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Researcher: Adams, DW (Professor David Adams)

Fields of Research

Public Policy
Public Administration
Innovation and Technology Management
Sport and Leisure Management
Business and Management
Population Trends and Policies
Small Business Management
Arts and Cultural Policy
Welfare Economics
Business Information Management (incl. Records, Knowledge and Information Management, and Intelligence)
Economic Development and Growth
Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
Research, Science and Technology Policy
Social and Cultural Geography
Urban and Regional Economics

Research Objectives

Human Capital Issues
Productivity (excl. Public Sector)
Organised Sports
Management and Productivity
Technological and Organisational Innovation
Community Service (excl. Work)
Expanding Knowledge in Economics
Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis
Industry Policy
Economic Framework
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Public Sector Productivity
Workforce Transition and Employment
The Creative Arts (incl. Graphics and Craft)
Education and Training Systems
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health - Determinants of Health
Education and Training

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A Population and Migration Strategy for Hobart and Launceston
An Eclectic Theory of Sport; Sport and Social Capital in the European Union
Building virtual communities: 'Youthcentral' in Victoria, Australia; Building Stronger Communities: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice
Burnie seeks federal help
Community in Public Policy: Fad or Foundation?; Australian Journal of Public Administration
Converging ideas for building stronger communities; Building Stronger Communities: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice
Diversifying Tasmania's Economy: Analysis and Options
Governance and community strengthening: a case study from Victoria, Australia; Social capital, lifelong learning and the management of place: an international perspective
Governance and community strengthening: A case study from Victoria, Australia; Social Capital, Lifelong Learning and the Management of Place
Government Needs to Step Up
Ideas in Public Policy
Innovation and the Interface between Local Community and Global Economy; Public Administration Today
Innovation in public management: The role and function of community knowledge; The Innovation Journal
Knowing and Skilling in Contemporary Public Administration; Australian Journal of Public Administration
Knowing and skilling in contemporary public administration; The International Policital Science Association Committee, Structure and Organisation of Government Research
Learning about Learning: Discovering the Work of Policy; Australian Journal of Public Administration
Localisation in Contemporary Public Management; Community and Local Governance in Australia
Managing alliance portfolios: lessons from social enterprise; Managing Alliance Portfolios and Networks
Navigating the future: a case study of Growing Victoria Together; Australian Journal of Public Administration
New Research Instruments for Government: Measuring Community Engagement; Making Knowledge Work: Sustaining Learning Communities and Regions
Operationalising place-based innovation in public administration; Journal of Place Management and Development
Sir George Murray essay competition winner 2001: poverty - a precarious public policy idea; Australian Journal of Public Administration
Social Capital, Sport and the Substitution of Source; Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ) 14th Annual Conference
Social Capital, Sport and the Substitution of Source; Sport and Social Capital in the European Union
Social innovation as a new public administration strategy; The 12th annual conference of the International Research Society for Public Management
Sport: What is it Good For?; Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand (SMAANZ) 14th Annual Conference
Submission to the Healthy Tasmania
The public policy of social capital in Australia; Social Capital and Social Justice: Critical Australian Perspectives
The Value of Sport and Physical Recreation to Tasmania
Training the next generation of local government managers; ANZAM
Usable knowledge in public policy; Australian Journal of Public Administration
Working together for stronger Victorian communities; The Collaborative State

Research Projects

Valuing Sport and Physical Recreation: The Relationship Between Economic and Social Outcomes; Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts (DEDTA)
Developing a Framework for a Place-Based Approach to Economic Diversification in Tasmania
Tasmanian Innovation Strategy

Research Candidate Supervision

Assessment by members of regional human services NGOs in NW Tasmania of their changing relationships with State and Federal governments and the impacts on their governance of contracting for the provision of human services with State
Bottom-Up Driven Community Empowerment- The Case of African Communities in Australia
Climate Change as Regional Competetive Advantage- King Island Case Study
Forms of Innovation in Agribusiness in Tasmania
Informal Leisure as a Source of Social Capital Formation- A Festival Case Study
Leadership, Collaboration and the Possibilities of Transformation
Local Government is Changing and so is its Relationship With Community- Determining Relational Factors Associated with Local Government, Social Enterprises & Community Governance
Non-government Organisation and Business Partnerships- Exploring the Formation, Implementation and Outcomes of Partnerships Between Community Organisations and SME's in
Pro-Poor Tourism and Rural Poverty Alleviation in Malaysia
Public Sector Grants- An Analysis of Complexity in Modern Public Administration
Strength of Place as determinant for Place Management Practice in Regional Development
Successful Practices- Critical Success Factors in Australian Professional Services Firms
The Economic Value of Sport and Physical Recreation- Case Study Tasmania
The legal service industry- Business level strategy in Australia in the new communication age