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Researcher: Murray, SL (Ms Sandra Murray)

Fields of Research

Public health nutrition
Nutrition and dietetics
Health promotion
Health services and systems
Higher education
Mental health services
Environmental communication
Medicine, nursing and health curriculum and pedagogy
Poverty, inclusivity and wellbeing
Primary health care
Health and community services
Curriculum and pedagogy
Curriculum and pedagogy theory and development
Public policy
Community child health
Clinical sciences
Rural and remote health services
Health informatics and information systems
Other education
Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
Public health
Other agricultural, veterinary and food sciences
Health policy
Food sustainability
Technical, further and workplace education
Social change
Social geography
Climate change impacts and adaptation
Urban geography
Health counselling
Urban and regional economics
Crop and pasture production

Research Objectives

Structure, delivery and resourcing
Behaviour and health
Rural and remote area health
Teaching and instruction technologies
Understanding climate change
Prevention of human diseases and conditions
Public health (excl. specific population health)
Higher education
Health status (incl. wellbeing)
Health policy evaluation
Evaluation of health and support services
Learner and learning
Expanding knowledge in education
Mental health services
Teacher and instructor development
Other health
Community services
Human pain management
Health education and promotion
Health protection and disaster response
Clinical health
Expanding knowledge in human society
Environmental ethics
Determinants of health
Other education and training
Environmental education and awareness
Other environmental management
Social structure and health
Preventive medicine

