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Researcher: Dowe, P (Mr Phil Dowe)

Fields of Research

Philosophy and Religious Studies
History and Philosophy of Engineering and Technology
Physical Sciences
Computer Perception, Memory and Attention
Australian History (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History)

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Expanding Knowledge in Philosophy and Religious Studies
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Counterfactual Theory of Prevention and 'Causation' by Omission; Australasian Journal of Philosophy
A Defense of Backwards in Time Causation Models in Quantum Mechanics; Synthese
A Problem for Causal Decision Theory: Causality and Identity; Communication and Cognition
American Philosophers; Pyrrho Press
Australian Philosophers; Pyrrho Press
Backwards Causation and the Direction of Causal Processes; Mind
Causal Loops and the Independence of Causal Facts; 17th Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association
Causal Processes
Causality and Conserved Quantities: A Reply; Philosophy of Science
Causality and Explanation; British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
Causes and Laws; International Wittgenstein Symposium
Chance and Providence; Science and Christian Belief
Chance Lowering Causes: Old Problems for New Versions of the Probabilistic Theory of Causation; Information, Statistics and Induction in Science
Critical Notice: 'The Facts of Causation'; Philosophy of Science
Good Connections: Causation and Causal Processes; Causation and Laws of Nature
Highlights in Modern Philosophy; Pyrrho Press
Jonathon Edwards and Free Will; American Philosophers
Jung's Concept of Coincidence; Facta Philosophica
Leibniz on Causation; History of Philosophy of Science 2000
Leibniz' Vision of Nature
Mellor on the Chances of Effects; 20th World Congress of Philosophy
Mellor's Argument for the Impossibility of Causal Loops; 11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science
Multiple Universe Explanations Are Not Explanations; Science and Christian Belief
Philosophy of Religion from Anselm to Plantinga; Pyrrho Press
Physical Causation; Cambridge University Press
Problems of Heat; Metascience
Recent Philosophy of Spacetime. Review of J Butterfield et al (eds) Spacetime
Recent Work on Leibniz on Miracles; Leibniz Society Review
Response to O'Connor: Inference to the Best Explanation and Predictive Power; Science and Christian Belief
Review of Armstrong, D. A World State of Affairs
Review of Price, H. Time's Arrow & Archimedes' Point
Saint Augustine: Freedom (and Death); Freedom and Death
Science and Religion: Sources and Commentaries; Pyrrho Press
Science Proves Creation?; Science and Religion
The Case for Time Travel; Philosophy
The Causal Conditional and the Chances of Effects; The Role of Pragmatics in Contemporary Philosophy
The Conserved Quantity Theory Defended; Theoria: Revista de Teoria, Historia y Fundamentos de la Ciencia
The Conserved Quantity Theory of Causation and Chance Raising; Philosophy of Science
The Future of Time Travel; Philosophy and the New Millennium
The Improbability of Time Travel; Metaphysics in the Post-Metaphysical Age
The Improbability of Time Travel; 22nd International Wittgenstein Symposium
Time's Arrow Today; Metascience
What is Determinism?; Determinism, Chance & Free Will
What's Right and What's Wrong with Transference Theories; Erkenntnis

Research Projects

'God' in Modern Cosmology; Australian Research Council (ARC)
God in Modern Cosmology; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Leibniz and Russell on causation.; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Leibniz and the Causal Theory of Time; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Supplementary Funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The Casual Analysis of Objective Chance; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The direction of causal processes; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

A Philosophical Interpretation of Judea Pearl's Theory of Causality
Aesthetic considerations in mathematical applications
Backwards causation
Beyond Beliefs- A Philosophical Examination of Anomalous Phenomena and Explanation Theory.
Causal Endurantism - a new account of identity through time
Causation as a spandrel of four dinensional spece-time A corollory to Hgh Price's perspectualism
Superpositional Belief
The External Self - Externalism and First Person Authority
The Fine-Tuning of the Universe- A Philosophical Analysis
The interpretation and role of science in the philosophy and practice of environmental debates and policy making
The problem of subjective time within the time travel debate
The problematic status of the object in phenomenological analysis
The reconciliation of Godel's idealism with regard to time, with his realism with regard to abstract objects - in particular, mathematical
What Mother Knows