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Researcher: Williams, Mackenzie (Dr Mackenzie Williams)

Fields of Research

Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Basic pharmacology
Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences
Aged health care
Health care administration
Health services and systems
Rheumatology and arthritis
Health informatics and information systems
Preventative health care
Public health nutrition

Research Objectives

Clinical health
Evaluation of health and support services
Evaluation of health outcomes
Health related to ageing
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Health policy evaluation
Other health
Health education and promotion
Human pharmaceutical treatments
Preventive medicine
Efficacy of medications
Provision of health and support services

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A clinical knowledge measurement tool to assess the ability of community pharmacists to detect drug-related problems; International Journal of Pharmacy Practice
A retrospective review of pain management in Tasmanian residential aged care facilities; BJGP Open
Are pharmacists really too busy to intervene?; Pharmacy Australia Congress 2010
Barriers to optimal pain management in aged care facilities: an Australian qualitative study; Pain Management Nursing
Clinical Interventions in Australian Community Pharmacies; Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe Conference
Clinical interventions in community pharmacies in Australia: Value for money; National Medicines Symposium 2010
Denosumab - How can we optimise use?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
DOCUMENT: a system for classifying drug-related problems in community pharmacy; International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Does involvement in continuing professional development influence rates of interventions by community pharmacists? Findings from PROMISe III; Australian Pharmacist
Does workload influence intervention rates?; Australian Pharmacist
Drug-Related Problems Detected in Australian Community Pharmacies: The PROMISe Trial; The Annals of Pharmacotherapy
Identifying barriers to the implementation of an electronic system designed for documenting clinical interventions within community pharmacies ; APSA Annual Conference Aus-CRS Symposium Hobart
Lessons from a multi-strategic program to promote appropriate sedative use in residential aged care facilities; 14th National Conference of Emerging Researchers in Ageing
Lessons from a multi-strategic program to promote appropriate sedative use in residential aged care facilities; 14th National Conference of Emerging Researchers in Ageing
Magnesium deficiency with proton pump inhibitors: is it more common than we thought?; NPS MedicineWise Conference, National Medicine Symposium (NMS)
Outcomes of a decision support prompt in community pharmacy dispensing software to promote step-down of proton pump inhibitor therapy; British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Perceptions and current practices of community pharmacists regarding antimicrobial stewardship in Tasmania; International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Preliminary results of Vitamin D supplementation in residents of aged care facilities; APSA ASCEPT Conference
PROMISe 111 results: Four minutes to save $360; Pharmacy Australia Congress 2010
PROMISe III Clinical interventions: The perils of prescriptions; Pharmacy Practice Research Summit 2010
PROMISe III community pharmacy interventions: consumer satisfaction and opinions; National Medicines Symposium 2010
PROMISE III: Can pharmacists stomach a PPI prompt?; Pharmacy Practice Research Summit 2010
PROMISe III: The value of an electronic PPI stepdown prompt; National Medicines Symposium 2010
PROMISe results: common drugs and their problems in community pharmacy interventions; Australian Pharmacist
PROMISe to document clinical interventions in Australian community pharmacies; Australian Pharmacist
PROMISe to secure future of community pharmacy; Australian Pharmacist
Reducing medicine-induced deterioration and adverse reactions (ReMInDAR) trial: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial in residential aged-care facilities assessing frailty as the primary outcome; BMJ open
Refinement of the design of an electronic system to record community pharmacy interventions; APSA annual Conference Aus-CRS Symposium Hobart
Validation and implementation of a national survey to assess antimicrobial stewardship awareness, practices and perceptions amongst community pharmacists of Australia; Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance
Vitamin D supplementation in Tasmanian nursing home residents; Drugs and Aging
Why do pharmacists need the PROMISe document classification system?; Pharmacy Australia Congress 2010

Research Projects

ReMInDAR Trial Reducing Medicine Induced Deterioration and Adverse Reactions Trial; Department of Health (Cth) (DoH)
Vitamin D and calcium supplementation amongst residents of aged care facilities in Australia: are guidelines being followed?; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision