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Researcher: Veal, FC (Dr Felicity Veal)

Fields of Research

Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice
Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences
Sport and exercise nutrition
Geriatrics and gerontology
Aged health care
Other health sciences
Pharmaceutical sciences

Research Objectives

Human pain management
Clinical health
Other health
Health related to ageing
Health policy evaluation
Prevention of human diseases and conditions
Human biological preventatives
Preventive medicine
Mental health
Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services)
Diagnosis of human diseases and conditions
Inpatient hospital care

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A clinical review of medications administered by the Complex Drugs Unit Tasmania
A retrospective review of pain management in Tasmanian residential aged care facilities; BJGP Open
A systematic review of interventions to improve analgesic use and appropriateness in long-term care facilities; Journal of The American Medical Directors Association
A systematic review of interventions to optimise analgesic use in residential aged care; 54th annual conference of the Australian Association of Gerontology
A systematic review of opioid prevalence in Australian residential aged care facilities; Australasian Journal on Ageing
Adverse effects associated with gabapentinoids in persistent pain; Pharmacy Australia Congress
Advertising Nurofen as 'targeted pain relief' no longer allowed by the Therapeutics Goods Administration
Antibiotic use and the development of depression: a systematic review; The Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association Annual Conference
Antibiotic use and the development of depression: A systematic review; Journal of Psychosomatic Research
Author's Reply to Zekry and Inderjeeth: 'Pain in the Frail or Elderly Patient: Does Tapentadol Have a Role?'; Drugs Aging
Barriers to optimal pain management in aged care facilities: an Australian qualitative study; Pain Management Nursing
Does prescribing of immediate release oxycodone by emergency medicine physicians result in persistence of Schedule 8 opioids following discharge?; Emergency medicine Australasia
Ensuring the PBS remains optimally fit for purpose - the need for improved retrospective review of listing decisions; National Medicines Symposium
Laxative use amongst Tasmanian aged care residents receiving controlled released (CR) oxycodone products and other opioids; National Medicines Symposium
Management of pain in surgical patients post discharge - who is responsible for the provision of advice?; International Association for the Study of Pain 16th biannual World Congress on Pain
Opioid use in Australian nursing home residents; 5th Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies Conference
Opioid use in community dwelling elderly in Australia; 5th Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies Conference
Opioid use in elderly community and nursing home patients; 5th Association of South-East Asian Pain Societies Conference
Pain and functionality following sternotomy: a prospective 12-month observational study; Pain Medicine
Pain in the frail or elderly patient: does tapentadol have a role?; Drugs and Aging
Pain intensity and pain self-management strategies following discharge after surgery: An Australian prospective observational study; Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Pain should not be a normal part of ageing; Australian Pharmacist
Paracetamol and paracetamol toxicity
Paracetamol should remain the first line option for persistent pain; British Medical Journal
Patient experiences with gabapentinoid therapy for persistent pain; Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association Conference
Persistent pain management in Australian general practice; Australian Journal of Primary Health
Persistent post-operative pain and its influence on preoperative pain management; International Association for the Study of Pain 16th biannual World Congress on Pain
Pharmacological management of pain in Australian Aged Care Facilities; Age and Ageing
Practising pharmacists want more nutrition education; Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning
Subacute pain as a predictor of long-term pain following orthopedic surgery: an Australian prospective 12 month observational cohort study; Medicine
Targeted pain relief or targeted marketing? The truth hurts
The management of pain in older people; Features and Assessments of Pain, Anaesthesia, and Analgesia
The Persistence of opioid use following surgical admission: an Australian single-site retrospective cohort study; Journal of Pain Research
The pharmacological management of pain in older Australians
Three fundamental features a Health Technology Assessment Organisation should possess and how the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee in Australia performs against each criterion
Title: How do we improve the use of analgesics in residential aged care? A systematic review of prospective interventions; Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's National Conference
Use of opioid analgesics in older Australians; Pain Medicine

Research Projects

Development of a non-invasive blood sampling technique to assess paracetamol toxicity severity and response to treatment; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Does hospital opioid prescribing increase the risk of chronic opioid use?; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
Management of post-operative pain and the progression to persistent post-operative pain; Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation (RHHRF)
A review of complex drug processes for the Department of Human Services

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