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Researcher: Sellbach, UF (Dr Undine Sellbach)

Fields of Research

Ethical theory
Architectural design
Applied ethics
Psychoanalytic philosophy
Drama, theatre and performance studies

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Environmental ethics
Urban planning
The performing arts
Other culture and society
Social impacts of climate change and variability

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A picture book of invisible worlds: semblances of insects and humans in Jakob von Uexküll's laboratory; Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities
Affordable Places; Making sense of place: exploring concepts and expressions of place through different senses and lenses
Eating (with) insects: insect gastronomies and upside-down ethics; Parallax
Insect affects: the big and small of the entomological imagination in childhood; Angelaki
Insects and other minute perceptions in the Baroque House; Deleuze and the Non/Human
The Archipelago of Old Age and Childhood: Creaturely Life in the Floating Archipelago; Antennae
The Floating Islands; Word, Sound and Picture Company
The Lives of Animals: Wittgenstein, Coetzee, and the Extent of the Sympathetic Imagination; Animal Others and the Human Imagination: Explorations of the Non-Human in Self-Understanding
The Traumatic Effort to Understand in Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man; Considering Animals: Contemporary Studies in Human-Animal Relations

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision