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Researcher: Dunshea, GJ (Mr Glenn Dunshea)

Fields of Research

Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Animal developmental and reproductive biology
Animal cell and molecular biology
Population ecology
Analytical biochemistry
Comparative physiology
Molecular evolution

Research Objectives

Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
Marine biodiversity
Other environmental management
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Oceanic processes (excl. in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Accounting for female reproductive cycles in a superpopulation capture–recapture framework; Ecological Applications
Conflicting estimates of connectivity among deep-sea coral populations; Marine Ecology
DNA-Based Diet Analysis for Any Predator; PLoS One
Harp seal ageing techniques-teeth, aspartic acid racemization, and telomere sequence analysis; Journal of Mammalogy
Pseudogenes and DNA-based diet analyses: a cautionary tale from a relatively well sampled predator-prey system; Bulletin of Entomological Research
Stranded dolphin stomach contents represent the free-ranging population's diet; Biology Letters
Telomeres as age markers in vertebrate molecular ecology; Molecular Ecology Resources

Research Projects

Comparative Age-based Molecular Processes in Marine Mammals: Development and Application of Non-invasive, Genetic Age Estimation Techniques; Winifred Violet Scott Charitable Trust (WVS)
Investigative development of minimally invasive means to gather demographic information in cetacean: a comprehensive comparative approach

Research Candidate Supervision