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Researcher: Paull, B (Professor Brett Paull)

Fields of Research

Separation science
Instrumental methods (excl. immunological and bioassay methods)
Analytical spectrometry
Analytical chemistry
Electroanalytical chemistry
Sensor technology (incl. chemical aspects)
Pollution and contamination
Atmospheric composition, chemistry and processes
Physical properties of materials
Materials engineering
Other chemical sciences
Flow analysis
Quality assurance, chemometrics, traceability and metrological chemistry
Natural products and bioactive compounds
Photonics, optoelectronics and optical communications
Timber, pulp and paper
Inorganic materials (incl. nanomaterials)
Composite and hybrid materials
Atmospheric aerosols
Colloid and surface chemistry
Metabolomic chemistry
Medical biochemistry - amino acids and metabolites
Clinical chemistry (incl. diagnostics)
Exploration geochemistry
Legal institutions (incl. courts and justice systems)
Biomechanical engineering
Organic chemical synthesis
Computational chemistry
Macromolecular and materials chemistry
Chemical oceanography
Environmentally sustainable engineering
Synthetic biology
Polymers and plastics
Optical properties of materials
Metal organic frameworks
Additive manufacturing
Proteomics and intermolecular interactions (excl. medical proteomics)
Soil sciences
Manufacturing management
Analytical biochemistry
Forestry biomass and bioproducts
Food packaging, preservation and processing
Wood processing
Theory and design of materials
Wastewater treatment processes
Biomedical instrumentation
Naval architecture
Plant physiology
Other environmental sciences
Functional materials
Microfluidics and nanofluidics
Satellite-based positioning
Wireless communication systems and technologies (incl. microwave and millimetrewave)
Architectural science and technology
Organic green chemistry
Manufacturing processes and technologies (excl. textiles)
Engineering instrumentation
Characterisation of biological macromolecules

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences
Scientific instruments
Expanding knowledge in the mathematical sciences
Composite materials
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Industrial chemicals and related products
Expanding knowledge in the biomedical and clinical sciences
Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences
Expanding knowledge in engineering
Effects of climate change on Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments (excl. social impacts)
Measurement and assessment of marine water quality and condition
Air quality
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Other environmental management
Measurement and assessment of freshwater quality (incl. physical and chemical conditions of water)
Clinical health
Evaluation, allocation, and impacts of land use
Crime prevention
Coastal and estuarine systems and management
Natural hazards
Mining and extraction of energy resources
Essential oils
Industrial instruments
Expanding knowledge in the physical sciences
Fisheries - aquaculture
Atmospheric composition (incl. greenhouse gas inventory)
Plant product traceability and quality assurance (excl. forest products)
Expanding knowledge in education
Treatment of human diseases and conditions
Human pharmaceutical products
Understanding climate change
Wood sawing and veneer
Medical instruments
Expanding knowledge in the health sciences
Bakery products
Paper products and pulp
Climate change adaptation measures (excl. ecosystem)
Other manufacturing
Water services and utilities
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Machinery and equipment
Organic industrial chemicals (excl. resins, rubber and plastics)
Horticultural crops
Reconstituted timber products
Wood products
Processed fruit and vegetable products (incl. juices)
Aquaculture rock lobster
Information systems, technologies and services
Fabricated metal products
Timber materials
Fine chemicals
Nutraceuticals and functional foods
Global effects of climate change (excl. Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and the South Pacific) (excl. social impacts)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Wireless bipolar electrode-based textile electrofluidics: towards novel micro-total-analysis systems; Lab on A Chip
Высокоэффективная комплексообразовательная хроматография ионов металлов; Technosphera
3D printed LED based on-capillary detector housing with integrated slit; Analytica Chimica Acta
3D printed liquid cooling interface for a deep-UV-LED-based flow-through absorbance detector; Analytical Chemistry
3D printed metal columns for capillary liquid chromatography; Analyst
3D printed microfluidic devices; 10th Annual International Electromaterials Science Symposium
3D printed microfluidic devices: Enablers and barriers; Lab on a Chip
3D printed titanium micro-bore columns containing polymer monoliths for reversed-phase liquid chromatography; Analytica Chimica Acta
3D textile structures with integrated electroactive electrodes for wearable electrochemical sensors; Journal of the Textile Institute
A 3D printable diamond polymer composite: a novel material for fabrication of low cost thermally conducting devices; RSC Advances
A comparative study of the metal selective properties of chelating dye impregnated resins for the ion chromatographic separation of trace metals; Chromatographia
A new 3D printed radial flow-cell for chemiluminescence detection: application in ion chromatographic determination of hydrogen peroxide in urine and coffee extracts; Analytica Chimica Acta
A new N-hydroxyethyliminodiacetic acid modified core-shell silica phase for chelation ion chromatography of alkaline earth, transition and rare earth elements; Journal of Chromatography A
A simple and sensitive method for the determination of iodide and iodate in raw, ultraviolet- and ozone-treated aquacultural seawater samples using ion chromatography coupled to an ultraviolet detector; Analytical Methods
A year-long study of the spatial occurrence and relative distribution of pharmaceutical residues in sewage effluent, receiving marine waters and marine bivalves; Science of The Total Environment
Accurate non-invasive determination of pKa of surface functionalised ion exchange monoliths using capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection; The Analyst
Adsorption and desorption of methylene blue on porous carbon monoliths and nanocrystalline cellulose; ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Agglomerated polymer monoliths with bimetallic nano-particles as flow-through micro-reactors; Microchimica Acta
An analysis of the ionic composition of Irish precipitation and background air quality since 1980 based on samples collected at Valentia Observatory, Co. Kerry, Ireland; Air Pollution: International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management
Analysis of levoglucosan and its isomers in atmospheric samples by ion chromatography with electrospray lithium cationisation - triple quadrupole tandem mass spectrometry; Journal of Chromatography A
Analyzing Antarctic Ice Cores Using Capillary IC
Anion-exchange chromatography on short reversed-phase columns modified with amphoteric (N-dodecyl-N,N-dimethylammonio)alcanoates; Journal of Chromatography A
Application of capillary ion chromatography and capillary ion chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry to determine methanesulfonate and inorganic anions in microliter sample volumes of Antarctic snow and ice; Analytical Methods
Applications of nanomaterials in ambient ionization mass spectrometry; Trac-Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Assessing the extent, stability, purity and properties of silanised detonation nanodiamond; Applied Surface Science
Beads-based system for optical sensing using spiropyran photoswitches; 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS 2007)
Capillary column curing system
Capillary column curing system
Capillary gap flow cell as capillary-end electrochemical detector in flow-based analysis; Electrochimica Acta
Capillary ion chromatography of inorganic anions on octadecyl silica monolith with an amphoteric surfactant; Journal of Chromatography A
Capillary ion chromatography with on-column focusing for ultra-trace analysis of methanesulfonate and inorganic anions in limited volume Antarctic ice core samples; Journal of Chromatography A
Centrifugally-driven sample extraction, preconcentration and purification in microfluidic compact discs; Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Characterisation of complex perfume and essential oil blends using multivariate curve resolution-alternating least squares algorithms on average mass spectrum from GC-MS; Talanta
Characterisation of graphene fibres and graphene coated fibres using capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector; Analyst
Chelation ion chromatography of alkaline earth and transition metals using a monolithic silica column with bonded N-hydroxyethyliminodiacetic acid functional groups; Journal of Chromatography A
Chelation Ion Chromatography of Metal Ions Using a Reversed-Phase ODS Column and a Mobile Phase Containing Methylthymol Blue; IICS'98
Chelation ion chromatography of metal ions using an ODS reversed-phase column and a mobile phase containing methylthymol blue; Analytica Chimica Acta
Chelation ion chromatography of trace metal ions using metallochromic ligands; TrAC - Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Chemical trends in background air quality and the ionic composition of precipitation for the period 1980-2004 from samples collected at Valentia Observatory, Co. Kerry, Ireland; Journal of Environmental Monitoring
Chemotaxis-based smart drug delivery of epirubicin using a 3D printed microfluidic chip; Journal of Chromatography B
Chromatographic behaviour of synthetic high pressure high temperature diamond in aqueous normal phase chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Chromatographic methods for the isolation, separation and characterisation of dissolved organic matter; Environmental Science Processes and Impacts
Chromatographic performance of synthetic polycrystalline diamond as a stationary phase in normal phase high performance liquid chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Column Heater
Combined Contactless Conductometric, Photometric, and Fluorimetric Single Point Detector for Capillary Separation Methods; Analytical Chemistry
Comment on “Structural characterization of dissolved organic matter: a review of current techniques for isolation and analysis” by E. C. Minor, M. M. Swenson, B. M. Mattson, and A. R. Oyler, Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, 2014, 16, 2064; Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts
Comparative study of the metal selective properties of iminodiacetic acid bonded silica gels; Chromatography '96
Comparing microfluidic performance of three-dimensional (3D) printing platforms; Analytical Chemistry
Comparison of cation-exchange capillary columns used for ion chromatographic separation of biogenic amines; Journal of Chromatography A
Comparison of cyanide speciation by ion-interaction liquid chromatography and standard distillation methods; Chemistry in Australia
Comparison of cyanide speciation by ion-interaction liquid chromatography and the standard distillation methods; International Ion Chromatography Symposium '96
Comparison of electrochemical property between multiwalled carbon nanotubes and porous graphitized carbon monolith modified glassy carbon electrode for the simultaneous determination of ascorbic acid and uric acid; Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
Comprehensive analysis of pharmaceutical products using simultaneous mixed-mode (ion-exchange/reversed-phase) and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography; Journal of Separation Science
Comprehensive characterisation of ylang-ylang essential oils according to distillation time, origin, and chemical composition using a multivariate approach applied to average mass spectra and segmented average mass spectral data; The Journal of Chromatography A
Controlled ultraviolet (UV) photoinitiated fabrication of monolithic porous layer open tubular (monoPLOT) capillary columns for chromatographic applications; Analytical Chemistry
Current and future impact of 3D printing on the separation sciences; Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Data handling and data analysis in metabolomic studies of essential oils using GC-MS; Journal of Chromatography A
Deep-UV-LEDs in photometric detection: A 255 nm LED on-capillary detector in capillary electrophoresis; The Analyst
Determination of calcium and magnesium in sea-water using a dynamically coated porous graphitic carbon column with a selective metallochromic ligand as a component of the mobile phase; Analytical Communications
Determination of calcium and magnesium in water samples by high-performance liquid chromatography on a graphitic stationary phase with a mobile phase containing o-cresolphthalein complexone; Journal of Chromatography A
Determination of niobium(V) and tantalum(V) as 4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinol-citrate ternary complexes in geological materials by ion-interaction reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Determination of Thorium and Uranyl in Nitrophosphate Solution by On-Line Matrix-Elimination Reversed-Phase Chromatography; Chromatographia
Determination of trace labile copper in environmental waters by magnetic nanoparticle solid phase extraction and high-performance chelation ion chromatography; Talanta
Determination of trace magnesium and strontium in calcium carbonate and calcareous skeletons of marine planktonic organisms using high performance chelation ion chromatography; Analytical Methods
Determination of trace uranyl in saline samples using chelation ion chromatography; Analytical Communications
Development of a contactless conductivity detector cell for 1.6 mm O.D. (1/16th inch) HPLC tubing and micro-bore columns with on-column detection; The Analyst
Development of a rapid and sensitive method for determination of cysteine/cystine ratio in chemically defined media; The Journal of Chromatography A
Development of a silica monolith modified with Fe3O4 nano-particles in centrifugal spin column format for the extraction of phosphorylated compounds; Journal of Separation Science
Development of polydimethylsiloxane-microdiamond composite materials for application as sorptive devices; Journal of Chromatography A
Diamond based adsorbents and their application in chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Direct determination of transition metals in mussel tissue digests using high-performance chelation ion chromatography with monolithic silica based chelating ion exchangers; Analytical Methods
Direct production of microstructured surfaces for planar chromatography using 3D printing; Analytical Chemistry
Direct sector field ICP-MS determination of metal impurities in detonation nanodiamond; Carbon
Double gradient ion chromatography on a short carboxybetaine coated monolithic anion exchanger; Chemical Communications
Double gradient ion chromatography using short monolithic columns modified with a long chained zwitterionic carboxybetaine surfactant; Journal of Chromatography A
Dual gradient LC method for the determination of pharmaceutical residues in environmental samples using a monolithic silica reversed phase column; International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Effect of laser processing parameters and glass type on topology of micro-channels; 2010 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo
Electrochemical characterisation of nanoparticulate zirconium dioxide-on-gold electrode for electrochemical detection in flow-based analytical systems; Electrochimica Acta
Electrodeposition of palladium nanoparticles on porous graphitized carbon monolith modified carbon paste electrode for simultaneous enhanced determination of ascorbic acid and uric acid; Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
Electrofluidic control of bioactive molecule delivery into soft tissue models based on gelatin methacryloyl hydrogels using threads and surgical sutures; Scientific Reports
Electrokinetic Properties of Lubricin Antiadhesive Coatings in Microfluidic Systems; Langmuir
Elemental analysis of nanodiamonds by inductively coupled plasma hyphenated methods; Nanodiamonds
Enhanced organic species identification via laser structuring of carbon monolithic surfaces; Applied Surface Science
Enhanced physicochemical properties of polydimethylsiloxane based microfluidic devices and thin films by incorporating synthetic micro-diamond; Scientific Reports
Essential role of ion chromatography in constructing ice core paleoclimatic records; Chromatography Today
Evaluation of capillary ion exchange stationary phase coating distribution and stability using radial capillary column contactless conductivity detection; The Analyst
Evaluation of monolithic and sub 2 µm particle packed columns for the rapid screening for illicit drugs - application to the determination of drug contamination on Irish euro banknotes; The Analyst
Evaluation of photografted charged sites within polymer monoliths in capillary columns using contactless conductivity detection; Journal of Separation Science
Evaluation of polypyrrole/silver/polyethylene glycol nanocomposite sorbent for electroenhanced direct-immersion solid-phase microextraction of carvacrol and thymol from medicinal plants; Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society
Fabrication and characterisation of capillary polymeric monoliths incorporating continuous stationary phase gradients; Journal of Separation Science
Fabrication and characterisation of gold nano-particle modified polymer monoliths for flow-through catalytic reactions and their application in the reduction of hexacyanoferrate; Microchimica Acta
Fabrication and characterization of nanotemplated carbon monolithic material; ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Fabrication and evaluation of poly (dimethylsiloxane)-diamond electrophoretic chip; 23rd Annual Research and Development Topics Conference
Fabrication of a smartphone-based spectrophotometer and its application in monitoring concentrations of organic dyes; ACS Omega
Fabrication of bonded monolithic porous layer open tubular (monoPLOT) columns in wide bore capillary by laminar flow thermal initiation; Chromatographia
Fabrication of humidity sensor using 3D printable polymer composite containing boron-doped diamonds and LiCl; ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Facile development of a fiber-based electrode for highly selective and sensitive detection of dopamine; ACS Sensors
Fast direct determination of strontium in seawater using high-performance chelation ion chromatography; Microchemical Journal
Fast ion chromatography of inorganic anions and cations on a lysine bonded porous silica monolith; Journal of Chromatography A
Fast pulsed amperometric waveform for miniaturised flow-through electrochemical detection: Application in monitoring graphene oxide reduction; Electrochimica Acta
Fibre-based electrofluidics on low cost versatile 3D printed platforms for solute delivery, separations and diagnostics; from small molecules to intact cells; Analyst
Fibre-based platforms for microfluidics, sensing and diagnostic applications; 20th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
Flow Analysis Method Using Chelating CIM Monolithic Disks for Monitoring Dissolved Labile Copper in Environmental Water Samples; Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies
Flow gradient liquid chromatography using a coated anion exchange microcolumn; Journal of Separation Science
Focussed ion beam serial sectioning and imaging of monolithic materials for 3D reconstruction and morphological parameter evaluation; Analyst
Fractionation of dissolved organic matter on coupled reversed-phase monolithic columns and characterisation using reversed-phase liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry; Chromatographia
Fully automated, low-cost ion chromatography system for in-situ analysis of nitrite and nitrate in natural waters; Talanta
Functionalisation of mesoporous silica gel with 2-[(phosphonomethyl)-amino]acetic acid functional groups. Characterisation and application; Applied Surface Science
Fused filament fabrication 3D printed polylactic acid electroosmotic pumps; Lab on A Chip
Geometrical alignment of multiple fabrication steps for rapid prototyping of microfluidic paper-based analytical devices; Analytical Chemistry
Graphene oxide nanoparticles and their influence on chromatographic separation using polymeric high internal phase emulsions; Separations
Heating‑, cooling‑ and vacuum‑assisted solid‑phase microextraction (HCV‑SPME) for efficient sampling of environmental pollutants in complex matrices; Chromatographia
Hierarchical porous graphitic carbon monoliths with detonation nanodiamonds: synthesis, characterisation and adsorptive properties; Journal of Materials Science
High Performance Chelation Ion Chromatography; Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing
High sensitivity deep-UV LED-based z-cell photometric detector for capillary liquid chromatography; Analytica Chimica Acta: International Journal Devoted to All Branches of Analytical Chemistry
High-capacity gold nanoparticle functionalised polymer monoliths; Chemical Communications
High-performance separation of small inorganic anions on a methacrylate-based polymer monolith grafted with [2(methacryloyloxy)ethyl] trimethylammonium chloride; Journal of Separation Science
High-throughput deposition of chemical reagents via pen-plotting technique for microfluidic paper-based analytical devices; Analytica Chimica Acta
Holistic visualisation of the multimodal transport and fate of twelve pharmaceuticals in biosolid enriched topsoils; Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Iminodiacetic acid functionalised organopolymer monoliths: application to the separation of metal cations by capillary high-performance chelation ion chromatography; Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Improved method for the determination of zinc pyrithione in environmental water samples incorporating on-line extraction and preconcentration coupled with liquid chromatography atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation mass spectrometry; The Journal of Chromatography A
In Situ Measurement of Polymer Layer Thickness in Porous Layer Open Tubular (PLOT) Columns Using Optical Absorbance in the Near-IR Range; Separations
In-process phase growth measurement technique in the fabrication of monolithic porous layer open tubular (monoPLOT) columns using capacitively coupled contactless conductivity; The Analyst
In-situ growth of metal-organic frameworks in a reactive 3D printable material; Applied Materials Today
Incorporation of Acrylate Based Spiropyran Monoliths in Micro-Fluidic Devices for Photo-Controlled Electroosmotic Flow; International Ceramics Congress and Forum on New Materials
Increased elastic modulus of plasma polymer coatings reinforced with detonation nanodiamond particles improves osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells; Turkish Journal of Biology
Infrared photo-initiated fabrication of monolithic porous layer open tubular (monoPLOT) capillary columns for chromatographic applications†; RSC Advances
Inorganic monoliths in separation science: A review; Analytica Chimica Acta
Instrument-free argentometric determination of chloride via trapezoidal distance-based microfluidic paper devices; Analytica Chimica Acta
Integrated 3D printed heaters for microfluidic applications: Ammonium analysis within environmental water; Analytica Chimica Acta
Integrating independent silica monolith electroosmotic pumps for reagent delivery and sample preconcentration in a µ-TAS device; Eleventh International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
Introducing Quality Control in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory Using Control Charts ; Journal of Chemical Education
Investigating the effect of column geometry on separation efficiency using 3D printed liquid chromatographic columns containing polymer monolithic phases; Analytical Chemistry
Investigation into dissolved neutral sugars and their microbial conversion in natural and artificially produced dissolved organic matter using ion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection and reversed-phase liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry; Analytical Methods
Investigation of chelating dye impregnated resins for the ion chromatographic determination of trace metals; 13th Australian Symposium on Analytical Chemistry - Initiatives in Quality Solutions
Investigation of the Retention Behaviour of Carboxylic Acids in Ion-Exclusion Chromatography using a New Theoretical Model; RACI, Analytical Chemistry Division, 6th Annual Research & Development Topics 1998
Investigation of the Retention Behaviour of Carboxylic Acids in Ion-Exclusion Chromatography Using a New Theoretical Model; IICS'98
Investigation on selectivity of mercaptopropylsilica and silver nanoparticles-functionalised mercaptopropylsilica; Current Chromatography
Ion chromatographic analysis of cyanate in gold processing samples containing large concentrations of metallo-cyanide complexes; Journal of Chromatography A
Ion chromatographic determination of hydrazine in excess ammonia for monitoring graphene oxide reduction reaction; Talanta
Ion chromatography; Liquid Chromatography: Fundamentals and Instrumentation
Ion chromotography; Liquid Chromatography
Ion-exchange and hydrophobic interactions affecting selectivity for neutral and charged solutes on three structurally similar agglomerated ion-exchange and mixed-mode stationary phases; Analytica Chimica Acta
Ion-exchange based immobilization of chromogenic reagents on microfluidic paper analytical devices; Analytical chemistry
Ion-exchange properties of high pressure high temperature synthetic diamond; Diamond and Related Materials
Ion-exchange properties of microdispersed sintered detonation nanodiamond; Adsorption
Laser processing of quartz for microfluidic device fabrication; Advanced Materials Research
Life-saving threads: advances in textile-based analytical devices; ACS Combinatorial Science
Liquid chromatographic profiling of monosaccharide concentrations in complex cell-culture media and fermentation broths; Analytical Methods: advancing methods and applications
Low cost 235 nm ultra-violet light-emitting diode-based absorbance detector for application in a portable ion chromatography system for nitrite and nitrate monitoring; The Journal of Chromatography A
Low pressure ion chromatography with a low cost paired emitter–detector diode based detector for the determination of alkaline earth metals in water samples; Analytica Chimica Acta
Low-cost passive sampling device with integrated porous membrane produced using multimaterial 3D printing; Analytical Chemistry
Micro-bore titanium housed polymer monoliths for reversed-phase liquid chromatography of small molecules; The Journal of Chromatography A
Micro-capillary coatings based on spiropyran polymeric brushes for metal ion binding, detection, and release in continuous flow; Sensors
Micro-flow injection analysis system: on-chip sample preconcentration, injection and delivery using coupled monolithic electroosmotic pumps; Lab on A Chip: Miniaturisation for Chemistry and Biology
Microextraction and determination of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, challenges, and future trends; Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry
Microfluidics: Which type of 3D printer?; 20th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
Microwave-assisted purification of detonation nanodiamond; Diamond and Related Materials
Miniature and fully portable gradient capillary liquid chromatograph; Analytica Chimica Acta: International Journal Devoted to All Branches of Analytical Chemistry
Miniaturised electrically actuated high pressure injection valve for portable capillary liquid chromatography; Talanta
Miniaturized capillary ion chromatograph with UV light-emitting diode based indirect absorbance detection for anion analysis in potable and environmental waters; Journal of Separation Science
Mixed-mode liquid chromatography on core shell stationary phases based on layer-by-layer nanodiamond/polyamine architecture; Current Chromatography
Modular, cost-effective, and portable capillary gradient liquid chromatography system for on-site analysis; Journal of Chromatography A
Monolithic ion exchange phases for the separation of small inorganic ions; Monolithic Chromatography and Its Modern Applications
Monolithic porous layer open tubular (monoPLOT) columns for low pressure liquid chromatography of proteins; Analytical Methods
Multi-channel capillaries and photonic crystal fibres for separation sciences; Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Multi-lumen capillary based trypsin micro-reactor for the rapid digestion of proteins; Analyst
Multi-residue determination of pharmaceuticals in sludge and sludge enriched soils using pressurized liquid extraction, solid phase extraction and liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry; Journal of Environmental Monitoring
Multidimensional gas chromatography in essential oil analysis. Part 2: Application to characterisation and identification; Chromatographia
Multidimensional gas chromatography in essential oil analysis. Part 1: Technical developments; Chromatographia
Nano-particle modified stationary phases for high-performance liquid chromatography; The Analyst
Nanomaterial-assisted thread-based isotachophoresis with on-thread solute trapping; Analyst
New method for the rapid extraction of natural products: efficient isolation of shikimic acid from star anise; Organic Letters
New Porous Monolithic Phases for Rapid Ion Analysis; European Pharmaceutical Review
New Possibilities in Ion Chromatography Using Porous Monolithic Stationary-Phase Media ; Trends in Analytical Chemistry
New strategies for stationary phase integration within centrifugal microfluidic platforms for applications in sample preparation and pre-concentration; Analytical Methods
Non-invasive characterization of stationary phases in capillary flow systems using scanning capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection (sC(4)D); Trends in Analytical Chemistry
Normal-phase high-performance counter-current chromatography for the fractionation of dissolved organic matter from a freshwater source; Journal of Separation Science
Novel approach toward electrofluidic substrates utilizing textile based braided structure; Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces
Novel integrated paired emitter-detector diode (PEDD) as a miniaturized photometric detector in HPLC ; The Analyst
Novel ion chromatographic stationary phases for the analysis of complex matrices; The Analyst
Numerical model for light propagation and light intensity distribution inside coated fused silica capillaries; Optics and Lasers in Engineering
Numerical modelling of light propagation for development of capillary electrophoretic and photochemical detection systems; Electrophoresis
On-column titration and investigation of metal complex formation for aminopolycarboxylate functionalised monoliths using scanning contactless conductivity detection; Journal of Separation Science
On-line preconcentration of pharmaceutical residues from large volume water samples using short reversed-phase monolithic cartridges coupled to LC-UV-ESI-MS; Talanta
Optimisation of selectivity in the separation of metallo-cyanide complexes by ion-interaction chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Origin, transport and deposition of aerosol iron to Australian coastal waters; Atmospheric Environment
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Physicochemical properties of iron oxides opportunities for useful AMD products?; 2017 Workshop on Acid and Metalliferous Drainage
Pipette-tip selective extraction of glycoproteins with lectin modified gold nano-particles on a polymer monolithic phase; Analyst
PolyJet printed high aspect ratio three-dimensional bifurcating microfluidic flow distributor and its application in solid-phase extraction; Analytica Chimica Acta: International Journal Devoted to All Branches of Analytical Chemistry
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Polystyrene bead-based system for optical sensing using spiropyran photoswitches; Journal of Materials Chemistry
Porogens and porogen selection in the preparation of porous polymer monoliths; Journal of Separation Science
Porous Graphitized Carbon Monolith as an Electrode Material for Probing Direct Bioelectrochemistry and Selective Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide; Analytical Chemistry
Porous layer open tubular columns in capillary liquid chromatography; Analyst
Porous, high capacity coatings for solid phase microextraction by sputtering; Analytical Chemistry
Portable analyser using two-dimensional ion chromatography with ultra-violet light-emitting diode-based absorbance detection for nitrate monitoring within both saline and freshwaters; Journal of Chromatography A
Postcolumn derivatization of amino acids using reaction flow chromatography columns with fluorescence detection: a fast new approach to selective derivatization techniques; Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies
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Precise and fast determination of inorganic magnesium in coccolithophore calcite; Chemical Geology
Predicting sorption of pharmaceuticals and personal care products onto soil and digested sludge using artificial neural networks; The Analyst
Preparation, characterisation and modification of carbon-based monolithic rods for chromatographic applications; Journal of Separation Science
Processable thermally conductive polyurethane composite fibers; Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
Production of novel polymer monolithic columns, with stationary phase gradients, using cyclic olefin co-polymer (COC) optical filters; Analyst
Production of polymer monolithic capillary columns with integrated gold nano-particle modified segments for on-capillary extraction; Microchemical Journal
Prospects of pulsed amperometric detection in flow-based analytical systems - A Review; Analytica Chimica Acta
Radical scavenging activity and metabolomic profiling study of ylang-ylang essential oils based on high-performance thin-layer chromatography and multivariate statistical analysis; Journal of Chromatography B
Random Forests machine learning applied to gas chromatography – mass spectrometry derived average mass spectrum data sets for classification and characterisation of essential oils; Talanta
Rapid and sensitive chromatographic determination of free sialic acid in complex bio-pharma fermentation media samples; Analytical Methods
Rapid Capillary Electrophoretic Method for Trace Chromium Speciation Using a Zwitterionic Isoelectric Polymer Coated Capillary and Photodiode Array Detection; Analytical Letters
Rapid online preconcentration and suppressed ion chromatography of part per trillion levels of perchlorate in rainwater and drinking water; Analytica Chimica Acta
Rapid screening of inorganic and organic anions in liquid by-products from hydrothermal treatment of biomass by capillary electrophoresis; Electrophoresis
Recent advances and applications of synthetic diamonds in solid-phase extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Recent advances in open tubular capillary liquid chromatography; Analyst
Recent advances in stir-bar sorptive extraction: Coatings, technical improvements, and applications; Analytica Chimica Acta
Recent developments in 3D printable composite materials; RSC Advances
Recent strategies to enhance the performance of polymer monoliths for analytical separations
Report from the second ACROSS International Symposium on Advances in Separation Science (ASASS 2016), Hobart, Nov 30th–Dec 2nd 2016; Chromatographia
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Retention mechanism of carboxylic acids in ion-exclusion chromatography; IICS'97
Retention modelling of electrostatic and adsorption effects of aliphatic and aromatic carboxylic acids in ion-exclusion chromatography; Journal of Chromatography A
Reversed-phase functionalised multi-lumen capillary as combined concentrator, separation column, and ESI emitter in capillary-LC-MS; Chromatographia
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Robust monolithic silica-based on-chip electro-osmotic micro-pump; The Analyst
