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Researcher: Karpiniec, SS (Mr Samuel Karpiniec)

Fields of Research

Organometallic chemistry
Transition metal chemistry
Organic chemical synthesis
Main group metal chemistry
Catalysis and mechanisms of reactions

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences
Hydrogen production from fossil fuels
Organic industrial chemicals (excl. resins, rubber and plastics)

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Acetylene cyclotrimerization with an iron(II) bis(imino)pyridine catalyst; Organometallics
Acetylene Oligomerization with Metallocene Catalysts and Triethylaluminium: The Peculiar Course of the Aufbau Reaction with Acetylene; Organometallics
Evaluation of mid-to-late transition metal imine catalysts for acetylene oligomerisation: A high activity bis(imino)pyridine iron(II) catalyst; Catalysis Today
High activity acetylene polymerisation with a bis(imino) pyridine iron(II) catalyst; Chemical Communications
Revisiting the Aufbau Reaction with Acetylene: Further Insights from Experiment and Theory; Organometallics
Revisiting the Aufbau Reaction with Acetylene: Growth at Aluminium Producing a Unique Oligomer Distribution; Chemistry: A European Journal
Synthesis and Reactivity of (η1-Alkynyl)diorganoplatinum(IV) Species, Including Structural Studies of PtIMe(p-Tol)(CCSiMe3)(dmpe) [dmpe = 1,2-bis(dimethylphosphino)ethane] and the Platinum(II) Reagent PtPh2(dmpe); Organometallics
Synthesis and Reactivity of Platinum(IV) and Palladium(IV) Alkynyls; IC07: Royal Australian Chemical Institute Conference of the Inorganic Division
Synthesis of alkynylplatinum(IV) complexes and selectivity in reductive elimination from platinum(IV) centres containing varied combinations of organic groups; IC08: Royal Australian Chemical Institute Conference of the Inorganic Division

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision