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Researcher: Williams, S (Dr Stewart Williams)

Fields of Research

Social and Cultural Geography
Economic Geography
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Urban and Regional Studies (excl. Planning)
Human Geography
Applied Sociology, Program Evaluation and Social Impact Assessment
Social Policy
Studies in Human Society
Higher Education
Crop and Pasture Production
Public Policy
Historical Studies
Environmental Sociology
Literary Studies
Architectural History and Theory
Natural Hazards
Environmental Management
Health and Community Services
Family and Household Studies
Police Administration, Procedures and Practice
Urban Policy
Architectural Design
Urban Sociology and Community Studies
Health Policy
Urban Analysis and Development
Comparative Law

Research Objectives

Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Climate Change Adaptation Measures
Natural Hazards
Social Impacts of Climate Change and Variability
Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis
Cultural Understanding
Political Systems
Health Policy Economic Outcomes
Land and Water Management of environments
Environmental Ethics
Community Service (excl. Work)
Urban Planning
Education and Training
Understanding Past Societies
Health Policy Evaluation
Environmental Services
Human Pharmaceutical Products
Natural Hazards in Urban and Industrial Environments
Expanding Knowledge in Engineering
Natural Hazards in Marine Environments
Equity and Access to Education
Environmentally Sustainable Plant Production
Workplace and Organisational Ethics
Law, Politics and Community Services
Environmental Policy, Legislation and Standards
Law Enforcement
Substance Abuse
Legal Processes
Environmental Health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Don't ignore what's right next door” (19 December 2010)
A more-than-human political moment (and other natural catastrophes); Space and Polity
A More-than-human political moment (and other natural catastrophes); Imagining Nature II Conference
Adapting to bushfires means accepting their place in Australia
An Evaluation of the Private Rental Tenancy Support Service
An Inquiry into Island Insularity: The (not so isolated) Case of Opium Poppy Production in Tasmania; Isolation: Disconnection, solitude and seclusion in a connected world
Anoraks, train timetables, bus rides and biscuits: taking on the impossible in the politics of climate change; Local Global: identity, security, community
Bioenergy a burning question for Tasmania's forests
Book review of Cities and fascination: beyond the surplus of meaning
Book review of Derrida for architects, by Richard Coyne
Book review of Mapping: A critical introduction to cartography and GIS
Book review of Paradigm Islands: Manhattan and Venice. Discourses on architecture and the city, by Teresa Stoppani
Book review of Planning in Ten Words or Less: A Lacanian Entanglement with Spatial Planning, by Michael Gunder and Jean Hillier
Book review of Routes, Roads and Landscapes
Book review of The temporary city
Book Review. Space, Knowledge and Power: Foucalt and Geography, edited by JW Crampton and S Elden
Book Review. Stretching Beyond the Horizon: A Multiplanar Theory of Spatial Planning and Governance, by J Hillier
Book Review. The Spaces of the Modern City: Imaginaries, Politics, and Everyday Life, edited by G Prakash and KM Kruse
Book review: Liquidity Lost: The Governance of the Global Financial Crisis
Coca cultivation and crop eradication in Colombia: The challenges of integrating rural reality into effective anti-drug policy; International Journal of Drug Policy
Coherent unity or fracture and flow? The problematic island polity; The Political Economy of Divided Islands: Unified Geographies, Multiple Polities
Conclusions; Drugs, Law, People, Place and the State Ongoing Regulation, Resistance and Change
Different ways of knowing how to coexist with fire; Geographical Research
Disaster, housing and actuarialism: the securitisation of risk; Housing Theory Symposium
Disasters, housing and actuarialism: on the securitisation of risk; Housing Studies
Discussant on 'co-existing with fire', organised by Christine Eriksen (UoW) and Jason Berringer (Monash); Institute of Australian Geographers Conference 2013
Doing drugs in the city: a study of legal pluralism and spatial scale in the governance of people who inject drugs; Royal Geographic Society Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference
Doing drugs, doing geography: a reflection on research subjects, positionality and ethics; School of Geography & Environmental Studies Post-Graduate Seminar Series
Domesticating Space(s) in E.A. Poe's 'Dupin Trilogy': Nineteenth Century Tales on the Calculus of Government and Territory; IGU 2006 Brisbane Conference and Joint Meeting of the Institute of Australian Geographers and the New Zealand Geographical Society: Regional Responses to Global Changes: A View from the Antipodes
Drugs, Geography of
Drugs, law, people, place and the state: ongoing regulation, resistance and change; Drugs, Law, People, Place and the State: Ongoing Regulation, Resistance and Change
Drugs, Law, People, Place and the State: Ongoing Regulation, Resistance and Change; Routledge
Drugs, law, people, place and the state: ongoing regulation, resistance and change; Space and Polity
Fire and flood: how home insurance can help us adapt to climate change
Firestorm: the story of the bushfire at Dunalley
Food Fears: From Industrial to Sustainable Food Systems
For a big Australia: sizing up our geography - past, present and future; UTas School of Geography & Environmental Studies
Four impediments to embedding education for sustainability in higher education; Australian Journal of Environmental Education
Geography of drugs
Have We Reached a Tipping Point in Homelessness Support Service Delivery? An Evaluation of Tasmania's Stay Service
Housing agencies' role in preparing and responding to natural disasters and emergencies; European Network of Housing Researchers Conference
Housing agencies' roles in preparing for and responding to natural disasters; Australian Social Policy Conference 2009
International Journal of Drug Policy
Introduction: Disasters, housing, actuarialism and the securitisation of risk; Housing Studies
Is insurance an under-utilised mechanism in climate change adaptation? The case of bushfire management in Tasmania; The Australian Journal of Emergency Management
Learning from Disasters Down-under? A comment on the constitution of new subjects and spaces in the management of bushfire and flood in Australia; Neoliberal Policy Agendas and the Changing Nature of Flood Risk Management
Legal geography: an Australian perspective; Geographical Research
Licit narcotics production in Australia: legal geographies nomospheric and topological; Geographical Research
Literature and Policy Review of Homelessness Support Services
Living on... A conversation about island peoples, places, politics and poetry; Island
Natural disaster preparation and response: a guide for state housing authorities; AHURI Positioning Paper No 113
Natural disaster preparation and response: issues for state housing authorities; AHURI Final Report
On islands, insularity, and opium poppies: Australia's secret pharmacy; Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
Planning reform in Tasmania: reflecting back and looking forward
Planning, Building and Insuring: Adaptation of Built Environment to Climate Change Induced Increased Intensity of Natural Hazards; National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
Public health, human rights, criminal law and municipal regulation: the place of jurisdiction in providing supervised injection facilities; Inaugural Australian Legal Geography Symposium
Rendering the untimely event of disaster ever present; Landscape Review
Rethinking disaster in relation to housing in Australia; Balancing Choices and Effects in a Dynamic World, Cairns IAG 2009 Conference
Rethinking the nature of disaster: From failed instruments of learning to a post-social understanding; Social Forces
Rethinking the Nature of Disaster: From Failed Instruments of Learning to a Post-Social Understanding; Emergency Policy: Vol. 3
Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Spatial Representation in Edgar Allan Poe's 'Dupin Trilogy'
Returning to the Scene of the Crime: Spatial Representation in the Crime Fiction of Edgar Allen Poe; School of Geography and Environmental Studies 2004 Conference
Review of Beyond Consensus: Improving Collaborative Planning and Management
Review of Derrida for Architects
Review of Tyner, J.A. 2015. The World of Maps: Map reading and interpretation for the 21st Century
Scales, Lines and Minor Geographies: Whither King Island?; Australian Geographical Studies
Situating drugs and drug use geographically: From place to space and back again; International Journal of Drug Policy
Space and Polity
Space, scale and jurisdiction in health service provision for drug users: the legal geography of a supervised injecting facility; Space and Polity
Space, scale and jurisdiction in health service provision for drug users: the legal geography of a supervised injecting facility; Drugs, Law, People, Place and the State Ongoing Regulation, Resistance and Change
State Housing Authorities and natural disasters in Australia; UTas School of Sociology and Social Work Seminar Series
Sustaining the momentum: Self, discipline, academy; Joint New Zealand Geographical Society & Institute of Australian Geographers Conference
The Outside Within: The Shifting Ontological Practice of the Environment in Australia; Nature, Temporality and Environmental Management: Scandinavian and Australian Perspectives on Peoples and Landscapes
The rigidity of service provision versus the specificity of Need: The Case of Tasmania as a relative new comer to the area of Methadone treatment provision; 1996 National Methodone Conference
The role of housing in responding to natural disasters; National Housing Conference
Time and the spatial post-politics of climate change: insights from Australia; Political Geography: Virtual Special Issue on Climate Change and Political Geography
Time and the spatial post-politics of climate change: Insights from Australia; Political Geography
Topological twists and turns in the global production of licit narcotics: Australia as the new Xanadu; Institute of Australian Geographers Conference 2013
Uniform planning scheme by 2018
UTAS lecturer, Dr Stewart Williams, concludes role chairing the light rail evaluation
Van Diemonian venison; A Taste of Islands: 60 recipes and stories from our world of islands
Virtually Impossible: Deleuze and Derrida on the Political Problem of Islands (and Island studies); Island Studies Journal
What to do now? Tensions and dilemmas in responding to natural disasters: a study of three Australian state housing authorities; International Journal of Housing Policy
White line fever: a sociotechnical perspective on the contested implementation of an urban bike lane network; Area
Why electioneering is at the root of Tasmania's forest furore

Research Projects

Adaptation of Built Environment to Climate Change Induced Increased Intensity of Natural Hazards; Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE)
An analysis of the experiences and motivations of clients accessing Sydney's Medically Supervised Injecting Centre and the factors facilitating or inhibiting service uptake and retention; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Enhancing Bioenergy Transformation: Insights from Innovations with Biodiesel Production using Agricultural Waste to Fuel Public Transport in Tasmania; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Institute of British Geographers / Royal Geographical Society International Conference - London UK; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
June 2011 - Institute of Australian Geographers Annual Conference (Plus IAG Legal Geography study group workshop); University of Tasmania (UTAS)
NZ Geographical Society and Institute Australian Geographers conference - Christchurch NZ; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Preparing for and Responding to Natural Disasters and Environmental Emergencies: A Guide for State Housing Authorities; Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)
Tipping Point Study; Department of Social Services (DoSS (Cwth))

Research Candidate Supervision

A Framework for Determining the Economic, Social and Environmental Value of Open Green Space in Australian Urban Environments and the Implications for Governance and Plannning Praxis of these Spaces
Adaptive co-management of water in the Ringarooma catchment
An Appreciation of both Quality and Quantity- Towards an Integrative and Holistic Sustainability Approach within the Australian Tertiary Education Sector
Communities' Responses to Post-Disaster Housing Projects in Aceh, Indonesia
Drawing the Betweenness of Place
From Ordinance to Outcomes- the Intersection between Science, Policy, Planning and the Law in the Context of Tasmanian Local Government Statutory Planning to Maintain and Protect Biodiversity.
Healing our Connection to Country - Listening beyond environmental management
Transitioning Cycling into the Mainstream of Australian Urban Transport. Urban Transport.
Understanding Interdependent Socio-ecological Relationships through an Autoethnography of Mothering
Visual art, environment and the development of values