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Researcher: Hiller, CJ (Dr Claire Hiller)

Fields of Research

Secondary Education
Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Education Systems
Specialist Studies in Education
Learning Sciences
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Primary Education (excl. Maori)
Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators

Research Objectives

Education and Training Systems
Education and Training
Education and Training Systems Policies and Development
Gender Aspects of Education

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Action for Disadvantage
Action for disadvantage: A good example of school and university collaboration; Education Australia
Constructions of Pedagogy and Masculinity within Teachers' Discourses; Proceedings of the International Conference on Critical Discourse Analysis: Theory into Research
Don't Bet on the Prince: Girls and the Romance Genre; Education Australia
Flying Strart Program
Gendered Readings: Moving Towards a Pedagogy of Transformation; International Conference on Critical Discourse Analysis: Theory into Research
Girls and their Images; Education alternatives : the newsletter for concerned educators
Linking Classrooms to the World
Multiple Success Indicators; Directions in Education
Profiling the Picture Book; English in Australia
Rapport in the classroom: Problems and strategies; Critical literacy: Theories and Practices
Sexuality Education: Schools & the morning after; Directions
Whose Knowledge Gets Constructed in the Learning Process?; Lifelong learning: Literacy, schooling and the adult world

Research Projects

NLLIA-TAS Adult Literacy Research Network Node; Language Australia (LA)

Research Candidate Supervision

'Tripping' on the Light Fantastic- The embodiment of ability, making it safe to assume/create an 'inclusve' future.
Adolescence, Sense of Identity and Risk Taking Amongst Female Students in a Senior Secondary School in Tasmania
An examination of the tensions encountered by Male Primary School Teachers.
Any Bodies Out There? Educating the Posthuman
Challenging the Challenge of Student Behaviour- The Construction of Teacher Resilience in the Primary Classroom
Effective change management in education
Experienced Tasmanian Teachers of Literacy and their Classrooms- Three Critical Ethnographies
Gender, Education, Achievement and Agency
Leadership succession- preparation for the principalship in Tasmanian government schools
Literature, Critical Literacy and Transformational Pedagogies Transformation in the English Classroom Through Text.
Moving Towards a Parrhesiastic Pedagogy
Post-School Outcomes for "The Island" Students and their views on place and identity- Year 10 to Year 11 Transition in a rurally remote area
Potent fictions- student's literacy, teacher's prdagogy and the challenge of popular culture
Reconstructing English Teacher's Pedagogy; Engaging Alienated Youth in Literacy
Repositioning Secondary English Pre-service Teachers as Bricoleurs
Sexual Health Issues in Adolescents- An Examination of the Discourses of Sexuality Within Health Education
Synoptic reflection as an element of teacher competency
The Construction of Secondary English Literacy in the New Australian National Curriculum
The Intersection of Socialisation, Curriculum & Educational Practice- Implications For Gendered Occupation Selection.
To Explore the Influence of Characteristics of Social Capital in the Family Unit Upon the Literacy Learning Process of Students on the Northwest of Tasmania
Transforming the Environment through Transformational Education- engaging students in natural resource management.
When System Demands Meet Site Realities in High-stakes Literacy Testing- A Tasmanian Education Case Study
Willendorf Readings- Post/Linguistic Praxis for Education
Windows and Mirrors- Stories of professional practice viewed through the lens of educational drama