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Researcher: Fleming, Jenny (Professor Jenny Fleming)

Fields of Research

Police Administration, Procedures and Practice
Industrial Relations
Comparative Government and Politics
Public Policy
Causes and Prevention of Crime
Correctional Theory, Offender Treatment and Rehabilitation
Studies in Human Society
Political Science
Law and Society
Australian Government and Politics
Labour Law
Human Resources Management
Courts and Sentencing
Legal Institutions (incl. Courts and Justice Systems)
Arts and Cultural Policy
Urban and Regional Studies (excl. Planning)
Access to Justice
Public Administration
Criminal Law and Procedure
Criminological Theories

Research Objectives

Law Enforcement
Government and Politics
Professions and Professionalisation
Justice and the Law
Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis
Criminal Justice
Legal Processes
Political Systems
Rehabilitation and Correctional Services
Employment Patterns and Change
Arts and Leisure
Law, Politics and Community Services
Crime Prevention
Law Reform
Women's Health

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

'Keeping the bastards honest': Australia and the investigation of political scandal; Scandals in past and contemporary politics
'The Ballot is the Thing': The Labour Parties; 1901 The Forgotten Election
'The Public gets what the Public wants'? Interrogating the Public Confidence Agenda; Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
'Working Together': Neighbourhood Watch, Reassurance Policing and the Potential of Partnerships; Trends and Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice
A Study of Union Mergers: The Strange Case of the Police Federation of Australia; New Zealand Jounal of Employment Relations
Advancing Ministerial Ethics; Motivating Ministers to Morality
Answer to the NSW Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper: Young people with cognitive and mental health impairments in the criminal justice system
Answer to the Tasmania Law Reform Institute Consultation Paper: Racial vilification and racially motivated offences
As unremarkable as the air they breathe? Reforming police management in South Africa; Current Sociology
Building the capacity of police change agents: The nexus policing project; Policing and Society
Bureaucracy, Contracts and Networks:The Unholy Trinity and the Police; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
Changing Institutions: Pluralism, Traditions and the Contradictions of Reform; Government Reformed: Values and New Political Institutions
Changing the Approach: Structural Reform in the Queensland Police Force; The Fitzgerald Legacy: Reforming Public Life in Australia and Beyond
Commissioner Mick Keelty, Australian Federal Police; Police Practice and Research: an international journal
Community Policing
Community policing: The Australian connection; AIC Reports, Research and Public Policy Series: Community Policing in Australia
Complaint reduction in the Tasmania Police; Policing and Society: An International Journal of Research and Policy
Conduct Unbecoming: Independent Commissions and Ministerial Adversaries; Motivating Ministers to Morality
Crime Victimisation and Police Legitimacy: The Importance of Beliefs and Experience; APSA Conference
Editor's Introduction; The Sage Dictionary of Policing
Encouraging public cooperation and support for police; Policing and Society
Enterprise Bargaining, Relativities and Police; Australian Journal of Labour Economics
Equity confounded? Women in Australian police organisations; Labour and Industry: A Journal of The Social and Economic Relations of Work
Essential Service Unionism and the new Police Industrial Relations; Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector
Exception to the Rule: The Spread of the Police Union Movement Across the World; Police Union Power, Politics, and Confrontation in the 21st Century
Fighting Crime Together: The Challenges of Policing and Security Networks; University of New South Wales Press Ltd
Fighting Crime Together: The Challenges of Policing and Security Networks; Dialogue
Gender equity in Australian and New Zealand policing: a five-year review; International Journal of Police Science and Management
Government Reformed: Values and New Political Institutons; Ashgate
Guest Editor of Policing; Policing
Having a voice: the quest for democratic policing in Southern Africa; Journal of Organizational Change Management
In Search of a Process: Community Policing in Australia; The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Policing: Current Conceptions and Future Directions
Integration and Collaboration: Building capacity and engagement for provision of criminal justice services to Tasmania's mentally ill
Learning to Work Together: Police and Academics; Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
Les Liaisons Dangereuses: Relations between Police Commissioners and their Political Masters; Australian Jounal of Public Administration
Managing the Demand for Police Services, or How to Control an Insatiable Appetite; Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
Managing the Diary: What Does a Police Commissioner Do?; Public Administration
Motivating ethical conduct in government ministers; Public Integrity
Motivating Ministers to Morality; Ashgate
Multi-Agency Policing
New Ways of Doing Business: Networks of Policing and Security; Fighting Crime Together: The Challenges of Policing and Security Networks
Performance Management
Performance Measurement in Australian Police Organizations; Policing
Police leadership in Australia : managing networks; Public leadership : perspectives and practices
Police Unions, Industrial Strategies and Political Influence: Some Recent History; International Journal of Employment Studies
Policing indigenous people in the Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands; Cross-border law enforcement: regional law enforcement cooperation European, Australian and Asia-Pacific perspectives
Qualitative encounters in police research; Qualitative Criminology: Stories from the field
Reformers or Resisters? The State of Police Unionism in Australia; Employment Relations Record
Rules of Engagement: Policing Anti-Social Behaviour And Alcohol-Related Violence In And Around Licensed Premises
Standing on the Inside Looking Out: The Significance of Police Unions in Networks of Police Governance; Australian and New Zealand Jounal of Criminology
The 'Conservative Voice of Reason'? Australian Police Unions in the 21st Century; 12th Annual Conference of the International Employment Relations Association
The 'Small-scale Initiative'; the Rhetoric and the Reality of Community Policing in Australia; Policing
The Case for Ministerial Ethics; Motivating Ministers to Morality
The Commonwealth; Australian Politics and Government: The Commonwealth, The States and The Territories
The Everyday Politics of Value Conflict: External Independent Oversight Bodies in Australia; Government Reformed: Values and New Political Institutions
The Formation of the Police Federation of Australia: An Alternative Choice; 4th Biennial Conference on Trade Unions
The Politics of Police Reform; Ploice Reform: Building Integrity
The Pursuit of Equity and Opportunity for Women in Australian Police Services; Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand Conference
The pursuit of professionalism: Lessons from Australasia; The Future of Policing
The right to unionise, the right to bargain, and the right to democratic policing; American Academy of Political and Social Science. Annals
The Sage Dictionary of Policing; Sage Publications
The Small-Scale Initiative: the rhetoric and the reality of Community Policing in Australia; Community Policing and Peacekeeping
The Untold Story: The Regulation of Police Labour Rights and The Quest For Police Democratisation; 12th Annual Conference of the International Employment Relations Association
The Untold Story: The Regulation of Police Labour Rights and the Quest for Police Democratisation; Police Practice and Research
Thinking Critically about Police Unions in Australia: Internal Democracy and External Responsiveness; Police Practice and Research
When is a merger not a merger? The formation of the Police Federation of Australia; 10th Annual Conference of the International Employment Relations Association
Working through networks: the challenge of partnership policing; Fighting crime together: the challenges of policing and security networks

Research Projects

Adult Sexual Assault: An Evidence-Based Policy, Practice and Advocacy Model for Victoria Police; Australian Research Council (ARC)
In Search of a Process: Community Policing in Australia; University of Tasmania (UTAS)
Evaluation of Early Intervention Pilot Programme
In Pursuit of partnership: Controlling Alcohol-Related Violence in Public Places
Policing Issues and Crime - Analysis of Tasmanian Data

Research Candidate Supervision

How Does Relevant Theory Inform a Public Alcohol Policy Model?
Interagency collaboration and service delivery in youth justice diversionary programs
Policing, Governance and Accountability