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Researcher: Cotgrove, RDM (Mr Robert Cotgrove)

Fields of Research

Social geography
Urban geography
Urban and regional planning
Transport economics
Industry economics and industrial organisation
Human geography
Environmental assessment and monitoring
Environmental management
Other environmental sciences
Recreation, leisure and tourism geography
Economic geography
Environment and resource economics

Research Objectives

Other culture and society
Rail safety
Road public transport
Other environmental management
Ground transport
Environmentally sustainable transport activities
Other education and training
Water safety
Consumption patterns, population issues and the environment
Civil construction planning
Urban planning
Rights to environmental and natural resources (excl. water allocation)
Other health
Wind energy
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Air safety and traffic management

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Accessible transport for the disabled
An Integrated Tasmanian Transport System
Beyond oil: transport and fuel for the future; Beyond Oil: Transport and Fuel for the Future
Bloated dinosaurs doomed in the battle of the skies
Call for rail compo
Catamaran Services across Bass Strait
Civilising motor vehicle use
Cuts to the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme
Economic Growth needed to achieve environmental improvement
Environmental sustainability in China
Ferries or Subsidies
From Public to Community Transport
Gas, not buses, the future for transport?
Getting the prices right
Government rescue package offer for Tasmania's railways
Hot air conceals inaction on gases
Hydro Hand off Campaign
Integrating the environment with economics
Is Second Best Good Enough? London's Experiment with Urban Road Pricing; ATRF03: 26th Australasian Transport Research Forum
Living in an Increasingly Crowded World: Policies for Managing Congestion; Geodiversity: Readings in Australian geography at the close of the 20th century
Living with a Smaller Population
Loving WHA to death
Management Policies for the Mt. McCall Road
Managing Hobart's road traffic
Mount Wellington
New hospital front runner
No need for political wrangle
Pacific National
Predicted future traffic problems in Hobart and possible solutions
Princes Wharf No 1. Shed
Princess Wharf No.1 Shed Redevelopment
Pursuit of open society
Rail Technology
Riding Third Wave into Future
Schools in the Post-Industrial Culture; details
Site requirements for a planned new hospital to replace the Royal Hobart Hospital
Sustainability: what's in a word?
Sustainable Personal Motorized Transport; The 1st World Planning Schools Congress
Sustainable Personal Urban Transport; Design for Sustainability: A Sourcebook of Integrated Eco-logical Solutions
Take care on road to progress
Taking stock of our railways
Tasmania's hightech future
The car that thinks for you
The Long Haul
The Mt. McCall Road
Tide turning against large-scale wind farms
Time to get our act together
TT Line Interview
UN pinpoints growing concerns
Urban Transport in the Post-Industrial City; Islands: Economy, Society and Environment
Urban Transport Planning
User-pay call for motorists to fund roads
Welcome to the era of automobility
What to do with schools
Why Some Fail and Others Succeed; The Institute of Australian Geographers 1999 Conference: Geography at the Millenium

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Environmental economics of resource used within catchments