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Researcher: Godfrey, JM (Professor Jayne Godfrey)

Fields of Research

Financial accounting
International accounting
Business systems in context
Banking, finance and investment
Other law and legal studies

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in human society
Other economic framework
Expanding knowledge in philosophy and religious studies
Expanding knowledge in psychology

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

AASB 1037 Sows The Seeds Of Change: A Survey Of SGARA Measurement Methods; Australian Accounting Review
Accounting Theory; John Wiley & Sons
An Analysis of Income Smoothing; Accounting Association of Australia & New Zealand Annual Conference
An International Perspective on Accounting for Foreign Currency
Benchmarking quality management: how does it apply to the university alumni office?; Benchmarking: An International Journal
Determinants of Income Smoothing; Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting
Determinants of Short-Term Earnings Management: Influences of Once-Off and Enduring Attributes; 21st Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association
Earnings Management by Australian IPOs; 20th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association
Earnings Management in the First Year of a New Chairperson of the Board of Directors; One-Day Symposium on Accountability and Performance in the New Millennium
Evaluation and Measurement: A University Alumni Association Perspective on Benchmarking; One-Day Symposium on Issues of Accountability and Performance
Foreign Currency
Instructor's Manual Accounting Theory; John Wiley & Sons
International Harmonisation: Cautions from the Australian Experience; Developments in the International Harmonization of Accounting
International Harmonization: Cautions from the Australian Experience; Accounting Horizons
Invesment opportunity set influence on accounting policies and estimates: New Zealand evidence; Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference
Mining Sector Currency Risk Management Strategies: Responses to Foreign Currency Accounting Regulation; Accounting and Business Research
Modeling Total Accruals in an International Environment: The Impact of Alternative Measures of PPE; Journal of International Accounting, Auditing & Taxation
Modelling total accruals in an international environment: the impact of alternative measures of PPE; 21st Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association
Political cost influences on income smoothing via extraordinary item classification; Accounting and Finance
Practice Versus Prescription In The Disclosure And Recognition Of Derivatives; Australian Accounting Review
Standard-Setting in Australia: Implications of Recent Radical Reform Proposals; Australian Accounting Review
The Australian dictionary of accounting and finance terms; Addison Wesley Longman Australia Pty Limited
The Explanatory Power of Alternative Accruals Models; Accounting Research Journal
The Explanatory Power of Alternative Total Accruals Models; Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference
The Relevance To Firm Valuation Of Capitalising Intangible Assets In Total And By Category; Australian Accounting Review

Research Projects

Determinants of Earnings Management; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Electronic Research Database Collection; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Investment Opportunities: The Economic/Accounting Relation; Australian Research Council (ARC)
Modelling the Extent to which Managers Operating within the Australian Regulatory Environment Manage Reported Earnings; Australian Research Council (ARC)

Research Candidate Supervision

A New Accounting Data Model
Accounting philosophy - a reorientation
Cost Reduction- Is outsourcing information systems really reducing operational costs?
Earnings management
Effects of corporate covernance and ownership structures on incentives for CEO's to take income increasing decisions to cover up poor firm performance
Environmental disclosure quality-examining the environmental disclosure practices of listed companies using a unique rating scale
Firms' Voluntary Disclosure Strategies- The Presentation and Disclosure of Derivative Financial Instruments
Intra-industry information transfer associated with dividend initiation/resumption- The Australian Evidence
Legitimising Downsizing- the Role of Earnings Management
The impact of institutional investor type on corporate earnings management
The organisational incentive effects of the deductibillity of R & D expenditure