research vs oral health policy: lost in translation?; 2nd Annual NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Symposium
Plain cigarette packaging: A policy analysis of Australia's integrated “whole-of-system” model for smoking cessation; Health
Policy and practice directions for a domestic and family violence intervention for small children: 'Safe from the Start'
Popular Constructions of the SEP
Postgraduate accreditation standards: what can we learn from each other? ; Genomics and Family Medicine
Practical Suggestions for Integrating Criteria-and- Standards-based Assessment with Competency-based Assessment; A resource for teachers
Preparing students for their diverse futures, particularly in rural Australia: A workshop tool for university educators in the Health Sciences ISBN 1 86295 211 6
Primary care research has nothing to offer policy makers-the great (evidence-based??) debate; 2010 Primary Health Care Research Conference
Principles for the integrity, quality, and long-term credibility of certificates of achievement
Quali-quantitative analysis: a new model for evaluation of unusual cases in hospital performance?; Australian Health Review
Quali-Quantitative Analysis: Can it help make `whole-of-patient' practices happen in falls prevention?; 2nd Australian Falls Prevention Conference
Quali-Quantitative Analysis: Why It Could Open New Frontiers for Holistic Health Practice; TSW Holistic Health & Medicine
Random Sampling of Student Folios: A Pilot Study
Readying health services for climate change: a policy framework for regional development; American Journal of Public Health
Relationship between participants’ level of education and engagement in their completion of the Understanding Dementia Massive Open Online Course; BMC Medical Education
Report of the Working Party on Certification of the Achievements of Students with Disabilities
Research capacity-building in primary health care; Translational research for primary healthcare
Research capacity-building in primary health care; Translational research for primary healthcare
Research capacity-building in primary healthcare: What works?; International Public Health Journal
Research for Health Policy; Oxford University Press
Researchers are from Venus, local government is from Mars: politics, not evidence, determines policy; Researchers' forum
Residents with mild cognitive decline and family members report health students 'enhance capacity of care' and bring 'a new breath of life' in two aged care facilities in Tasmania; Health Expectations
Reviewing Senior from a Student Perspective: A workshop for teachers
Ross Rover Virus in Tasmania in a changing climate: a vulnerability assessment
Rural Child Health; International Journal of Child Health and Human Development
Rural Child Health: International Aspects; Nova Science Publishers Incl
Rural Medical Education: Practical Strategies; Nova Science Publishers Inc
Self, meaning, and culture in service design: Using a hermeneutic technique to design a residential service for adolescents with drug issues; International Journal of Drug Policy
Self-management of chronic conditions: implications for rural physicians of a demonstration project Down Under; Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine
Service Blueprints: Can they Help Ensure the Ideals of Residential Services are not 'Lost in Translation'?; Residential Treatment for Children and Youth
Service mapping in the Brighton Municipality
Social reproduction: Socio-babble or a stronger evidence-base for rural and remote competencies?'; Practising Rural and Remote Medicine
Special Consideration: Exemption and Special Arrangements in Senior Secondary School-based Assessment
Student Participation and Student Outcomes in the Social Sciences
Student Perspectives of School and Early Leaving: Surveys of Queensland Junior and Senior Students
Studying Assessment Practices: A Resource for Teachers in Schools
Teaching complex problem-solving for rural and remote contexts: is climate change an answer?; Rural Medicine Australia 2010
The Board of Senior Secondary School Studies and research on equity, accountability, comparability and the key competencies; Queensland Journal of Educational Research
The changing oral health situation in Australia and moving towards primary oral health care; Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management
The evidence-policy divide: A 'critical computational linguistics' approach to the language of 18 health agency CEOs from 9 countries; BMC Public Health
The global financial crisis, climate change and rural child health: Where to for rural health policy?; International Public Health Journal
The Student Education Profile: Questions Students Ask About OPs and FPs: A Resource for teachers
Time, space and body in adolescent residential services: re-imagining service research; Addiction Research and Theory
Towards a new matrix: An Initial Investigation of the common curriculum elements in student work and the new curriculum
Towards a theory of service design; 4th Health Services and Policy Research Conference
Translational research for primary health care; Translational Research for Primary Healthcare
Translational Research for Primary Healthcare; Nova Science
Understanding and benchmarking health service achievement of policy goals for chronic disease; BMC Health Services Research
Understanding the research–policy divide for oral health inequality; Healthcare Policy
Using a Hermeneutic Technique to Assess Validity; Paper presented to the American Educational Research Association Conference
Utilisation of oral health services provided by non-dental health practitioners in developed countries: a review of the literature; Community Dental Health
Utilization of beds on the general medical unit by 'non acute medical' patients: a retrospective study of incidence and cost in two Tasmanian regional medical hospital units; Internal Medicine Journal
Voyage of the Shuckenoor; Glass House Books
What is primary oral care?; The 2nd International Primary Health Care Reform Conference
What is translational research?; Translational Research for Primary Healthcare
What is translational research? Background, concepts and a definition; International Public Health Journal
What might be lost by having a national curriculum?; EQ Australia
What role do rural doctors have in helping their communities adapt to a climate-changing world?; The 4th Biennial Conference of International Association for Ecology & Health
What tools help make 'whole-of-patient' practices happen?: a Tasmanian falls prevention project; Holistic Nursing Practice
What works in translating teaching practice into research?: lessons from an international rural medical education project; Teaching Matters
Why risk irrelevance? A translational research model for adolescent risk-taking data; Journal of Youth Studies
Will climate severity ever lead to climate action? Implications for adaptation policy and practice; The 4th Biennial Conference of International Association for Ecology & Health
Will primary health care become a big issue for health managers?; Australian Primary Health Care Institute (APHCRI) Centres for Research Care Symposium
Will primary oral health care become a big issue for health managers?; International Annual Congress 2012 Australasian College of Health Service Management
Writing assessment criteria that value rural practice: a resource for university educators in health sciences ISBN 1 86295 212 4
Year 10 Mathematics as a foundation: Teachers' perceptions of their students' mathematics standards on entry into Year 11 courses
You tough it out': aftercare for stroke patients
`Dead in the water'?: Why violent crime prevention research isn't working for rural communities and what to do about it; Crime in Rural Communities conference Armidale, NSW
`Just for us ladies': Intersections of gender, education, economic status and other factors affecting the success of self-management in rural contexts; 8th National Rural Health Conference
`Lost in translation'?: Developing assessment criteria that value rural practice; The International Journal of Rural and Remote Health

Research Projects

11th National Rural Health Conference - Perth, Australia, 2011; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
APHCRI Centre for Research Excellence in Primary Oral Health Care; Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI)
Climate Change Health Impact and Risk Assessment Tool: A Pilot Implementation Project; Tasmanian Climate Change Office (TCCO)
Clinical Redesign of respiratory pathways in residential aged care; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Dementia-related presentations at the Royal Hobart Hospital - A pilot program for redesigning state-wide clinical care pathways involving Tasmanian residential aged care facilities (RACFs) and their c; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Foreseeing and Managing the Health Risks of Climate Change: A Pilot Project for Rural Health; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Phase Two - Research Capacity Building Initiative (RCBI) 2006-2009; Department of Health and Ageing (DHA)
Safe from the start: A National Development and Evaluation Project; Department of Social Services (DoSS (Cwth))
Vector Borne Disease in Tasmania under Climate Change: Developing Scenarios of Risk and Vulnerability and Strategies for Building Adaptive Capacity; Tasmanian Climate Change Office (TCCO)
Adult literacy and social disadvantage: a rural whole-of-service policy and practice development approach
Communities for Children
Communities for Children: Policy directions for whole-of-service community development
Connecting Care Evaluation - Chronic disease action framework
Development of a residential rehabilitation youth service
Diabetes Risk Factor Reduction
Early intervention strategies and responses to children aged 0-5 residing in SAAP services
Evaluation of 'Safe from the Start'
Home Follow Up to Consumer Evaluation
Indigenous Financial Literacy
Parenting Partners (Evaluation)
Service Mapping of the Brighton Municipality: A tool for practitioners and policy-makers
Young Female Offenders Collaborative Action Program - 'Breakfree, a crime prevention project'

Research Candidate Supervision

An examination of health service reform and clinical process redesign- approach, method, efficacy
Changing Ethics - Changing Perceptions
Dental Practitioners- Rural Work Movements
Emotional Archaeology - Emotional literacy as an underpinning to self reflection and emotional wellbeing in teachers.
Factors Influencing Rural Tasmania's Decisions to Call or Not Call an Ambulance- New Directions for Public Health Education.
Getting the Truth- A Case-Based Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Nurses' Attitude to Safety Climate and their Views of reporting a Hypothetical Medication Error
Globalisation in rural and regional communities is acting to produce new models of disempowered parenting
Patient Directed Care- Exploring Our Lived Ethics
Primary health care in rural remote Australia- GP lead multidisciplinary teams - how have Australian Government rural health policies been put into practice?
Professional Socialisation and Identity Formation in Rural Health Education
The Changing Culture of Dementia Diagnosis
The Impact of Mental Health Cinical Traning / Education on Consumer Outcomes
The Relationship between Connectedness to Nature and the Psychological Impacts of Climate Change
To advance health communication theory and practice by investigating the ways in which metaphors are used by physiotherapists and their patients in adult osteoarthritis (OA) management consultations in the clinical context in
What changes to the scope of practice for rural paramedics would benefit Tasmanian Rural Communities?
Work Ability in an Australian Context