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Researcher: Garfield, JL (Professor Jay Garfield)

Fields of Research

Other philosophy and religious studies
Philosophy of mind (excl. cognition)
Philosophy of specific cultures (incl. comparative philosophy)
Ethical theory
Studies in eastern religious traditions
Social and political philosophy
History of philosophy
Memory and attention
Literary theory
Other language, communication and culture
Gender studies
Historical studies
Australian history
Educational psychology
Sensory processes, perception and performance

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Religion and society
Expanding knowledge in human society
Other education and training

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Buddhism for Western Scientists: A Companion to Constructive Realism; Braumneller
Emptiness and Positionlessness: Do the Madhyamika Relinquish all Views?; Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion
Empty Words: Buddhist Philosophy and Cross-Cultural Interpretation; Oxford University Press
Mentalese Not Spoken Here: Computation, Cognition and Causation; Philosophical Psychology
Nagarjuna's Theory of Causality: Implications Sacred and Profane; Philosophy East & West
Newman Robert Glass: Working Emptiness: Toward a Third Reading of Emptiness in Buddhism and Postmodern Thought
Pain deproblematized; Philosophical Psychology
Particularity and Principle: The Structure of Moral Knowledge; Moral Particularism
Philosophy, Religion and the Hermeneutic Imperative; Gadamer's Century - Essays in Honor of Hans-Georg Gadamer
Propositional Attitudes
Quine and Sellars: Twilight of the Dogmas and the Death of Modernism; American Philosophers
Respecting Autonomy by Proxy Decisionmaking: Treatment Decisions for No-Longer Competent Patients; Health Care, Law and Ethics
Review of Boden ed, Dimensions of Creativity; Philosophical Psychology
Review of Haugeland, Mind Design II
Review of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Thirty-Seven Practices of the Bodhisattva; Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Review of J Kupperman's Learning from Asian Philosophy; Mind
Review of KC Chakrabarti, Definition and Induction: A Historical and Comparative Study; Metascience
Review of N R Glass, Working Emptiness: Toward a Third Reading of Emptiness in Buddhism and Postmodern Thought; Sophia
Review of V G Hardcastle The Myth of Pain; Metascience
Review of V Hardcastle, How to Build a Theory in Cognitive Science; Philosophical Psychology
Social Cognition, Language Acquisition and The Development of the Theory of Mind; Mind & Language
The Meanings of 'Meaning': Dimensions of the Sciences of Mind; Philosophical Psychology
The Satya in Satyagraha: Samdhong Ringpoche's approach to nonviolence; In Search of Truth: a collection of erticles in honour of the fifth Samdhong Rinpoche, Losang Tenzin on his sixteenth birthday
Three Natures and Three Naturelessnesses: Comments on Cittamatra Conceptual Categories; Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion
Vasubandhu's 'Treatise on the Three Natures' - Translated from the Tibetan edition with a commentary; Asian Philosophy
Western Approaches to Emptiness; Ordinary Mind - An Australian Buddhist Review
Western Idealism and Its Critics; Pyrrho Press
Western idealism through Indian eyes: A cittamatra reading of Berkeley, Kant and Schopenhauer; Sophia: international journal for philosophy of religion, metaphysical theology and ethics
Western Philosophy of Science for Buddhist Philosophers: A Companion to Constructive Realism; Braumneller
What is Cognitive Science Anyway?: Review of B von Eckardt, What is Cognitive Science: and Thagard, An Introduction to Cognitive Science; Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
What is Cognitive Science, Anyway?: Review of B von Eckardt, What is Cognitive Science? and Thagard, An Introduction to Cognitive Science
Zeitlichkeit und Andersheit: Dimensionen Hermeneutischer Distanz; Polylog

Research Projects

The Conceptual Structure of Buddhist Idealism: Vasubandhu's Three Nature Theory.; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

A comparative analysis of the two Tibetan Prasangika Madjyamaka accounts of the two truths
A philosophical justification for the Community of Inquiry approach to moral education
An Investigation of the Relationship between an Ethic of Alturism and Metaphysics of Emptiness in Madhyamika Buddhism
Combining power, as a constitutive element of personhood, with tolerance and compassion to produce positive change
Complex persons
Domain of the Illusory- Non-Egological Approach to Phenomenal Personhood
Ethics and Emptiness- Does Tsongkhapian Madhyamaka Afford a Basis for the Efficacy of Ethical Behaviour?
Knowledge, Community and Ignorance
Nourishing the Dhamma- Vegetarianism and Animal Nonviolence in Theravada Buddhism with a special focus on Sinhala Buddhism
Superpositional Belief
The synapsing of emptiness- Comparative Eastern and Western Philosophy
What Mother Knows