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Researcher: Jones, DM (Dr David Jones)

Fields of Research

Political Science
International Relations
Australian Government and Politics
Australian History (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History)
British History
Public Policy
Political Theory and Political Philosophy
International Economics and International Finance
Comparative Government and Politics
Social Philosophy
Social Theory

Research Objectives

International Relations
Expanding Knowledge through Studies of Human Society
Government and Politics
Political Systems
Understanding Australia's Past
Trade Policy
Religion and Ethics
Balance of Payments
Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Cultural Understanding
Economic Framework
International Agreements on Trade

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Advance Australia - Anywhere; Orbis A Journal of World Affaiirs
Asean's Imitation Community; Orbis
ASEAN, Asian Values and Southeast Asian Security in the New World Order; Contemporary Security Policy
Asia's Rising Middle Class Not A Force For Change; National Interest
Asian Models of Democracy
Asian Values and the Constitutional Order of Contemporary Singapore; Constitutional Political Economy
Can Tigers Change their Stripes?; The World Today
Can Tigers Change their Stripes? Strategic Implications of the Financial Meltdown in the Asia-Pacific; Brassey's Defence Yearbook 1999
Conscience and Allegiance in Seventeeth Century England; University of Rochester Press
Contemporary Political Violence - New Terror in the Global Village; Globalisation and the New Terror: The Asia Pacific Dimension
Cunning, Silence, Exile: Mid-Nineteenth Century Welsh Radicals in Van Diemen's Land; Tasmanian Historical Studies
Democratization, Civil Society, and Illiberal Middle Class Culture in Pacific Asia; Comparative Politics
Dismantling Jemaah Islamiyah's Southeast Asian Terror Franchise
From Konfrontasi to Disintegrasi: Asean and the Rise of Islamism in Southeast Asia; Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
Globalisation and the New Terror: The Asia Pacific Dimension; Edward Elgar Publishing Limited
Globalization, Nationalism, and the Modernization of the United Kingdom of Great Britain; Nationalism and Globalization East and West
Identity Politics in Southeast Asia; Jane's Intelligence Review
Is there a Sovietology of South-East Asian studies?; International Affairs
Islamism in Southeast Asia
Labor and the myth of regionalism
Looking for the Pattern: Al Qaeda in Southeast Asia-The Genealogy of a Terror Network; Studies in Conflict and Terrorism
Michel Foucault and the Discourse of Education; Critical Theory and Educational Research
Miracle Turns Into Nightmare; The World Today
Misreading Menzies and Whitlam: Reassessing the Ideological Construction of Australian Foreign Policy; The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs
Myths of the Meltdown: The Curious Case of the Developmental State in the Asia Pacific; London Defence Studies
Nation-building, Ethnicity, and Politics; The Southeast Asia Handbook
Noise but No Signal: Strategy, Culture, and the Poverty of Constructivism
Old attitudes dying hard in Asia
Out of Bali: Cybercaliphate Rising
Political Development in Pacific Asia; Polity Press
Postmodernity and Political Science: A Contradiction in Terms; Sojourn: journal of social issues in Southeast Asia
Regional Illusion and Its Aftermath; Policy
Reinventing realism-challenging Australia's foreign policy orthodoxy: a reply to Samuel Makinda; International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
Reinventing Realism: Australia's Foreign and Defence Policy at the Millennium; The Royal Institute of International Affairs
Review of East Timor: Development Challenges for the World's Newest Nation by H Hill and J Saldanha (eds)
Review of New Sources and Opportunities for Research into the History of Contemporary China, the International Communist Movement and the Cold War by Fernando Orlandi
Review of Reconfiguring East Asia: Regional Institutions and Organisations after the Crisis by Mark Beeson (ed)
Review of Germaine A. Hoston, The State, Identity and the National Question in China and Japan; Asian Journal of Political Science
Southeast Asia and the War Against Terrorism: The Rise of Islamism and the Challenge to the Surveillance State; September 11 & Political Freedom: Asian Perspectives
Still Active: Jemaah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia
The Bali Bomb and Australian Policy: Costly Delusion
The Changing Security Agenda in Southeast Asia: Globalization, New Terror, and the Delusions of Regionalism; Studies in Conflict & Terrorism
The Discourse of the Migrant and the Enigma of Arrival: The Curious Case of the Hong Kong Boat People; Crossing Borders: Transmigration in Asia Pacific
The Discourse of the Urban School and the Formation of a Therapeutic Complex; Critical Theory and Educational Research
The Image of China in Western Social and Political Thought; Palgrave
The Perils of Hyper-Vigilance: The War on Terrorism and the Surveillance State in Southeast Asia; Intelligence and National Security
The politics of economic governance; Governance in the Asia-Pacific
Tigers Ready to Roar?; The World Today
Towards Illiberal Democracy in Pacific Asia; Macmillan
What Mahathir Has Wrought; The National Interest
Zephaniah Williams and the Welsh Diaspora; Island

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

A Greener Alternative? Deliverative Democracy Meets Local Government in Australia
Liberal governance & its ability to discipline its citizens through public policy, including gender & class analysis, politics of personality & consumer individualism
Mechanisms for paradigm shift in political views inside a population
Media and political change in SE Asia
Methods of aircraft terrorism control & associated policy problems
Non-state security threats to Australia in the post Cold War world.
One Equal Eternity- From Ethnic to Civic Identity- The European Experience
Political Mavericks in Australia
Politics & reduction- Political geography since zero
Post-ideological Politics? A comparative analysis of the development and application of the 'third way'
The Alternative Vision- Australian Republicanism
The Art of Governing Conduct
The ideology of Islamism
The International Dimension of Democratisation- East Asia