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Researcher: Acuna, MA (Mr Mauricio Acuna)

Fields of Research

Forestry sciences
Forestry biomass and bioproducts
Forestry management and environment
Environmental management
Information security management
Software testing, verification and validation
Forest biodiversity
Natural resource management
Civil engineering
Decision support and group support systems
Health informatics and information systems
Knowledge representation and reasoning
Tree nutrition and physiology

Research Objectives

Softwood plantations
Harvesting and transport of forest products
Other plant production and plant primary products
Biofuel energy
Wood, wood products and paper
Ground transport
Expanding knowledge in built environment and design
Expanding knowledge in the environmental sciences
Workplace safety
Environmentally sustainable information and communication services
Hardwood plantations
Other transport

Career Best Publications

Research Publications

Adaptive control of bucking on harvesters: Target and timing effects; Forest Products Journal
Biomass harvesting in Eucalyptus plantations in Western Australia; Southern Forests
Bunching with a self-levelling feller-buncher on steep terrain for efficient yarder extraction; Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering
Chilean and international experience with truck route scheduling and dispatch systems; 58th Annual Meetings
Comparative trials on tree value and log produce yields. Trial results using terrestrial Lidar and optimal bucking in South and Western Australia forest stands; Tools and technologies to improve forest planning and operations
Estimating harvester productivity in Pinus radiata plantations using StanForD stem files; Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
Estimating internal wood properties of logs based on real-time, NIR measurements of chainsaw wood chips from a harvester/processor; Proceedings of the International Precision Forestry Symposium
Estimating log prices of Douglas-fir through an financial analysis of wood density on lumber recovery and pulp yield; Forest Products Journal
Evaluation of Alternative Cut-to-Length Harvesting Technology for Native Forest Thinning in Australia; International Journal of Forest Engineering
Forestry Best Management Practices, Field Guide; University Austral of Chile Eds
Geospatial and within tree variation of wood density and spiral grain in Douglas fir; Forest Products Journal
Improving forest operations management through applied research; Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering
Improving Forestry Transport Efficiency through Truck Schedule Optimization: a case study and software tool for the Australian Industry; FORMEC Austria 2011
Integrated fire and forest management; Proceedings of the 2003 Systems Analysis in Forest Resources symposium
Integrated forest and fire management; Annual Meeting of the Society of Operations Research
Integrated spacial fire and forest management planning ; Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Integrated timber harvest and fire management planning; Proceedings of the 2003 Symposium
Integration of fire and forest managemetn by using spatial forest planning models; Annals of the Latin-American conference in Operations Research
Manejo Sustentable de Ecosistemas Forestales: caso del predio San Pablo de Tregua, Chile; Bosque
Optimal bucking of Douglas fir taking into consideration external properties and wood density; New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science
Optimally matching wood to markets: Understanding spatial variation of wood density and spiral grain in Douglas fir; Council of Forest Engineering Conference
Optimising transport efficiency and costs in Australian wood chipping operations; Biomass and Bioenergy
Optimizing the location of biomass energy facilities by integrating Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Forests
Potential application of overseas forest biomass supply chain experience to reduce costs in emerging Australian forest biomass supply chains - a literature review; Australian Forestry
Predicting and controlling moisture content to optimise forest biomass logistics; Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering
Ranking of four contributions to error in stand-level Douglas-fir log supply and value recovery estimation; Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Tree value and log product yield determination in radiata pine (Pinus radiata) plantations in Australia: comparisons of terrestrial laser scanning with a forest inventory system and manual measurements; Canadian Journal of Forest Research
Use of near infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis to predict the wood density of Douglas-fir from chain saw chips; Forest Products Journal
Wood properties and use of near infrared spectroscopy and terrestrial LIDAR to improve optimal bucking and wood value recovery; Forests for the Future: Sustaining Society and the Environment. 23rd IUFRO World Congress

Research Projects

Fatigue Reduction Technologies for a Safer Tasmanian Transport Sector; WorkCover Tasmania (WCT)
Project 1.8 Productivity - Optimisation for multi-rotation plantation systems; CRC Forestry Ltd (CRCF)

Research Candidate Supervision