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Research Projects

2012: 38th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phrase Separations and Related techniques; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
A high speed, high fidelity 3D printer for fabricating microfluidic devices; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Advanced high resolution biomolecular analysis facility for Tasmania; Australian Research Council (ARC)
ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES); Australian Research Council (ARC)
ARC Research Hub for Processing Lignocellulosics into High Value Products; Australian Research Council (ARC)
ARC Training Centre for Hyphenated Analytical Separation Technologies; Australian Research Council (ARC)
ARC Training Centre for Portable Analytical Separation Technologies; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Boosting research capability to develop value-added products for the food and wood industries in regional areas.; Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE)
Creating an ice core record from Antarctic samples using Capillary-Ion Chromatography coupled mass-spectrometry ; Ian Potter Foundation (IPF)
Development and application of a new chelating stationary phase for speciation analysis of trace transition metals in complex samples; Universities Australia / Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service) (UADAAD)
Development and application of new highly sensitive low volume capillary ion chromatography techniques to deliver higher resolution ice core derived paleoclimatic records; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)
Lectin based open tubular micro-reactors for probing protein-protein binding; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre; Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DoIIS)
MASK: Material and Advanced Sensor Knowledge Exchange; Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER)
May 2011: European Lab Automation (ELA) - Advances in Separation Technology; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Measuring Prison Drug use Through Wastewater Analysis: A Preparatory Study of the A.C.T Prison; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Micro-disperse Sintered Nano-diamonds: a New Class of Versatile Adsorbent for High Performance Liquid Chromatography; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Micro-electrofluidic platforms for monitoring 3D human biological models; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Minimising market-limiting discolouration in appearance Tasmanian hardwood; FWPA - National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (FWPA - NIFPI)
New on-fibre separation science with ambient ionisation mass spectrometry; Australian Research Council (ARC)
On-line monitoring system for Furacell tm process control; Australian Institute of Mathematics & Science Pty Ltd (AMSI)
Portable and field-deployable analytical platforms for water monitoring; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Quarantined ion chromatography mass spectrometry (IC-MS) facility; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Research Enhancement Program (REP) 2019 - CoSE; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Second ACROSS International Symposium on Advances in Separation Science (ASASS 2); Ian Potter Foundation (IPF)
The development of new adhesive polymers and their application to material sourced from human teeth; Australian Dental Research Foundation (ADRF)
The development of novel ion chromatographic techniques for the analysis of trace metals in complex environmental samples.; Ian Potter Foundation (IPF)
Ultra-High Resolution 3D Printer to make micron-sized structures and voids; Australian Research Council (ARC)
College of Experts 2017-19 - Professor Brett Paull
Development of extraction technology for absorption and purification of perfume oils
Dextran sulfate characterisation
Extraction of shell protein
Hand-held Separation Systems for Quality in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Method development for the detection and HPLC analysis of Priostar dendrimers
Project Hummingbird - Development of an on-line HPLC for tablet manufacturing process monitoring
Purification of gas chromatography stationary phases by means of high performance counter current chromatography
SPME-GC GC-MS: Development of analytical capability and techniques for the molecular analysis and characterisation of essential oils

Research Candidate Supervision

Carbonaceous nanoparticles and carbon on carbon composite materials- Preparation, properties and application in adsoption.
Characterisation of Mollusc Shell Proteins and their Application
Chemical survey of Tasmanian land plants by Hot Pressurised Water Extraction (HPWE) targeting new molecular scaffolds for chemical modification for medicinal chemistry applications
Mechanistic studies on carboxylic acid retention in IEC
Multidimensional Chromatographic Analysis of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter
New Composite and Nanostructured Materials for Chemical Analysis
Preparation and Characterisation of Diamond Based Stationary Phases for Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Separation of Niobium and Tantalum by RP-HPLC