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Researcher: Eckard, RJ (Professor Richard Eckard)

Fields of Research

Crop and pasture nutrition
Crop and pasture production
Agro-ecosystem function and prediction
Agricultural management of nutrients
Soil physics
Agricultural production systems simulation

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Management of liquid waste from animal production (excl. water)
Management of gaseous waste from animal production (excl. greenhouse gases)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Ammonia volatilisation from grazed, pasture based dairy farming systems; Agricultural Systems
Can seasonal soil N mineralisation trends be leveraged to enhance pasture growth?; Science of the Total Environment
Dairy Research Priorities in Tasmania
Environmental considerations in the future use of nitrogen fertiliser on intensive annual pastures; Bulletin of the Grassland Society South of Africa
More Profit from Nitrogen: Quantifying the whole farm systems impact of nitrogen best practice on dairy farms - Final Report
Nitrogen Improves Turnip Yields and Quality
Revisiting Nitrogen Fertilisation for Dairy Pastures
The nitrogen management of perennial ryegrass and tall fescue pastures with and without clover; Bulletin of the Grassland Society South of Africa
The Window of Opportunity for Nitrogen Fertiliser use on Dairy Farms.; Proceedings of the Large Herds Australia Conference, February 199.
TIAR's Pasture and Dairy Research Centre; Agriculture Tasmania
Towards an Interim Dairy Research and Development Strategy for the Pasture and Dairy Research Centre
Watch those soil temperatures!; Agriculture Tasmania
What's best for a summer forage crop

Research Projects

Study tour to Canada and USA. Present paper at the Intern. Grasslands Congress in June 97 and investigate the develop. of sustainable pasture-based.....; Dairy Australia Limited (DAL)
To initiate and manage all aspects of the dairy research program and to provide leadership in dairy research, relevant to industry needs, with a researc; Dairy Australia Limited (DAL)

Research Candidate Supervision

Nutritional limitations to maximizing dairy production from temperate perennial grass/clover all-pasture systems