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Researcher: Solomon, M (Dr Michael Solomon)

Fields of Research

Resource geoscience
Igneous and metamorphic petrology
Structural geology and tectonics

Research Objectives

Other mineral resources (excl. energy resources)
Zinc ore exploration
Expanding knowledge in the earth sciences
Mineral exploration
Copper ore exploration
Precious (noble) metal ore exploration

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Brine pool deposition for the Zn-Pb-Cu massive sulphide deposits of the Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick, Canada. I. Comparisons with the Iberian pyrite belt; Ore Geology Reviews
Brine-pool deposition for the Zn-Pb-Cu massive sulphide deposits of the Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick, Canada. II. Ocean anoxia during mineralisation; Ore Geology Reviews
Constructing the massive pyritic ore deposits of the Iberian Pyrite Belt: an explanation involving brine pools, sulphur-deficient ore fluids, and tin granites; Volcanic Environments and Massive Sulfide Deposits
Discussion: Sulphur isotope composition of the Brunswick No 12 massive sulphide deposit, Bathurst mining campl New Brunswick: implications for ambient environement, sulphur source and ore genesis; Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
Earth's evolution and mineral resources, with particular emphasis on volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits and banded iron formations; AGSO Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics
Explaining variation in VHMS ores (eg. Hokoroku, Hellyer and Mt Lyell): the likely role of fractures, deep footwall permeability, and rock buffering capacity; 15th Australian Geological Convention
Explanation for many of the unusual features of the massive sulfide deposits of the Iberian pyrite belt; Geology
Formation of the Tharsis massive sulfide deposit, Iberian Pyrite Belt: Geological, lithogeochemical, and stable isotope evidence for deposition in a brine pool; Economic Geology
Lead in seafloor mineralised systems as a function of magma composition and degassing: constraints from Troodos (Cyprus) and PACMANUS (eastern Manus basin); Volcanic Environments and Massive Sulfide Deposits
Magmas from eastern Manus Basin and Troodos Lower Pillow Lavas - compositional and petrogenetic comparisons; State of the Arc 2000
Nature and origin of the fluids responsible for forming the Hellyer Zn-Pb-Cu, volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposit, Tasmania, using fluid inclusions, and stable and radiogenic isotopes; Ore Geology Reviews
Textures of the Hellyer Volcanic-Hosted Massive Sulfide Deposit, Tasmania- the Ageing of a Sulfide Sediment on the Sea Floor; Economic Geology
The Cu stockwork and massive sulfide ore of the Feitais volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposit, Aljustrel, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Portugal: A mineralogical, fluid inclusion, and isotopic investigation; Economic Geology
The formation on the seafloor of Hellyer and other Rosebery-type volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits; Economic Geology
The geology and origin of Australia's mineral deposits; Centre for Ore Deposit Research and Centre for Global Metallogeny
The role of the mantle in the genesis of tin deposits and tin provinces of Eastern Australia; Economic Geology and The Bulletin of The Society of Economic Geologists
The significance of stable and radiogenic isotopic data to the origin of the Hellyer VHMS deposit
U-Pb geochronology and Pb isotope characteristics of the Chahgaz volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, southern Iran; International Geology Review
Zn-Pb-Cu massive sulfide deposits: Brine-pool types occur in collisional orogens, black smoker types occur in backarc and/or arc basins; Geology
Zn-Pb-Cu volcanic-hosted massive sulphide deposits: criteria for distinguishing brine pool-type from black smoker-type sulphide deposition; Ore Geology Reviews

Research Projects

Origin of the Chahgaz Massive Sulfide Deposit, Iran; Society of Economic Geologists Foundation Inc (SEGF)
Origin of the Chahgaz Massive Sulfide Deposit - Iran

Research Candidate Supervision

El Teniente Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum Deposit, Central Chile