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Researcher: McLean, I (Professor Ian McLean)

Fields of Research

Fine arts
Art history, theory and criticism
Australian history
North American history
British history

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology
The creative arts
Other culture and society

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'F' is for art
Post colonial: return to sender; Australian Humanities Review
A Border Art: pins, needles and the new hybridity
A Rose is not a Rose, not a Rose, Knot: Christl Berg's 'A Postcolonial Florilegium'; Third Text: Third World Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture
Aboriginal Art Since The Second World War; Australian Studies
Aboriginalism: White Aborigines and Australian Nationalism; Australian Humanities Review
Aerphost: Australians in Dublin; Like, Art Magazine
Anxious Identities: representing Australia; First Peoples: Second Chance; Australian In Between Cultures
Arts Programme
Bad Light
Building with Bits
Burnie Days: Muruste at Cast; Siglo
Christl Berg
documenta X and Australians in Oxford; Third Text: Third World Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture
Gordon Bennett's Home Decor: The Joker in the Pack; Law Text Culture
Gordon Bennett: Painting for a New Republic (the Inland Sea); Art Association of Australia
History Painting Without the Grand Manner; Third Text: Third World Perspectives on Contemporary Art and Culture
Imagining Australia: Paul Carter's Migrantology; Association for the Study of Australian Literature
Imagining Australia: Paul Carter's Migrantology; Crossing Lines: Formation of Australian Culture
Indigeneity & curricula in Australian art schools; Hatched
Landscape,(Neo)colonialism and globalisation: Documenta X and Australians at Oxford; Visually Crossing Cultures
Making a Place in a Non-Place: Spatiality in the Writing of Paul Carter; Cities, Communities, Regions
Making a Place in a Non-Place: Theorising Identity in Australia From Colonial to Post-Colonial Times; Cities Communities Regions
McKenzie Work Virtual Geography; Thesis Eleven
Nicholas Thomas, Entangled Objects; Colonialism's Culture; Oceanic Art; In Oceania
Nikos Papastergiadis Modernity as Exile: The Stranger in John Berger's Writing
Oceanic Art
Paul Carter, The Lie of the Land; Thesis Eleven
Photographing architecture: spatiality, ideology and the body Pat Brassington Les Walkling
Picturing Australia: the Impressionist Swindle; Becoming Australians
Racism and postmodernism: Australian art and its institutions; Art Monthly
Reclaiming Australia: the Port Jackson School and its exile; Art and Australia
Striking a chord: David Keeling's postcolonial Tasmania
The Art of Gordon Bennett; Craftsman House
The Burden of Representation; Postcoloniality/Cultural Studies
The Picturesque and the Sublime in the Imagining of Colonial Redemption; Comparing Australia
The Postcolonial Restaging of Australian Identities: The Art of Gordon Bennett; Australian Identities
Thinking Australia in Oceania: Old Metaphors in New Dress; Thesis Eleven
Thinking the nation at the end of the millennium; Agenda
Under Saturn: Melancholy and the Colonial Imagination; Re-imagining the Pacific
Under Saturn: Melancholy and the Colonial Imagination; Double Vision
WHITE ABORIGINES Identity Politics in Australian Art; Cambridge University Press
William Eisler, The Furtherest Schore; Thesis Eleven
Your Own Land is the Best: The Limits of Redemption in Australian Colonial Art; Australian Journal of Art

Research Projects

Supplementary Funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
The aesthetic strategies of colonialism: the art of John Glover; Australian Research Council (ARC)
The Picturesque tradition and the art of John Glover; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

Art Form - Artefact- A theoretical evaluation of the textile medium, its history and current use in Australian art and culture
Beneath the Patterned Veneer
Industry and the visual arts
Memory and oblivion
Mythology in fine arts, employing new research in mixed media
The adaptability of bioregional art and theory to translocate
The Australian identity - an examination of the aesthetic contributions of colonisation on Australian history culture and environment
The Language of the Mute
White 2