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Researcher: Byrom, JW (Dr John Byrom)

Fields of Research

Commercial services
Marketing management (incl. strategy and customer relations)
Health and community services
Urban and regional planning
Small business organisation and management
Sport and leisure management
Corporate governance
International business
Consumer-oriented product or service development
Business systems in context
Other education

Research Objectives

Wholesale and retail trade
Other environmental management
Land policy
Rural and remote area health
Health education and promotion

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Alfred Dunhill Ltd: Reconciling tradition and innovation in product and brand management; Marketing: An Introduction
Analysing retail failure from an historical perspective: A case study of A.Goldberg & Son Plc; The Service Industry Journal
Collaboration amongst Australian brassica growers: Developing a differentiated product and approach; AgriFood Chains and Networks Conference
Consumer perceptions of mobile phone marketing: Recent evidence from Australia; Academy of Marketing Conference 2008
Coopers Brewery: A family firm competing with the big boys; Academy of Marketing Conference
Coopers Brewery: Heritage and innovation within a family firm; Marketing Intelligence and Planning
Corporate museums in Japan: Institutionalizing a culture of industry and technology; The 9th International Conference of Arts and Cultural Management
Corporate visual identity in local government: The role of the logo; Public and Non-profit Marketing International Congress
Cyber solutions to remote problems? Online trading in British overseas territories - A review and research agenda; International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research
Deconstructing the notion of blame in corporate failure; Journal of Business Research
Exploring the geographical dimension in loyalty card data; Marketing Intelligence and Planning
It's all about the image: The Mercury Print Museum; Journal of the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association
Logo findings to go global
Lowdown on logos
Perceptions of the Andalusian independent retail sector; International Journal of Business and Globalisation
Place management through separate rate imposition: Evidence from Tasmania; 6th National Mainstreet Conference
Power, policy networks and planning: The involvement of major grocery retailers in the formulation of Planning Policy Guidance Note 6 since 1988; International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research
Regional brand identity: Using logos in the local government sector
Revisiting retail internationalisation: Drivers, impediments and business strategy; International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
The Boag's centre for beer lovers: Building brand with a corporate museum; Musuem Marketing: Competing in the Global Marketplace
The corporate museum as branding tool; The 2nd International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Brand, Corporate Identity & Reputation in the Knowledge Economies
The elusive written contract: dependence, power, conflict and opportunism within the Australian food industry; The Crisis of Food Brands: sustaining safe, innovative and competitive food supply
Town centre management models: A European perspective; Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy & Planning
What's in a name?

Research Projects

Development of a Recruitment and Marketing Strategy for Tasmanian Ambulance Service Volunteers
Final Preparation of Tasmanian Ambulance Service Volunteer Handbook and Recruitment Marketing Tools

Research Candidate Supervision

Achieving Ambidexterity across Multiple Organisational Levels and Functional Areas- Synchronising the Development and Marketing of Firms' New and Established Products
Enhancing Customer Value in Service Firms- A Multi-Level Study of Service Firms Value Creation and Appropriation
Exploring Internal and External Antecedents of New Service Success Through New Service Introduction Strategies
Horizontal Networks and Collaborative Marketing in the Tasmanian Wine Industry
Innovation at Heritage Tourist Attractions
Museums and Marketing in an Electronic Age
Performance Implications of Fit Among Firm Characteristics , Environmental Characteristics and Brand Performance
Public Sector Grants- An Analysis of Complexity in Modern Public Administration
Stategic Intent- An Examination of Retail Strategy by Independant Retailers Accross Three Regions in Tasmania
The Strategic Management of Brand Equity in Emerging Markets