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Researcher: Dittmann, J (Mr Justin Dittmann)

Fields of Research

Cellular nervous system
Cell neurochemistry
Central nervous system
Behavioural neuroscience

Research Objectives

Clinical health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Disruption of leptin signalling in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease; Metabolic Brain Disease
Excitotoxin-induced caspase-3 activation and microtubule disintegration in axons is inhibited by taxol; Acta Neuropathologica Communications
Metallothionein induces a regenerative reactive astrocyte phenotype via JAK/STAT and RhoA signalling pathways ; Experimental Neurology: A Journal of Neuroscience Research
Mid-life environmental enrichment increases synaptic density in CA1 in a mouse model of Aβ-associated pathology and positively influences synaptic and cognitive health in healthy ageing; Journal of Comparative Neurology
Neuron-astrocyte signalling regulates astrocytic expression of neuroprotective metallothionein protein following neuronal injury; Asia-Pacific Society for Neurochmistry
Neuron-glia interaction and metallothionein expression in a culture model of axonal injury; The Australian Neuroscience Society
Redefining the role of metallothionein within the injured brain: extracellular metallothioneins play an important role in the astrocyte-neuron response to injury; Journal of Biological Chemistry

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision