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Researcher: Newell, CJ (Associate Professor Christopher Newell)

Fields of Research

Primary health care
Health and community services
Medical ethics
People with disability
Communications engineering
Ethical theory
Health services and systems
Communication and media studies
Health promotion
Medical biotechnology
Health care administration
Applied ethics
Other education
Information systems
Acute care
Other philosophy and religious studies
Human information interaction and retrieval
Other information and computing sciences
Christian studies
Screen and media culture
Health counselling
Educational counselling
Specialist studies in education
Mental health services
Other Indigenous studies
Education assessment and evaluation
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development

Research Objectives

Other health
Ability and disability
Mobile technologies and communications
Other education and training
Other information and communication services
Palliative care
Social ethics
Other culture and society
Health education and promotion
Pacific Peoples community services
The media
Legal processes
Government and politics
Health policy evaluation
Women's and maternal health
Professions and professionalisation

Career Best Publications

Critical Reflections on Disability, Difference and the New Genetics; Goodbye Normal Gene
Digital Disability: The Social Construction of Disability in New Media; Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc
Disability in Australia: exposing a social apartheid; UNSW Press
Ethical and legal issues in General Practice; General Practice in Australia:2004
Uniting the nation? Disability, stem cells, and the Australian media; Disability & Society

Research Publications

'We went through psychological hell': a case report of prenatal diagnosis; Nursing Ethics
1981 and the rise of the Australian disability rights movement
A Vision for the Future; Australian Cerebal Palsy Association National Conference
Abortion and Health Care Chaplaincy in Australia; Journal of Religion and Health
Access to Opportunity or Oppression? An Australian Policy Analysis of the Ethics of the Cochlear Implant; Interaction
An End to Disabling Policies? Toward Enlightened Universal Service; The Information Society
An Ethics Core Curriculum for Australasian Medical Schools; Medical Journal of Australia
Australian Journal of Communication; Australian Journal of Communication
Beyond Pious Platitudes: Values, Spirituality and Curriculum; Values in Education
Bioethical Issues and Health Care Chaplaincy in Australia; Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy
Biomedicine, Genetics and Disability: Reflections on Nursing and a Philosophy of Holism; Nursing Ethics
Book Review - D Gibson et al (eds) Australia's Welfare 1995: Services and Assistance; Australian Disability Review
Book Review - V A Conley (ed) Rethinking Technologies; Prometheus
Book review: 'Involving the public in NHS, Public Health and Social Care research: briefing notes for researchers' Roger Steel editor; Health Expectations
Book Reviews: Caring about health; Nursing Ethics
Church Schools and Values; ETHOS - A Journal of Global Ethics
Codes of Clergy Ethics; St Mark's Review
Commonsense and the 'doing' of supported care: a case study; Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability
Communicating Disability: What's the matter with Internet Studies?; 2002 ANZCA Conference
Competition policy and consumers - Editorial; The Australian Health Consumer
Consumer and community participation in the medical curriculum: values in action; Mind the Gaps
Consumer Reflections on the Disability Discrimination Act; Australian Disability Review
Consumer rights in the Electronic Age - Editorial; The Australian Health Consumer
Consumers and Telstra: consultation a decade down the track
Content and Context: User Centered Reflections on Technologically Mediated Interaction; Smart Internet Technology CRC Annual Partner Conference
Converging communications at the consumer crossroads; Telecommunications Journal of Australia
Cripples, coons, fags and fems
Crippling Competition: Critical Reflections on Disability and Australian Telecommunications Policy; Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy
Crippling Paralympics? Media, Disability and Olympism; Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy
Critical Reflections on Disability, Difference and the New Genetics; Goodbye Normal Gene
Critical reflections on euthanasia and people with disability; Australian Quarterly
Debates Regarding Governance: a disability perspective; Disability and Society
Digging for Disability; Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy
Digital Disability: The Social Construction of Disability in New Media; Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc
Disability and Chronic Illness: A Lived Experience; Doctorates Downunder: Keys to Effective Supervision in Australia and New Zealand
Disability in Australia: exposing a social apartheid; UNSW Press
Disability in education: context, curriculum and culture; Australian College of Educators
Disability's Affect: Or, Refugees, Communication and Community; Southern Review
Disability, bioethics, and rejected knowledge; Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
Disability, identity and interdependence: ICTs and new social forms; Information, Communication & Society
Disability, spirituality and pastoral care; New Zealand Journal of Disability Studies
Disability, Technology and Representation: Twenty Years of Disabling Telecommunications; Disability with Attitude
Disability: A Voice in Australian Bioethics?; New Zealand Bioethics Journal
Disabled E-Nation: Telecommunications, Disability and National Policy; Prometheus
Disabling Cell Phones; The Cell Phone Reader: Essays in Social Transformation
Disabling consultation? A report card from the disability sector; Communications Update
Disabling Health Systems; Interaction
Discussion Papers on Effective Consumer Input and Employment
Don't talk about me...like I'm not here: disability in Australian national cinema; Metro
Easing towards dying: significant essays
Economic Rationalsim and the Cost Efficiency of Hospital Chaplaincy: An Australian Study; Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy
Editorial Comment: Individual Actions or Social Issues? Towards Ethical Biotech Futures in a Civil Society; Nursing Ethics
Embracing Cancer: A Conversation of Theology, Health, and Ethics; Journal of Religion, Disability and Health
Encountering Oppression: The Emergence of the Australian Disability Rights Movement; Social Alternatives
Ethical and legal issues in General Practice; General Practice in Australia:2004
Ethics in Residential Care: A Journey of Discovery; Ministry Society and Theology
Euthanasia and Hospital Chaplaincy in Australia; Interface
Euthanasia, Disability and Christian Ethics: A Clash of Cultures?; That Our Joy May Be Complete
Exploring Notions of Quality and Ethics for Consumers with Disabilities: An Australian Pilot Study of General Practitioners and People with Disability; Interaction
Fame and Disability: Christopher Reeve, Super Crips, and Infamous Celebrity; M/C: a journal of media and culture
Finding a patient support group; Australian Prescriber
Foreword: 'Moving disability from other to us'; Allies in emancipation: shifting from providing service to being of support
Fostering Access to Telecommunciations for Australians with Disabilities; Telecommunications Journal of Australia
Fostering Universal Access: Lessons from Telecommunications and Disability; Designing a More Inclusive World
Foucault on the phone: disability and the mobility of government; Foucault and the government of disability
From Other to Us; Interaction
From other to us: when ethics and law meet education; Disbility in education: context curriculum and culture
Furthering social responsibility and professional ethics: A response to Eva Cignacco on midwives and selective abortion on the grounds of disability; Nursing Ethics
Genome(s) and Justice
Harvie Crumpet: narrating the ethics of disability and death; Interaction
Home Parenteral Nutrition: An Ethical Decision Making Dilemma; Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing
Image and Reality - Some Ethical Implications of Modern Diagnostic Techniques; 6th National Conference of the Australian Bioethics Association
Imagining disability tomorrow; Journal of Futures Studies (JFS)
Imagining Diversity:Disability/Film; Designing Communications for Diversity
In Training Assessment (ITA) Pilot Project - RACGP Training Program Tasmania - Work in Progress; ANZAME
Interaction: Bioethics and Disability 1; Interaction
Interaction: Bioethics and Disability II; Interaction
Introduction: the intimate relations between technology and disability; Disability Studies Quarterly
Issues of Ethics and Law; Health Informatics: Transforming Health Care with Technology
Killing people and the community
Lifting the Silence; Community Disability Services: An Evidence-Based Approach to Practice
Managing Mortality: Euthanasia on Trial; Villamanta Publishing Service
MEDIA BIOS: or, 'Harvie Krumpet' and the ethics of disability and death; Communication at work
Medical Killing and People with Disability: A Critique; Australian Disability Review
Medical versus social and ethical narrative? A reflection on clinical decision making; 6th National Conference of the Australian Bioethics Association
My Sexuality, The Sexuality of Those I Know, and What Difference Does It Make?
Narrating Normalcy: Disability, Medicine and Ethics Commentary on Stowe et al; Journal on Developmental Disabilities
Narrative, Psychiatric Disability and Pastoral Care: Towards a Richer Theology of Disability; 3rd National Conference on Spirituality and Disability
Nurturing Community; Interaction
On lay and ordained theology: a response to Bruce Kaye; St Mark's Review
On the importance of suffering: disability biotechnology and the good life; Talking biotechnology: reflecting on science in society: abstracts
On the Notion of a Christian Case for Euthanasia: A Response to Duncan Reid; Ministry Society and Theology
Pain Control and Chaplaincy in Australia; Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
People with Disabilities and the Information Society: Issues and Opportunities for Health Promotion; Health Issues
Powerful Practices: an Australian case study of contested notions of ethical disability research; Disability and Society
Protecting the human subject in medical experimentation; Experimenting with Humans
Psychiatric Disability and Pastoral Care: Towards a Richer Theology of Disability; Contact
Qualitative Research Methods: A Health Focus
Quality and Ethics for GPs and Consumers with Disabilities
Reclaiming Civility: Disability, Diversity and Human Rights; Activating Human Rights
Reflecting on Human Dignity; St Mark's Review
Reflective learning on pastoral care and ethics: a pilot course; Ministry Society and Theology
Reimagining the future: a consumer perspective on 2010; The CTN Quarterly
Representation or Abuse? Rhetorical Dimensions of Genetics and Disability; Interaction
Residential consumers and 'rejected knowledge'. Exploring and acknowledging the margins in broadband services in Australia; Telecommunications Policy
Responsible Choice: The choice between no choice; Disability & Society
Rights, Rhetoric and Disability Strategies: Reflections of a Euphemistically Challenged Other; New Zealand Journal of Disability Studies
Senate Enquiry into Open Learning - People with Disabilities
Sexuality, Disability and All!; Australian Disability Review
Sexuality, Disability and All!; Disability Network Hunter Inc - Life Choices and Independence Conference
Spirituality and Palliative Care in Rural Australia; Interface
Studying with a disability or chronic illness; Doctorates Downunder: Keys to Successful Doctoral Study in Australia and New Zealand
Teaching Analysis - The Ethics of Narrative Ethics: Some Teaching Reflection; Health Care Analysis
Telstra and Consumers: the TCCC and the Future; Telecommunications Journal of Australia
Testing the strategy - gold medal disability access
The Anglican Church and people with disabilities - towards meeting legal and ethical responsibility
The balancing act: key issues in the lives of women general practitioners in Australia; Medical Journal of Australia
The Business of Digital Disability; The Information Society
The case of Hugh: a response; Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
The Disability Rights Movement in Australia: a note from the trenches; Disability and Society
The Ethics of Narrative Ethics; Australian Bioethics Association
The Euthanasia Debate and Hospital Chaplaincy in Australia; The Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy
The Human Connection: a case study of spirituality and disability; Voices in Disability and Spirituality from the Land Down Under
The Human Connection: A Case Study of Spirituality and Disability; Journal of Religion, Disability and Health
The Right to live and be different: An exploartion of the significance of the DPI Europe Declaration on bioethics and human rights; Interaction
The Social Model of Disability: implications and opportunities for medical education; Mind the Gaps
The social nature of disability, disease and genetics: a response to Gillam, Persson, Holtug, Draper and Chadwick; Journal of Medical Ethics
The Unstoppable Rise of E-health
Towards Enabling Competition: Anomolies in the Provision of Disability Equipment in Australian Telecommunications; Telecommunications Journal of Australia
Towards High Quality Open Learning for People with Disability: Some Challenges and Opportunities; Enabling Vision '95
Training on the Social Nature of Disability in General Practice: A Case Study and Model for Further Development; Australian Disability Review
Twenty-five Years of Disabling Technologies: The Case of Telecommunications; Promises Promises
Uniting the nation? Disability, stem cells, and the Australian media; Disability & Society
Voices in Spirituality and Disability from the Land Down Under: Outback to Outfront; The Haworth Press, Inc
We got the toilets right. What more do you want? Critical refelctions on 'special needs' and access to Ombudsman and complaints schemes; Interaction
What is this thing called Bioethics?; 6th National Conference of the Australian Bioethics Association
What's Wrong with You? Disability and Genes as Ethics; Theology, Disability and the New Genetics
When Disability meets health and well being: Canberra's social plan; Healthlink
Who or What? The Exclusion that Knows No Name; 3rd National Conference on Spirituality and Disability
Whose Curse, Whose Cure? When Pastoral Care Becomes Abuse; 3rd National Conference on Spirituality and Disability
Whose Power, whose ethics: Response by Christopher Newell; Nursing Ethics
Whose Values, Which Ethics: Science Education and the Civil Society; Australian Science Teachers Journal
Withdrawal of life support and chaplaincy in Australia; Critical Care and Resuscitation
Wrestling with the future: Our Genes and Our Choices
You, Me and Otherness: Social Considerations in Technologically Mediated Interactions; e-Society 2004

Research Projects

Quality and Ethics for GP's and Consumers with Disabilities; Department of Health and Ageing (DHA)

Research Candidate Supervision

A moral ordering of supported care- a case study
Changing Ethics - Changing Perceptions
Food for thought- ethics and artifical nutritional support
From Immunology to Social Policy- Epistemology and ethics in the creation and administration of paediatric vaccines
In training assessment within the vocational training programme for General Practitioners
Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome
Patient Directed Care- Exploring Our Lived Ethics
Setting and Maintaining Social and Sexual Boundaries in the Doctor-Patient Relationship- Implications for Medical Education.
Smart internet user needs - social navigation and affective interaction in mediated communications
The discursive shaping of mental health consumer movement in Tasmania
When epistemology, medicine and sexuality meet- towards the ethical treatment of intersex children
Women General Practitioners in Australia