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Researcher: Bartels, LM (Ms Lorana Bartels)

Fields of Research

Criminal law
Public law
Correctional theory, offender treatment and rehabilitation
Legal institutions (incl. courts and justice systems)
Legal practice, lawyering and the legal profession
Civil procedure
Counselling, wellbeing and community services
International humanitarian and human rights law
Causes and prevention of crime
International criminal law
Access to justice
Courts and sentencing

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in law and legal studies
Justice and the law
Rehabilitation and correctional services
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Criminal justice
Law reform
Law enforcement
Ageing and older people

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'An awful state of affairs for you': managing the needs of older prisoners - a case study from the Australian Capital Territory; Current Issues in Criminal Justice
'Guilty, Your Honour’: Recent legislative developments on the guilty plea discount and an Australian Capital Territory case study on its operation; Adelaide Law Review
A right to die? Euthanasia and the law in Australia; Journal of Law and Medicine
Aboriginal Young People in the Children’s Court of Western Australia: Findings from the National Assessment of Australian Children’s Courts; University of Western Australia Law Review
An examination of the arguments for and against the use of suspended sentences; Flinders Law Journal
Bail, risk and law reform: a review of bail legislation across Australia; Criminal Law Journal
Building community confidence in community corrections; Current Issues in Criminal Justice
Children's court magistrates' views of restorative justice and therapeutic jurisprudence measures for young offenders; Youth Justice
Degrees of difference? A preliminary study of criminology degrees at Australian universities; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
Did defensive homicide in Victoria provide a safety net for battered women who kill? A case study analysis; Monash University Law Review
Electronic monitoring: the experience in Australia; European Journal of Probation
Females in custody in the ACT: Gendered issues and solutions; Alternative Law Journal
Flexible work practices and private law firm culture: A complex quagmire for Australian women lawyers; QUT Law Review
HOPE-ful bottles: examining the potential for Hawaii’s opportunity probation with enforcement (HOPE) to help mainstream therapeutic jurisprudence; International Journal of Law and Psychiatry
How are women who kill portrayed in newspaper media? Connections with social values and the legal system; Women's Studies International Forum
How does the Australian public view parole? Results from a national survey on public attitudes towards parole and re-entry; Criminal Law Journal
Human rights and prison: A case study from the Australian Capital Territory; The Routledge International Handbook of Criminology and Human Rights
Indigenous young People and the NSW children's court: Magistrates' perceptions of the courts criminal juisdiction; Australian Indigenous Law Review
Juvenile sex offending: its prevalence and the criminal justice response; UNSW Law Journal
Law reform targeting crime and disorder; The Palgrave Handbook of Australian and New Zealand Criminology, Crime and Justice
Lessons Lost In Sentencing: Welding Individualised Justice to Indigenous Justice; Melbourne University Law Review
Looking at Hawaii’s opportunity with Probation Enforcement (HOPE) program through a therapeutic jurisprudence lens; QUT Law Review
Outcome measures for evaluating the efficacy of juvenile justice programs; Victoria University Law and Justice Journal
Phasing out of Suspended Sentences: Sentencing Advisory Council Background Paper
Phasing out of Suspended Sentences: Sentencing Advisory Council Consultation Paper
Phasing Out of Suspended Sentences: Sentencing Advisory Council Final Report No. 6
Sentencing review 2015-2016; Criminal Law Journal
Suspended Sentences - a Judicial Perspective; Queensland University of Technology Law and Justice Journal
Suspended Sentences in Tasmania: key research findings; Trends and Issues in Criminal Justice
Swift and certain sanctions: Is it time for Australia to bring some HOPE into the criminal justice system?; Criminal Law Journal
Sword or Butter Knife? A breach analysis of suspended sentences in Tasmania; Current Issues in Criminal Justice
The recidivism of offenders given suspended sentences : a comparison with full-time imprisonment; Crime and Justice Bulletin
The recidivism of offenders given suspended sentences in New South Wales, Australia; The British Journal of Criminology
The use of suspended sentences in Australia: unsheathing the Sword of Damocles; Criminal Law Journal
The Weight of the Sword of Damocles: A Reconviction Analysis of Suspended Sentences in Tasmania; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
To suspend or not to suspend: a qualitative analysis of sentencing decisions in the Supreme Court of Tasmania; University of Tasmania Law Review
Understanding women's imprisonment in Australia; Women and Criminal Justice
What does the public think about sex offender registers? Findings from a national Australian study; Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
Women prisoners’ sexual victimisation: ongoing vulnerabilities and possible responses; Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice
“I would just feel really relaxed and at peace”: findings from a pilot prison yoga program in Australia; International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision