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Researcher: Amin, WAI (Dr Walid Amin)

Fields of Research

Ocean engineering
Ship and platform structures (incl. maritime hydrodynamics)
Naval architecture
Mechanical engineering
Marine engineering
Special vehicles

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in engineering
Domestic passenger water transport (e.g. ferries)
Oil and gas exploration
Structural metal products
Natural hazards
Water safety
International sea freight transport (excl. live animals, food products and liquefied gas)
Oil and gas extraction
Water transport

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Analysis of wave slam induced hull vibrations using continuous wavelet transforms; Ocean Engineering
Centrebow design for wave-piercing catamarans; 12th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation
Characterisation of slam events of a high-speed catamaran in irregular waves; FAST: International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation
Dynamic behaviour of a TLP in waves: CFD versus model tests; 28th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference
Evaluation of finite element analysis as a tool to predict sea loads with the aid of trials data; HSMV: High Speed Marine Vehicles Symposium
Experimental drop test investigation into wetdeck slamming loads on a generic catamaran hullform; Ocean Engineering
Experimental investigation of extreme wave impacts on a rigid TLP model in cyclonic conditions; Ships and Offshore Structures
Experimental investigation of wave-in-deck impact events on a TLP model; Ocean Engineering
Global and Slam Load Model Testing to Support Developing HSMV Operations in Severe Sea Conditions; International Conference for Innovation in High Speed Marine Vessels
Irregular wave generation and assessment of static air gap of offshore structures; 19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
Lessons learnt through the design, construction and testing of a hydroelastic model for determining motions, loads and slamming behavior in severe sea states; Sixth International Conference on Hydroelasticity in Marine Technology
Measurements of global and local effects of wave impact on a fixed platform deck; Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment (Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Part M)
Mitigation of slamming of large wave-piercing catamarans; 30th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics
Numerical investigation of water slamming loads on wave-piercing catamaran hull model; 10th High speed marine vehicles Symposium
Numerical prediction of symmetric water impact loads on wedge shaped hull form using CFD; World Journal of Mechanics
Offshore platforms in waves-CFD simulations for devastating conditions; 12th ISOPE Pacific/Asia Offshore Mechanics Symposium 2016
Prediction of slamming loads on catamaran wetdeck using CFD; FAST 2015
Prediction of wave-in-deck loads on offshore structures using CFD; 19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
Simulating Loads and Motions of Full-Scale Offshore Platforms in Cyclonic Wave Conditions; 2016 SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition
Slamming and Whipping of Wave-Piercing Catamarans; Hydroelasticity in Marine Technology International Conference
Slamming Quasi-Static Analysis of an Incat 98m High-Speed Wave Piercing Catamaran; International Conference for Innovation in High Speed Marine Vessels
The effect of air content and compressibility on wave-in-deck impact pressures; 20th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (20AFMC)
The impact of extreme wave events on a fixed multicolumn offshore platform; International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering
Transient wave loads on large high speed catamarans; 8th International Conference on High Performance Marine Vehicles
Vertical wave-in-deck loading and pressure distribution on fixed horizontal decks of offshore platforms; The 24th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference
Vessel wave wake characterisation using wavelet analysis; International Journal of Maritime Engineering: Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Part A
Wave-in-deck forces on fixed horizontal decks of offshore platforms; 33rd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2014)
Wetdeck slamming loads on a developed catamaran hullform - experimental investigation; Ships and Offshore Structures

Research Projects

Research Candidate Supervision

Asymmetric Slamming Loads of Large High Speeds Catamarans
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Slamming Loads on the Offshore Structures
High Speed Craft Motion and Wave Load
Reliability-Based Robust Design Optimization (RBRDO) of Aluminum Stiffened Panels in High Speed Ships
The Influence of Hull Form on the Slamming Behaviour of Large High-Speed Catamarans
Using CFD and FEA Analysis to Design the Optimum BOW and Stern Tunnel Thruster for Fast Ferries
Wave Slam of Large High-Speed Catamarans