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Researcher: Harbard, JL (Ms Jane Harbard)

Fields of Research

Tree improvement (incl. selection and breeding)
Forestry management and environment
Plant developmental and reproductive biology
Forestry sciences
Community ecology (excl. invasive species ecology)
Genome structure and regulation

Research Objectives

Hardwood plantations
Other plant production and plant primary products
Harvesting and transport of forest products
Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A multiplexed set of microsatellite markers for discriminating Acacia mangium, A. auriculiformis, and their hybrid; Tree Genetics and Genomes
Are maternal and reciprocal effects important in breeding the inter-specific hybrid between Acacia auriculiformis and A. mangium?; Euphytica
Breeding polyploid varieties of acacia: Reproductive and early growth characteristics of the allotetraploid hybrid (Acacia mangium x A. auriculiformis) in comparison with diploid progenitors; Forests
Breeding polyploid varieties of tropical acacias: progress and prospects; Southern Forests
Discrimination between seedlings of Eucalyptus globulus, E. nitens and their F1 hybrid using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and foliar oil content; Silvae Genetica
Floral phenology and morphology of colchicine-induced tetraploid Acacia mangium compared with diploid A. mangium and A. auriculiformis: implications for interploidy pollination; Australian Journal of Botany
Improving controlled pollination methodology for breeding Acacia mangium Willd; New Forests: Journal of Biology, Biotechnology, and Management of Afforestation and Reforestation
Occurrence of polyploidy in populations of Acacia dealbata in south-eastern Tasmania and cytotypic variation in reproductive traits; Australian Journal of Botany
Pollen-pistil interactions between autotetraploid and diploid Acacia mangium and diploid A. auriculiformis; Journal of Tropical Forest Science
Potential pollen vectors of the mass flowering tree Acacia dealbata, within its natural range in southern Tasmania; Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
Production of colchicine-induced autotetraploids as a basis for sterility breeding in Acacia mangium Willd; Forestry
Reduced fertility in triploids of Acacia auriculiformis and its hybrid with A. mangium; Euphytica
Seed development following reciprocal crossing among autotetraploid and diploid Acacia mangium and diploid A. auriculiformis; Australian Journal of Botany
Tetraploid induction of Acacia crassicarpa using colchicine and oryzalin; Journal of Tropical Forest Science
The breeding systems of diploid and neoautotetraploid clones of Acacia mangium Willd. in a synthetic sympatric population in Vietnam; Sexual Plant Reproduction

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision