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Researcher: Lindley, MV (Dr Margaret Lindley)

Fields of Research

Australian history
European history (excl. British, classical Greek and Roman)
Historical studies
Social and political philosophy
Drama, theatre and performance studies
Other European literature
History of the pacific

Research Objectives

Expanding knowledge in psychology
Understanding Australia's past
Understanding past societies
Expanding knowledge in human society
Clinical health
Other education and training

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

A College of Moral Exhibition: The Stranger in Hobart; Tasmanian Historical Studies
Anne Silvas trans, Jutta and Hildegard: The Biographical Sources; Journal of Religious History
Her Beauty and Her Terror: Australian Football and the Community; All Part of the Game: Violence and Australian Sport
Is Sam Newman Funny?; Australian Journal of Comedy
Man Creates, Woman Plays: (Re)Claiming the Creative Process in Ballet and Opera; Intercultural Communication and Creative Practice: Music, Dance and Women's Cultural Identity
May Days: Maypoles, Goddesses, and Revelry; The European Legacy: Towards New Paradigms
Opera and the Doing of Women; Siglo: Journal for the Arts
Roseanne; Australian Journal of Comedy
Taking a Joke Too Far and Footballers' Shorts; Gender, Sexuality and Sport: A Dangerous Mix
Trade Unions

Research Projects

Supplementary Funding; University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Research Candidate Supervision

A Place in the Empire- Negotiating the Life of Gertrude Kenny
Australian history
Dancing on the Edge- A Transformative Tale of Pauline Melikoff, Hobart Girl and Russian Princess
Tasmanian wards of state 1895-1935.
The female court- aristocratic women in service 1450-1550
The Law and Minority Groups in Nineteenth-Century Britain
Women in freemasonry in 18C France
Wyndham Lewis- A history of hatred