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Researcher: King, EL (Dr Emerald King)

Fields of Research

Literature in Japanese
Asian cultural studies
Gender relations

Research Objectives

Other culture and society
Expanding knowledge in language, communication and culture
Languages and linguistics
Communication across languages and culture

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'She's Got Tears in Her Eyes': The Language of Masochistic Violence and Power in the Work of Kono Taeko ; Crossroads
A brief history of cosplay at Australasian popular culture conventions; Australian Fandom: Online, Offline and Transcultural Spaces
An Interview with Sakumi Yoshino; U.S.-Japan Women's Journal
Delicate women's fancies; Asian Currents
Girls Who are Boys Who like Girls to be Boys: BL and the Australian Cosplay Community; Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
Hot Young Things: Re-Writing Young Japanese Women for the New Century; Is this the Asian century?
Mazohizumu no mon: Masochistic and Sadistic Representations of Women in Japanese Exploitation Films and Reidissu komikku; Image & Narrative
Performing Gender: Cosplay and Otaku Cultures and Spaces; Routledge Companion to Gender and Japanese Culture
Pricking Pain Surrounds Us: Restraining, Shaping, and Taming the Body in Hebi ni Piasu; Forms of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Society, Literature, and Culture
The Mountain Witch at the Train Station: the Yamamba and the Shojo in Aoyama Nanae's Hitori Biyori; Graduate Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision