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Researcher: Cooper, AT (Miss Antonia Cooper)

Fields of Research

Marine and estuarine ecology (incl. marine ichthyology)
Ecological impacts of climate change and ecological adaptation
Conservation and biodiversity
Behavioural ecology
Population ecology
Environmental management

Research Objectives

Marine biodiversity
Coastal or estuarine biodiversity
Assessment and management of terrestrial ecosystems
Assessment and management of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
Rehabilitation or conservation of marine environments
Fisheries - recreational freshwater
Ecosystem adaptation to climate change
Animal adaptation to climate change
Assessment and management of benthic marine ecosystems
Assessment and management of Antarctic and Southern Ocean ecosystems

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

2016 Biodiversity Surveys of the Cod Grounds and Pimpernel Rocks Commonwealth Marine Reserves
Assessing multidecadal climate-driven shifts for Tasmanian marine species, 1992-2019
Assessing national biodiversity trends for rocky and coral reefs through the integration of citizen science and scientific monitoring programs; Bioscience
Assessment of conservations actions for the critically endangered spotted handfish (Brachionichthyidae), following curation of data collected by multiple investigators into a long-term time-series; Journal for Nature Conservation
Baseline biodiversity survey of the Cod Grounds Commonwealth Marine Reserve
Baseline Biodiversity Survey of the Cod Grounds Commonwealth Marine Reserve
Biodiversity change across the coral sea marine park over the past decade including impacts of severe heatwaves
Biodiversity survey of Ashmore Reef (Coral Sea) and comparison with surrounding reefs
Biodiversity Survey of the Temperate East Coast Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network: Elizabeth & Middleton Reefs, Lord Howe Island & Norfolk Island
Biodiversity surveys of the Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs Marine National Park Reserve 2013 and 2018
Coral sea marine biodiversity
Coral Sea Marine Biodiversity
Global change, phase-shifts and recovery potential of Tasmania’s rapidly warming reef ecosystems; The 2023 International Temperate Reefs Symposium
Global conservation outcomes depend on marine protected areas with five key features; Nature
Global COVID-19 lockdown highlights humans as both threats and custodians of the environment; Biological Conservation
Living offshore reefs of Australian Marine Parks; Reed New Holland Publishers
Lord Howe Island Ecological Assessment Report 2019
Loss of native rocky reef biodiversity in Australian metropolitan embayments; Marine Pollution Bulletin
New opportunities for conservation of handfishes (Family Brachionichthyidae) and other inconspicuous and threatened marine species through citizen science; Biological Conservation
Reef biodiversity monitoring at Lord Howe Island 2015
Reef biodiversity surveys of Australia’s Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network: An overview
Reef Life Survey Assessment of Coral Reef Biodiversity in the North West Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network
Reef Life Survey Assessment of Marine Biodiversity in Geographe Bay
Reef Life Survey Assessment of Marine Biodiversity in the Norfolk Marine Park
Reef Life Survey Assessment of Rocky Reef Biodiversity in the South-West Marine Region (Geographe CMR)
Reef Life Survey: establishing the ecological basis for conservation of shallow marine life; Biological Conservation
Spotted handfish monitoring and recovery actions - 2011–2012
Standardised Survey Procedures for Monitoring Handfish Populations in the Derwent Estuary
Surveys of subtidal reefs in the Southwest National Park Marine Nature Reserve 2004-2017
Surveys of the subtidal reef biota of the Tinderbox Marine Nature Reserve 1992-2017
Systemic Surveying of Two Threatened Handfish Species
Tracking widespread climate-driven change on temperate and tropical reefs; Current Biology

Research Projects

Understanding and communicating drivers of change affecting coral reefs in Australian Marine Parks; Department of Environment and Energy (Cwth) (DoEE)

Research Candidate Supervision