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure': Proposal for a Social Prescribing Strategy for Obesity Prevention and Improvement in Health and Well-being; JMIR Research Protocols
A comparison of undergraduate student experiences of assessed versus nonassessed participation in online asynchronous discussion groups: Lessons from a cross disciplinary study in health and sociology; ASCILITE 2015
A scoping review of the conceptualizations of food justice; Public Health Nutrition
Access and consumption of regionally-grown fruit and vegetables: a pilot survey; Australian Public Health Conference
Access to and consumption of regionally-grown fresh fruit and vegetables in Tasmania; Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Achieving Excellence in Online Discussions: Improving facilitation to engage active student learning in online discussion boards; Teaching Matters 2018
Agricultural sectors and primary school students find a common ground: building a resilient local food system in rural Tasmania; 13th National Rural Health Conference
Asynchronous discussion boards: To assess or not, that is the question Type of presentation: Spotlight on Practice; Teaching Matters conference, University of Tasmania
Australian consumer perceptions of regionally grown fruits and vegetables: importance, enablers, and barriers; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Barriers to and enablers of achieving a healthy diet in Tasmanian adults: The Tasmania Project Report 62
Best Practice in Using Evidence for Health Policy; Translational Research for Primary Healthcare
Best practice in using evidence for health policy: do we know what it is?; International Public Health Journal
Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop Evaluation Project: Final Report
Building a Food Systems Literate Tasmania: A Framework For Food Systems Education
Building resilience into Tasmania’s local food system and improving community access to healthy food; Environmental Health Australia National Conference
Building Resilience into the Tasmania's local food system and improving community food access to healthy food; 16th National Cities, Town Centres and Communities Conference Presentation
Communities of Practice (CoP) as a model for integrating sustainability into higher education; Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Conference 2014
Communities of Practice (CoP) as a Model for Integrating Sustainability into Higher Education; Handbook of Research on Pedagogical Innovations for Sustainable Development
Consumer Perceptions of Locally Grown Produce During the COVID-19 Pandemic; Consumer Perceptions of Locally Grown Produce During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Consumer reactions to different health claim formats on food labels; Food Australia
Cornerstone Youth Services Nutrition and Physical Activity Capacity Building Project: Final Report
Creating a Food Systems Education Framework for Tasmania – A case study; Public Health Association of Australia Food Futures Conference
Crops, swaps and food for the future
Definitions, sources and self-reported consumption of regionally grown fruits and vegetables in two regions of Australia; Nutrients
Development of a survey to measure access to and consumption of Tasmanian regionally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables; Rural Health and Collaborative Research Symposium
Development of the University Food Environment Assessment (Uni-Food) Tool and process to benchmark the healthiness, equity, and environmental sustainability of university food environments; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Domains of capacity building in whole-systems approaches to Prevent Obesity-A 'Systematized' Review; International Journal of Integrated Care
Establishing a community of practice and embedding education for sustainability at the University of Tasmania; 9th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability
Establishing a Community of Practice and Embedding Education for Sustainability at the University of Tasmania; The International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social, and Cultural Context
Evaluating an interprofessional workshop on persistent pain: the role of adult learning and social identity theories; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Evaluation of a Health Literacy Program for Chronic Conditions; Health Literacy Research and Practice
Evaluation of an interprofessional, student co-facilitated community chronic pain management program; Teaching Matters 2018
Exciting future for graduates in the food industry - from agroecosystem to consumer health; Chronica Horticulturae
Facilitating online discussions effectively: A guide for staff; Teaching Matters 2017
Food and retail distribution: A focus on supermarkets; Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems
Food insecure households faced greater challenges putting healthy food on the table during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia; Appetite
Food security at BOFA
Food security in a regional area of Australia: a socio-economic perspective; Universal Journal of Food and Nutrition Science
Generic label versus popular branded products: how does the sodium stack-up?; 39th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of Australia
Growing Tasmania’s emerging local food economy; XXII Agrifood Research Network Conference
Guide to online discussion boards
Healthy Food Access Tasmania Impact Evaluation
Healthy Food Access Tasmania – building a resilient local food economy– building a resilient local food economy; Dietitians Association of Australia – 2014 state conference
High occurrence of food insecurity in young people attending a youth mental health service in regional Australia; Nutrition and Dietetics
How do consumers define, identify, and source regionally grown fruits and vegetables? A cross-sectional study in two agricultural regions of Australia; 43rd Annual Scientific Meeting
Integrating student practicum placements to add value to a funded project; Teaching Matters 2022
Is high food insecurity the new normal in Tasmania?
It’s not just Australian students who need more food, university staff are also going hungry
Key note address by Sandra Murray and Stuart Auckland - Healthy Food Access Tasmania – building a resilient local food economy; Environmental Health Australia - 2014 state conference – Focusing on the Fundamentals
Lessons learned from librarian support in a pandemic: identifying how online discussion boards may augment digital connections; Teaching Matters 2020: Learning in 2021
Local food systems, movements and sustainable diets. How I got into action!; Dietitians Association of Australian (Victoria branch) Conference
Mapping Healthy Eating Resilience Across Tasmania Using Social Network Analysis; Dietitians Association of Australia Tasmanian Conference
More Tasmanians started growing their own food during the COVID-19 pandemic
More than a quarter of Launceston children cannot access good food
One in four Tasmanians experienced food shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic
Online discussion boards: improving practice and student engagement by harnessing facilitator perceptions; Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice
Physical activity and food environments in and around schools: a case study in regional North-West Tasmania; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Piloting an interprofessional chronic pain management program: perspectives of health students and community clients; Journal of Interprofessional Care
Practising pharmacists want more nutrition education; Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Prevalence and socio-demographic predictors of food insecurity in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic; Nutrients
Prevalence of food insecurity and satisfaction with on-campus food choices among Australian university students; International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
Q&A: State of Health. Dietitian talks preventative health
Quality Food is too Expensive to Afford: 1 in 2 Tasmanians are Food Insecure in 2022 Due to the Rising Cost of Living
Severity of food insecurity among Australian university students, professional and academic staff; Nutrients
Supporting digital engagement: an evaluation of the use of a Guide for effective development and facilitation of online discussion boards; Teaching Matters 2019
Supporting digital engagement: an evaluation of the use of a guide for effective development and facilitation of online discussion boards; Journal of Applied Learning & Teaching
Sustaining undergraduate inter-professional practice; The Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) 2019 Conference
Tasmanian food access research coalition TFARC: research report
Tasmanian Food Deserts: Poor access to healthy food regardless of rurality; 6 th Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium
Tasmanian Healthy Eating Resilience Evaluation: Social Network Analysis
Tasmanian Healthy Food Access Basket (HFAB) Survey
Tasmanian Local Food Supply Project
Tasmanians seeking more circular and sustainable food systems
Tasmanians want a more resilient and sustainable food system
Teaching and Learning: Guide to online discussion boards
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on rural food security in high income countries: a systematic literature review; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
The importance of Tasmanian grown produce during the COVID-19 pandemic
The knowledge, barriers and opportunities to improve nutrition and physical activity amongst young people attending an Australian youth mental health service: a mixed-methods study; BMC Health Services Research
The new normal for food insecurity? A repeated cross-sectional survey over 1 year during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia; The International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
The perceived importance and intended purchasing patterns of sustainable foods in Australian university students; Sustainability
The socio-economic and geographic contributors; ACN2015
The socio-economic and physical contributors to food insecurity in a rural community; Sage Open
Uni hunger pains worry Staff, students run out of food
University of Tasmania to focus on preventative health at Launceston forum
Where are Tasmanians buying their food during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Research Projects

Community Conversations Consultations Consultation
Cornerstone Youth Services (CYS) Nutrition and Physical Activity Capacity Building Project
Food Security Growing Together Initiative
Healthy Eating Resilience Network Mapping Project
Poor Diet and Nutrition, Food Security and Obesity Healthy Eating Local Mapping and Local Solutions Project
Social determinants of Health: Bridges Out of Poverty Evaluation
Tasmanian Food Access Research Coalition
TAZREACH Promoting Health Through Understanding

Research Candidate Supervision