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Researcher: Jenyns, L (Associate Professor Lorraine Jenyns)

Fields of Research

Fine arts

Research Objectives

The creative arts

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Blundstone Contemporary Art Prize
Delinquent Angels: Australian Historical, Aboriginal and Contemporary Ceramics
A Land of Far Horizons
Bishop, Bishop, Jenyns & Jenyns - 4 Sculptors
House of the Magician
Myer Foundation Invitation Ceramic Award
Sydney Myer Fund: 1998 International Ceramics Award
Sydney Myer International Ceramic Award
Tasmanian Tiger: The Mystery of the Thylacine
The Art of Excess
The Barcelona Studio: Fragments of a Brief History
The Throne of Wisdom
Vessel as Subject: Tasmanian Ceramics to Indonesia

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

A Visual Investigation of Fetish in Contemporary Society
A visual investigation of intimacy and its creation through touch and space between two bodies
Adaptation Beyond an Ideal, A Sculptural Enquiry
Exchangeability- Sculptural Alternatives through the process of material embellishment
Individual Identities- A contemporary sculptural and historical investigation into the experience of the circus, the sideshow and the carnival.
Memory and Pattern- An Interrogation of the Privacy of Consciousness Through Visual Practice
Repetition and Difference- Poetic Invocations of Nature in Visual Art
Resplendent- An Investigation into the Synthesis of Body and Clothing as Sculptural Form
Shampoo Mythology- the object, its meaning, its influence
That Which is Between Internal and External- A Visual Investigation
The Exploration of the Sensory Psychological and Temporal Boundaries of the Body, Through Costume
The Sacred Tree- A Visual Investigation into the Tree as a Symbol of Life, Death and Regeneration
The textless voice- Traditions of wordless utterance - keening, birth-cries, death cries......
The urban environment as sculpture
Transformations of the Flesh; Rupturing Embodiment through Biological Technology
Vena Casa- The defloration of Maternity
Visualisation of the imaginary feminine body- from liquid to solid sculptures