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Researcher: Walker, PW (Dr Paul Walker)

Fields of Research

Crop and pasture protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds)
Forest health and pathology
Horticultural crop protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds)
Fertilisers (incl. application)
Tree nutrition and physiology
Biosecurity science and invasive species ecology
Gene mapping
Ecological physiology
Invertebrate biology
Animal production
Natural products and bioactive compounds
Horticultural crop growth and development

Research Objectives

Control of pests, diseases and exotic species in terrestrial environments
Evaluation, allocation, and impacts of land use
Hardwood plantations
Field grown vegetable crops
Pome fruit, pip fruit
Stone fruit (excl. avocado)
Other plant production and plant primary products
Other environmental management
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Control of pests, diseases and exotic species in coastal and estuarine environments
Environmentally sustainable plant production
Primary products from animals
Livestock raising

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A case study of the Australian Plague Locust Commission and environmental due diligence. Why mere legislative compliance is no longer sufficient for environmentally responsible locust control in Australia; Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
Adaptations of locusts and grasshoppers to the low and variable rainfall of Australia; Journal of Orthoptera Research
Adaptations of locusts and grasshoppers to the low and variable rainfall of Australia; The Eight International Meeting of the Orthopterists' Society, International Conference on Orthopteroid Insects, Montpellier, France, August 19-22, 2001
Alternative crops for producing natural enemies of cotton pests; Proceedings of the 8th Australian Cotton Conference
Behavioral and electrophysiological response of Heteronyx dimidiata and H. crinitus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) to plant and beetle volatiles; 22nd ISCE Annual Meeting
Biology and development of Chaetophthalmus dorsalis (Malloch) (Diptera: Tachinidae) parasitising Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) and H. punctigera Wallengren (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae in the laboratory; Australian Journal of Entomology
Biology and ecology of the pink-spotted bollworm
Biology of Chaetophthalmus dorsalis (Diptera: Tachinidae): a parasitoid of Helicoverpa spp. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae; Proceedings of the 28th Australian Entomological Society Conference
Comparative effects of pesticides, fenitrothion and fipronil, applied as ultra-low volume formulations for locust control, on non-target invertebrate assemblages in Mitchell grass plains of south-west Queensland, Australia; Crop Protection
Control of the pink-spotted bollworm by mating disruption
Delayed mating and reproduction in the autumn gum moth Mnesampela privata; Agricultural and Forest Entomology
Development and management of the 1999/2000 outbreak of the Australian plague locust (Chortoicetes terminifera) in eastern Australia - why locusts are worth controlling; The Eight International Meeting of the Orthopterists' Society, International Conference on Orthopteroid Insects, Montpellier, France, August 19-22, 2001
Distinguishing adult Pectinophora scutigera (Holdaway) according to larval diet by X-ray microanalysis; Scanning Microscopy
Distribution of greyback canegrub, Dermolepida albohirtum (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), larvae in sugarcane soil; Proceedings of the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists
Distribution of native psyllid populations and phytoplasmas in Australian potato crops
Do temporal fluctuations in the cuticular hydrocarbons profiles of Forficula auricularia mediate interactions between conspecifics?; 43rd AGM & Scientific Conference and Australasian Arachnological Society 2012
Ecological monophagy in Tasmanian Graphium macleayanum moggana with evolutionary reflections of ancient angiosperm hosts; Insect Science
Effects of delayed mating on the reproduction of Pectinophora scutigera (Holdaway) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae); Journal of the Australian Entomological Society
Electrophoretic comparison of Pectinophora scutigera (Holdaway) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) collected from central and southern Queensland; Journal of the Australian Entomological Society
Environmental Issues Facing The Australian Plague Locust Commission
Evidence for Aggregation Control by Cuticular Hydrocarbons in the European Earwig, Forficula auricularia; ICEC 2013 : International Chemical Ecology Conference
Evidence from traditional and new technologies for northward migrations of Australian plague locusts (Chortoicetes terminifera) (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) to western Queensland; Austral Ecology
Factors influencing populations of eumargarodes-laingi and promargarodes spp (hemiptera, margarodidae) in Australian sugarcane; Environmental Entomology
Habitat manipulation in Australasia: recent biological control progress and prospects for adoption; Proceedings of the Sixth Australasian Applied Entomological Research Conference
Identification of potential aggregation pheromone components from Forficula auricularia in situ; 27th Annual meeting of the International Society of Chemical Ecology
Identification of the putative aggregation pheromone components emitted by the European earwig, Forficula auricularia; Chemoecology
Identification, synthesis and activity of sex pheromone components of the autumn gum moth, Mnesampela privata, (Lepidoptera: Geometridae), a defoliator of Eucalyptus ; International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants, working group meeting on Pheromones and Other Semiochemicals in Integrated Production
Identification, Synthesis and Field Testing of (3Z,6Z,9Z)-3,6,9-Henicosatriene, a Second Bioactive Component of the Sex Pheromone of the Autumn Gum Moth, Mnesampela privata; Journal of Chemical Ecology
Impact of aerially applied fenitrothion on the epigeal invertebrate fauna of arid grasslands of inland Australia
Impact of fenitrothion on the relative abundance and diversity of non-target organisms; In: Corey SA, Dall DJ and Milne WM (Eds) Pest Control and Sustainable Agriculture
Improving European Earwig Management
Improving the Management of white fringed weevils on potatoes
Improving the management of white-fringed weevils in potatoes
Improving the management of white-fringed weevils in potatoes
Infochemicals for the sustainable management of autumn gum moth and scarab beetle pests of bluegum plantations
Interactions between Papilionidae and ancient Australian Angiosperms: evolutionary specialization or ecological monophagy?; Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata
Knowing our psyllids
Locusts and grasshoppers of pastures and rangelands; Pests of Field Crops and Pastures
Making scents of pest management for hardwoods; Australian Forest Grower
Management of canegrubs: Future directions; Proceedings of Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists
Mating frequency and reproductive success in an income breeding moth: Mnesampela privata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) ; Entomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata
Monitoring for incursions of the tomato potato psyllid (Bactericera cockerelli) in Australian potato fields; 43rd AGM & Scientific Conference and Australasian Arachnological Society 2012
Native psyllid populations and the distribution of Candidatus phytoplasma australiense
Not a one-way trip: historical distribution data for Australian plague locusts support frequent seasonal exchange migrations; Journal of Orthoptera Research
Phenology, synchrony and host range of the Tasmanian population of Cotesia urabae introduced into New Zealand for the biocontrol of Uraba lugens; BioControl: journal of the International Organisation for Biological Control
Preliminary analysis of the volatile compounds associated with Paropsisterna bimaculata and two host-plant species, Eucalyptus regnans and E. nitens
Pteridine compounds in adults of the pink-spotted bollworm, Pectinophora scutigera; Entomologia experimentalis et applicata
Response of white-fringed weevil (Naupactus leucoloma) larvae to host plant roots and tubers; 43rd AGM & Scientific Conference and Australasian Arachnological Society 2012
Sampling distributions and sequential sampling plans for Eumargarodes laingi and Promargarodes spp. (Hemiptera: Margarodidae) in Australian sugarcane; Environmental Entomology
Seasonal flight activity, phenology and physiological status of the major establishment pests of Eucalyptus nitens plantations, Heteronyx dimidiata and H. crinitus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae); Australian Journal of Entomology
Sex-biased parasitism of adult spring beetles, Heteronyx dimidiata and Heteronyx crinitus, by Tachinidae in Eucalyptus nitens plantations in Australia; Austral Entomology
Tachinids: some facts about a little known group of heliothis parasitoids
The Autumn Gum Moth sex pheromone - an elusive blend of alkatrienes; ANZSMS22
The effect of fenitrothion on non-target organisms; Proceedings of the 23rd Australian Entomological Society Conference
The gory story of a parasitic fly
The tomato potato psyllid, Bactericera cockerelli (Šulc, 1909) (Hemiptera: Triozidae): a review of the threat of the psyllid to Australian solanaceous crop industries and surveillance for incursions in potato crops; Austral Entomology
The use of F2 screening for detection of resistance to Emamectin Bezoate, Chlorantraniliprole, and Imdoxacarb in Australian populations of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae); Journal of Economic Entomology

Research Projects

Improving European earwig management in pome and cherry orchards through use of pheromones; Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA)
Improving Management of White-Fringed Weevils in Potatoes; Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA)
Native Psyllid Populations and the Distribution of Candidatus Phytoplasma Australiense; Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA)
Surveillance of tomato potato psyllid in the Eastern States and South Australia; Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA)

Research Candidate Supervision

The Chemical Ecology, Genetics and Impact of the European Earwig in Apple and Cherry Orchards