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Researcher: Ingram, JS (Ms Janeane Ingram)

Fields of Research

Terrestrial Ecology
Biological Adaptation

Research Objectives

Flora, Fauna and Biodiversity of environments
Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Assessment and health status of macropod populations on Maria Island, June to July 2010; Wildlife Disease Association (Australasian Section) Annual Conference 2010
Early expression of manual lateralization in bipedal marsupials; Journal of Comparative Psychology
Invasive pathogen drives host population collapse: effects of a travelling wave of sarcoptic mange on bare-nosed wombats; Journal of Applied Ecology
Lateralization of mother-infant interactions in a diverse range of mammal species; Nature Ecology & Evolution
Macropod carrying capacity for Maria Island National Park A Review
Macropod management on Maria Island National Park: annual report and recommendations
Macropod Management: Maria Island National Park. Annual Report 2016
Macropod Management: Maria Island National Park. Annual Report 2017
Macropod Population Control on Maria Island National Park - A Review
Native vertebrate herbivores facilitate native plant dominance in old fields while preventing native tree invasion - implications for threatened species; Pacific Conservation Biology
New research has found kangaroos are left handed
Parallel emergence of true handedness in the evolution of marsupials and placentals; Current Biology
Study finds infant mammals prefer to stay on the right side of mum, literally
The current status of wombat populations on Maria Island National Park

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision