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Researcher: Bonham, KJ (Dr Kevin Bonham)

Fields of Research

Australian government and politics
Invertebrate biology
Biogeography and phylogeography
Wildlife and habitat management
Conservation and biodiversity
Environmental management
Biosecurity science and invasive species ecology
Musicology and ethnomusicology
Evolutionary biology
Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Terrestrial ecology
Policy and administration

Research Objectives

Government and politics
Other environmental management
Terrestrial biodiversity
Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments
Native forests
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Other plant production and plant primary products
Expanding knowledge in human society
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Assessment and management of freshwater ecosystems

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Cecilioides acicula (Müller, 1774) (Pulmonata: Ferrussachiidae), a Burrowing Land Snail Introduced to Tasmania; The Tasmanian Naturalist
Roblinella roblini (Petterd, 1879), a Rare Tasmanian Charopid Land Snail; The Tasmanian Naturalist
A little bit of Harriss and Finch . . . or musings on the 2008 Legislative Council Elections (Part 1)
A revised list of the exotic land molluscs of Tasmania; Tasmanian Naturalist
An Endemic Tasmanian Cowrie?; The Tasmanian Naturalist
Another Leg Council no-brainer
Biogeography of Tasmanian Native Land Snails
Book Review: A Systematic List of Marine Molluscs of Tasmania, by SJ Grove, RC Kershaw, BJ Smith and E Turner, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery Occasional Paper No. 8 (2006)
Cataract Gorge Fauna Tasmanian Threatened Fauna Listing Statement (draft)
Classic metapopulations are rare among common beetle species from a naturally fragmented landscape; Journal of Animal Ecology
Comparing polls and papers
Council . . . a verdict
Council: the Archer factor
Council: the post-mortem
Council: three sitting aldermen in trouble!
Council: three-way fight
Detoxing the public sphere
Diversity and abundance of some ground-dwelling invertebrates in plantation vs. native forests in Tasmania, Australia; Forest Ecology and Management
Dylan defies 'trite ideology'
Early responses of ground-active beetle assemblages to clearfelling and its alternatives at Warra, Tasmania; Old Forests, New Management Conference: Conservation and use of old-growth forests in the 21st century
Elections: a mildly biased primer
Extent of invasion of Tasmanian native vegetation by the exotic bumblebee Bombus terrestris (Apoidea: Apidae); Austral Ecology
Extinct orchid alive and well
Forest-dependent Species Persitence in the Production Forestry Landscapes of NE Tasmania: Findings from Population Viability Analyses; Joint Conference: Australian Entomological Society's 36th AGM and Scientific Conference/7th Invertebrate Biodiversity and Conservation Conference/Society of Australian Systematic Biologists
Franklin firms, Bass unclear
Greens preference Labor
Harriss and Finch (Part 2)
How Green is my Hobart?
Howard gets it, and you don't: election reflections 2004
Invertebrate Island Research
It Ain't The Economy, Stupid
Keeled Snail Coupe and Plantation Surveys
Keeled Snail Coupe Survey
Labor likely to win
Labor majority hangs by a thread
Labor solid in latest poll
Labor within striking distance
Labor's serious chance
Land Mollusca; Wildlife Report
Lennon death knell. Comment 13 on article by Sue Neales 'The rise and rise of Mr Bartlett' (The Mercury)
Lennon wins as Green vote softens
Long-term responses of mollusc assemblages to partial harvesting, wildlife habitat strip retention and wildfire; Old Forests, New Management Conference: Conservation and use of old-growth forests in the 21st century
Michael Field: A Hung Parliament
Mt Mangana Stag Beetle Range Boundary Survey
Murdochs Road Snail Sample: Fourth Sample
Murdochs Road Snail Survey: Fifth Sample
Murdochs Road/Hills Road Snail Samples: Seventh Sample - January 2008
Native Land Snails of Schouten Island, Eastern Tasmania; The Tasmanian Naturalist
Observations of the Miena jewel beetle Castiarina inscultpa (Carter, 1934) in the summer of 2012-13; Tasmanian Naturalist
Poll . . . a premature hanging?
Poll worse for Lennon than for Labor
Poll: the crucial Green vote
Proposed New Mt Wellington Track (Springs to Junction Cabin) - Snail Survey
Rare orchid found after 150 years
Recovery of orchid
Rediscovery of Corunastylis nudiscapa (Hook.f.) D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem. in Tasmania; The Tasmanian Naturalist
Schayer's Grasshopper Tasmanian Threatened Fauna Listing Statement (draft)
Single-species sampling in Tasmania: an inefficient approach to invertebrate conservation?; Invertebrate Systematics
Some things never change
Statewide poll is best. Comment 6 on article by Tom Baxter 'A Tale of Two Municipalities' (Tasmanan Times)
The Ballad of Little 'Al' (Allocharopa diversity)
The death of the Sandy Bay Right: a council wrap-up
The definitive analysis: Legislative Council elections (Pt 2)
The election that was
The Legislative Council wash-up
The Natural Party of Government
The outcome nobody predicted? . . . being a psephological overview of the 2006 state elections
The shrinking pulp mill backlash
Three very interesting Legislative Council elections
Times future (2)
University of Tasmania, postgraduate environmental science independent review of the State of the Environment Tasmania report (RPDC, 2003)
What chance Andrew Wilkie?
Why minority government matters
Why minority government matters
Why the Greens won't win Wellington
Your City Council, sorted right to left

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision